6 Things Your All-Inclusive Vacation Might Not Include

All-inclusive trips to resorts or on cruise ships can be a convenient and relaxing, since your major expenses are already taken care of. They can suddenly become a lot more stressful when you learn that the things that make a vacation fun––excursions, fancy beverages, memorable meals––aren’t part of the package that you signed on for. [More]

Teen Stowaway Somehow Survives 5-Hour Flight Hidden In Wheel Well

Teen Stowaway Somehow Survives 5-Hour Flight Hidden In Wheel Well

In news that we fear might give cheapo airlines some ideas about how to squeeze more passengers on a plane, a teenage stowaway not only managed to sneak into the wheel well of a jet, but somehow managed to survive sub-freezing temperatures and super-thin air for more than five hours on a flight from California to Hawaii. [More]

12 Things You Should Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

12 Things You Should Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

Snowy, icy winters make for especially treacherous driving, so you usually see lists like this published when the first storms of the year hit. That’s not quite fair, though. Emergencies come up in any climate and at any time of year. You may not need all of them year-round, but here are a dozen things that can help you out in an emergency on the road. [More]

Super Bowl Might Be A Super Bust For Area Hotels

Super Bowl Might Be A Super Bust For Area Hotels

Tickets to the Super Bowl might cost you a pretty penny, or 270,000 of them, but you can certainly find a good deal on a hotel room. The game billed as so big it needs two cities might have bitten off more than it can chew – or sell. [More]

Tips For Getting Your Checked Bag Prepped For A Flight

Tips For Getting Your Checked Bag Prepped For A Flight

While most of us try to cram as much as we can into our carry-on bags — and some travelers (you know who you are) stretch the definition of “carry-on” with bags that would have been checked in the pre-fee era — sometimes you just have to check a piece of luggage or two at the counter. But before you do, there are some steps you’ll want to take. [More]

Miserable? Someone else is too.

Because you can’t turn a corner on the Internet or TV news without someone telling you how awful the holiday travel will be this year due to the horrendous, scary and otherwise inconvenient weather, it can be a bit of a bummer to be at an airport right about now. But you aren’t alone — your travel misery can have company by way of FlightAware’s MiseryMap, which combines weather and airport delays to get the complete, miserable picture. [FlightAware]

Looks like fun!

Airlines Relaxing Change-Fee Policies Ahead Of Impending No Good, Very Bad Weather

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit squirrelly over here on the East Coast wondering about my flight home tomorrow to the Good Land (yes, Milwaukee, Wayne’s World fans, and no, I’ve never heard that one before), in light of the harbingers of doom at various weather services. One bright spot — many of the major airlines are already announcing relaxed change-fee policies for fliers inconvenienced by the coming bad weather. [More]

Pack For Holiday Travel Like A Boss

If you’re planning to fly during next week’s holiday travel frenzy, don’t risk overpacking or a baggage disaster. Even if you’re just taking a short car ride, these tips on suitcase packing and organization from Consumer Reports will come in handy. Always key: bring as few items as possible, color-coordinate them, and don’t bring any toiletries you don’t have to. [Consumer Reports]

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Don’t Drive Anywhere Without Stashing These Things In Your Car Trunk

When I bought a car from a family friend, I was delighted to open up the trunk and find a pair of gloves, tire-changing tools, and a can of Fix-A-Flat nestled on top of the spare tire. There were tissues in the center console, a stocked changepurse, maps, and even a disposable camera. Not everyone is so lucky…but what should you stock your car with when starting from scratch? [More]


New Jersey Sues Tour Company That Stranded Travelers Overseas

There’s one thing that’s worse than having your vacation abruptly canceled out from under you because the tour company folded, and that’s having it happen during your vacation, so you end up stranded far away from home. A New Jersey-based company did that to their customers back in October. Now the state has filed suit against the company under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, aiming to get customers their money back. [More]

So What Actually Happens If I Fall For ‘Free Airline Voucher’ Scam?

So What Actually Happens If I Fall For ‘Free Airline Voucher’ Scam?

We’ve told you before about scammy letters falsely claiming to be from Travelocity and something called “United Airways,” alerting recipients that they have won free travel vouchers worth hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Our readers were too savvy to fall for these scams, but not everyone is. [More]

With Bacon And M&Ms, Resort Makes Couple Feel At Home

With Bacon And M&Ms, Resort Makes Couple Feel At Home

When making a hotel reservation online, there’s a box where you can type in any special requests you have for your stay. Do you need down-free pillows? A cot, if the hotel doesn’t charge extra for them? You could ask there. One vacationing Redditor, though, took the opportunity to see whether anyone reads that box at all.  [More]


Here’s Why You Should Always Read The Rules Before Cashing In A Guarantee

Guarantees can be tricky things. If you want to take advantage of a company’s low price guarantee, no matter how widely advertised it is, it’s a good idea to take a minute to read the terms and conditions of that guarantee before taking advantage of it. Even if it’s advertised on TV. Even if you think you know how the guarantee works. Just ask Marc. [More]

TripAdvisor Decides That June 30 Doesn’t Exist

TripAdvisor Decides That June 30 Doesn’t Exist

Christopher is supposed to be traveling right now. If he did manage to schedule his trip, he didn’t do it through TripAdvisor. That’s because as far as TripAdvisor is concerned, yesterday never happened. If he were trying to schedule on February 29, 2013, they would have a point, but there is a June 30 pretty much every year. [More]


Capital One Sends Me Across London To Get My Debit Card To Work

Lucky reader Twila is enjoying a European vacation right now. Only she has one sort of inconvenient problem: her Capital One debit card won’t work in many of the places she’s visiting. Like her hostel. And entire parts of London. [More]

Writer Claims World’s Largest HR Firm Cloned His Blog For A Contest

The real Turner Barr on the left, and Adecco's "blogger" on the right.

Imagine you come up with a pretty good idea for a travel blog — one in which you document your movements around the world while trying out different, interesting jobs — and wake up one day to find that a multi-billion-dollar international staffing firm appears to have copied numerous aspects of your creation, including the name, without even so much as a nod in your direction. [More]

No Carnival news ever seems to be good.

Survey: Carnival Poop Cruise Has Scuttled Public Perception Of Entire Cruise Industry

The bad times continue for Carnival Cruise lines, following a number of ugly high-profile profile incidents on their ships — most notably the “Poop Cruise” aboard the stranded Carnival Triumph, consumer sentiment about Carnival and the entire cruise industry is sinking. [More]

Want To Go To Disney World For The Day? That’ll Be $95. Yes, Just For You. No, That’s Not A Joke.


Over the weekend, the anthropomorphic mice-that-be at Disney greedily rubbed their four-fingered hands together and raised prices on tickets to both Disneyland and Disney World, where it will now cost an adult $95 just to step through the gates at the Magic Kingdom. [More]