Southwest Airlines Passenger Says Flight Crew Wouldn’t Let Her Make Emergency Call To Husband Before He Died

In what can only be described as a tragic turn of events, a Wisconsin woman says that after she received a troubling text from her husband while on board a Southwest Airlines flight about to take off, she was told she couldn’t call him. When she arrived home, police informed her that her husband had taken his own life. [More]

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Driver In 2010 Fatal Megabus Crash Dies After Brain Injury, Stroke

You may remember the fatal 2010 crash of a Megabus in Syracuse, NY, where the double-decker bus missed its turn and struck a low railroad overpass, killing four passengers. After four and a half years and multiple wrongful death lawsuits against the bus company, the aftermath of this accident became even sadder: the driver who crashed the bus has died. [More]

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Shoplifter Runs From Mall Security, Found Dead In Drainage Pond

A mundane crime occurred at the Arundel Mills mall in Maryland last night: an employee noticed three people shoplifting shirts and hats from a Zumiez store and alerted security. One of the trio escaped from security and ran away from the mall into a drainage pond nearby. Instead of escaping, he drowned. [More]

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Family Of Woman Killed On Six Flags Roller Coaster Sues, Coaster To Reopen This Weekend

Yesterday, the family of the 52-year-old grandmother killed in the accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Later the same day, the park announced that they will reopen the ride this weekend with some safety improvements. The park’s president and his family will be among the passengers on that first trip after the grand re-opening. [More]


Golf Course’s $9.11 Promo For 9/11 Provides Yet Another Example Of A Marketing No-No

Good intentions aside, it’s simply not a good idea to tie tragedies in with a company marketing pitch, no matter if it’s gone smoothly in the past. Case in point: A Wisconsin golf course that found itself at the center of angry social media buzz after a photo of a newspaper ad for its $9.11 for nine holes of golf on Sept. 11 went viral. [More]


Williams-Sonoma Pulls Pressure Cookers Out Of Massachusetts Stores

Two weeks ago, two improvised explosive devices detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and injuring hundreds more. The bombs were made from pressure cookers filled with gunpowder and shrapnel. Pressure cookers, which use an airtight seal to trap steam and cook food above the normal boiling point of water, aren’t popular cooking tools in American homes today, but they are commonly available. At Williams-Sonoma stores, for example. Except in the Boston area: Patch reports that stores around there have temporarily pulled pressure cookers from their shelves. [More]

Employee Kills Coworkers At New Jersey Pathmark

Employee Kills Coworkers At New Jersey Pathmark

The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that two workers are dead after an employee of the Old Bridge Pathmark supermarket in New Jersey entered the store with two guns and began shooting. The worker then took his own life. [More]

Selling Alarm Systems After Murders: Helpful Or Opportunist?

Selling Alarm Systems After Murders: Helpful Or Opportunist?

About a month ago, a mother and daughter were chosen at random and brutally attacked in their home in small-town New Hampshire. The daughter survived, but the mother did not. And within days of this tragedy, ADT sales reps began going door-to-door to sell alarm systems.

Settlement In Shopper Stampede Case; Wal-Mart Avoids Criminal Charges

Settlement In Shopper Stampede Case; Wal-Mart Avoids Criminal Charges

Wal-Mart will not face criminal charges in the death of temporary holiday worker Jdimytai Damour at its Valley Stream, NY store. Damour was posted at the front of the store when the out-of-control early morning crowd broke the door down, and he was trampled to death.

Two Dragracing Comcast Vans Cause Accident That Seriously Injures 3-Yr-Old Girl

Two Dragracing Comcast Vans Cause Accident That Seriously Injures 3-Yr-Old Girl

According to WAFF in Huntsville, Alabama, last weekend 2 Comcast Cable vans were racing each other at speeds of over 75mph which caused an accident that put 3-year-old Kayleen Smith (pictured left) on life support. Now Kayleen is off life support but remains unconscious. Details, inside…

Bankrupt Mortgage Executive Kills Wife, Self

Bankrupt Mortgage Executive Kills Wife, Self

Walter Buczynski jumped from the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Friday after killing his wife, Marci. Buczynski was the Vice President of Fieldstone Mortgage, a Maryland lender with $5.5 billion in subprime loans. The company recently filed for bankruptcy.

Prosecutor Robert Bernardi said Evesham Township police went to the couple’s home in the Marlton section of the township around noon after a male caller asked them to check on Marci Buczynski’s welfare. Her body was found in a bedroom.

Comcast Repair Worker Charged With Murder

From the Chicago Tribune:

Manpower Problems Factor In Delta Crash?

Manpower Problems Factor In Delta Crash?

Several plot points in the crash of Comair Flight 5191 point to a staffing shortage at the regional airports that may contributed to the tragedy.

Delta Crash Kills 49 People, Pilot Survives

Delta Crash Kills 49 People, Pilot Survives

A Delta aircraft crashed yesterday shortly after trying to take off from the wrong, shorter runway. Of the plane’s 50 occupants, only one, the pilot, lived.