Discovered by the TSA.

Reminder: TSA Has Magic Machines That Will Find Gun Parts Hidden In A PlayStation 2

This just in: X-ray machines used by the Transportation Security Administration have the power to see through plastic — yes, even the plastic used in gaming consoles! — and will be able to detect the presence of things that should not be in your carry-on bag. One traveler recently foiled by the TSA apparently thought all the camouflage needed to hide gun parts was a Playstation 2. [More]


Guy Picks The Lucky Gal With Same Name As His Ex To Fly Around The World With Him

It’s a tale as old as time: Guy meets girl, buys nonrefundable plane tickets for trip around the world, guy and girl part ways, guy seeks new girl but with same name and Canadian passport so tickets don’t go to waste, guy meets new girl, they go around the world. This stuff never gets old. [More]

Guy Probably Won’t Forget The Time He Left A $1.25M Piece Of Art On The Train


We’ve all had that no good, very bad commuting day, when nothing seems to go your way. But while normal woes include traffic jams, heinously crowded subway cars and missed buses, an art collector in Switzerland had the worst kind of transit trouble one might imagine — he got off a train and forgot to bring a $1.24 million piece of 13th century artwork with him. Oops. [More]

25 Million Travelers Will Fly During Thanksgiving Holiday In The U.S. This Year

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The holiday travel season will be kicking off to a strong start over the Thanksgiving holiday this year, with almost 25 million travelers predicted to take to the skies on U.S. airlines, more than did so during the same period last year. And that’s not to mention train [More]


You Can Now Reserve A Hotel Room Through Yelp

In an effort to keep travelers who might be checking out the reviews for hotels on Yelp’s website or in its mobile apps instead of going elsewhere when it comes time to book lodging, Yelp announced today that it’s teamed up with travel site Hipmunk to offer hotel reservations directly to users. [More]


FAA: More Than 1,300 Boeing Jets Must Replace Pilot Displays To Prevent WiFi Interference

While travelers can now use a slew of mobile devices during flight, it’s not just the gadgets in the cabin that fall under the auspices of the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency issued an order yesterday saying more than 1,300 Boeing jets must have their pilot displays replaced, to make sure they’re resistant to any possible interference coming from WiFi devices used in the cockpit. [More]

Family Annoyed That Southwest Misplaced 85-Year-Old Woman

Family Annoyed That Southwest Misplaced 85-Year-Old Woman

We recently published a post about a 7-year-old traveling as an unaccompanied minor who Delta handed over to the wrong relative. Families pay for extra supervision when kids fly unaccompanied, but what about unaccompanied seniors? A family in Colorado says that instead of escorting her to her Southwest Airlines flight, airport staff parked her wheelchair out of the way for hours instead of putting her on the plane. [More]

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Labor Day weekend kicks off in August this year, and fuel prices are lower than usual. So the folks at AAA say it’s bound to be a busy, crowded weekend on the road and in the air. The latest predictions put Labor Day travel at the highest it’s been since the recession began in 2008, with nearly 34.7 million Americans hitting the open road and 2.65 million boarding planes. [AAA]

Why You Might Not Be Able To Fly Even If Your Passport Doesn’t Expire For Months

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You’ve got everything ready for The Big International Trip You’ve Been Planning Forever: Bags are packed, itineraries are confirmed and you’ve made sure all your documents are in order, including that all important passport. But before you fly, you might want to check its expiration date — because depending on where you’re going, that passport might not work within six months of expiring. [More]

United Airlines Forgets To Finish Letter About (SPECIFIC PROBLEM)

United Airlines Forgets To Finish Letter About (SPECIFIC PROBLEM)

A few weeks ago, a passenger experienced some kind of problem with (MAJOR U.S. AIRLINE). She sent a complaint letter about this (SPECIFIC EVENT) and received a printed letter back. This letter made it clear that the person who sent the letter had forgotten to use (CUSTOMER RELATIONS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE) to fill in the blanks, resulting in a Mad Libs apology of sorts. Naturally, the recipient posted it to (POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA SITE). [More]

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Airline: Sorry A Flight Attendant Told Passengers To Flush Their Drugs Before The Plane Lands

Australian discount airline Jetstar is busy apologizing after a crew member got on the PA system and told passengers they might want to flush any drugs they had on them before the plane landed in Sydney. This, because many travelers had just been at a music festival, and you know how kids are these days at those music festivals (they do drugs sometimes). [More]

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New Hike In TSA Security Fee Means Higher Ticket Prices For Travelers

Next time you buy an airline ticket, you might notice it’s just a tad bit more expensive. That’s because the United States has a deficit to pay down, so it’s ordered the Transportation Security Administration to increase the security fee it charges each traveler. [More]

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Survey: Americans Spend $800 Per Year On Unwanted Travel

How many trips do you take each year that you really didn’t want to take in the first place? It could be anything from your brother’s destination wedding on a tropical island to your friend’s kid’s graduation party a few suburbs over. What these trips have in common is that you didn’t pick the date or venue and are going because you feel you have to. has coined a word for these trips: obli-cations. [More]

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United Express Flight Turns Around After Passenger Allegedly Threatens Neighbor Over Cell Phone

While it might be okay to keep certain devices on in airplanes now, it could be a bit confusing to flyers which contraptions can be used, and at what times, which is understandable. But when one United Express traveler apparently didn’t like her neighbor telling her to turn her phone off, her alleged reaction prompted the flight to turn back to Nashville after takeoff. [More]

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Air India Flight Forced To Turn Around After All Four Toilets Become Clogged

You know those signs in airplane lavatories that ask you to kindly not flush anything down the drain except toilet paper? Passengers on Air India planes may or may not be adhering to those polite instructions, after a plane was forced to turn around when all four of its toilets clogged. [More]

Sorry, Story Of Man Stuck Abroad After His Kid Doodles On Passport Is Probably A Hoax

Sorry, Story Of Man Stuck Abroad After His Kid Doodles On Passport Is Probably A Hoax

I know, we all just love it when we can get our hands on a juicy story, hot off the Internet presses, that seems to be the perfect storm of situational comedy in real life. For example, Dad gets stuck in South Korea on a family trip after his kid doodles all over his passport, rendering it unusable. Kids these days! Smack on the forehead! Except it’s probably not true. [More]

Millions Of Consumers Leaving Winter Behind By Traveling This Memorial Day

Millions Of Consumers Leaving Winter Behind By Traveling This Memorial Day

Consumers have their cars gassed up and their plane tickets purchased for the unofficial start to summer that is just a week away. And the number of people partaking in welcoming summer by traveling is the highest it’s been in more than a decade. [More]

“The Sea Is Too Blue” And 9 Other Wackadoodle Things Hotel Staff Have Heard From Guests

“The Sea Is Too Blue” And 9 Other Wackadoodle Things Hotel Staff Have Heard From Guests

Staying the night in new surroundings can be a stressful experience, so it’s totally understandable that some hotel guests might have a few requests to make temporary lodgings feel a bit homier, or a couple complaints if something just isn’t right. But when you’re complaining that the “sea is too blue,” you’ve got other problems. [More]