Court Throws Out NJ Turnpike’s Lawsuit Against Pizzeria With Lookalike Logo

Court Throws Out NJ Turnpike’s Lawsuit Against Pizzeria With Lookalike Logo

Last summer, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority sued the small Florida-based Jersey Boardwalk pizzeria chain over the restaurant’s logo, which looks remarkably similar to that of the Garden State Parkway. Earlier this week, a federal court in New Jersey dismissed the suit saying that the pizza chain didn’t have enough contact with the state to allow for the Turnpike Authority to file a lawsuit there. [More]

Just because we love so much, here's a reminder that it exists.

Walmart Displeased With Walmart.Horse, Wants It Taken Down

If you’re looking for the Walmart website, your instinct would be to simply go to, or maybe, or even… all of which go to the same place. There is currently no reason whatsoever to type the URL into your web browser, but if you go there, you get pretty much exactly what you’d expect — a picture of a horse and a Walmart store. [More]

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Macy’s Tries Again To Win Back Trademarks From Man Who Resurrected Astro Pops And Hydrox

When Macy’s Inc. swallowed up a slew of department stores across the land — from Marshall Field’s to Filene’s, Abraham & Straus to Jordan Marsh — it rebranded many of them, turning the formerly regional chains into Macy’s stores. But in a new lawsuit brought by the company that echoes a suit from 2011 that was slated to come to trial soon, Macy’s says the California company behind the resurrection of Hydrox and Astro Pops is infringing on trademarks it held for many of those recognizable brand names. [More]

Red Bull Tries To Block Brewer From Trademarking “Old Ox” Because They Are Both Bovines

We know it's hard to tell the two apart, but the one on the left is probably for Red Bull... we think.

Whether it’s the pizzeria logo that resembles the Garden State Parkway sign, two beers battling over the use of the same three letters, or a bunch of marijuana edibles with humorous takes on famous chocolate brands, even the silliest trademark disputes are usually based in the argument that maybe someone out there might possibly confuse the products. But the folks at Red Bull have a problem with a Virginia brewer who wants to trademark the name “Old Ox” simply because the two brands are bovine in nature. [More]

Lagunitas Brewing Company filed a lawsuit Monday claiming Sierra Nevada Brewing Company infringed on its trademarks. The suit was dropped two days later.

Lagunitas To Drop Trademark Suit Against Sierra Nevada After Twitter Backlash

Just two days after Northern California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against fellow craft brewer Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, the company’s founder announced he would drop the case following backlash from a court of a different kind: that of public opinion. [More]

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Chubby Checker, HP Reach Settlement Over Penis-Measuring App

It’s been more than a year since a dispute between singer Chubby Checker and Hewlitt-Packard over a penis-measuring app plunged this country into darkness, dividing households, pitting brother against brother, leaving deep scars from which we may never heal — but which will always stand as a reminder of an era we’d all like to forget. Finally, the two parties have put aside their differences for the sake of generations to come, and reached a settlement. [More]

A federal judge in New Jersey dismissed the Turnpike Authority's trademark lawsuit over a lookalike logo from a Florida pizza chain.

NJ Turnpike Authority Sues Florida Pizza Chain Over Lookalike Logo

We don’t know why any restaurant owners would want to associate their food with a stretch of ugly highway that cuts a massive concrete and asphalt path from one end of New Jersey to the other, but that’s what the operators of a small pizza chain in Florida did when crafting a logo that looks a lot like the one for the Garden State Parkway. Fearing that people might somehow think it’s gotten into the pizza business, the NJ Turnpike Authority has sued the pizza chain in federal court. [More]

It Took 8 Years For IKEA To Get Around To Being A-Holes To IKEAhackers

It Took 8 Years For IKEA To Get Around To Being A-Holes To IKEAhackers

One of the things that makes IKEA furniture appealing to people is that, with a bit of ingenuity and some tools, the not-terribly-expensive furnishing can be “hacked” into something different and cool. And since 2006, has been a repository for a number of these DIY tricks. After nearly a decade of existing without hassle from the plywood-loving Swedes, the site now has to get rid of all its advertising or give up the IKEAhackers URL. [More]

Hershey Sues Edible Marijuana Maker Over Punny Product Names

Hershey Sues Edible Marijuana Maker Over Punny Product Names

We can’t imagine anyone with even the most basic grasp of the English language would confuse Hershey’s Almond Joy with “Ganja Joy,” an edible marijuana product. Nor do we think anyone will mistakenly buy a “Dabby Patty” thinking it’s a York peppermint patty. But we don’t work for the Hershey legal department, which has sued a Colorado company over punny pot product names that the chocolate goliath believes are too close to its trademarked brands. [More]

T-Mobile Wins Legal Battle Against AT&T Subsidiary Over The Color Magenta

T-Mobile Wins Legal Battle Against AT&T Subsidiary Over The Color Magenta

Last summer, T-Mobile sued Aio Wireless, a prepaid service subsidiary of AT&T for trademark infringement for daring to use a color that is somewhat similar to T-Mobile’s well-known pink logos. An actual judge who gets paid to rule on such things has decided that Aio would have to stop using the similar color. [More]

Brewpub Shows Starbucks “The F Word” After Legal Demand To Stop Selling “Frappicino” Beer

Brewpub Shows Starbucks “The F Word” After Legal Demand To Stop Selling “Frappicino” Beer

Still stinging from yet another legal defeat against a small New Hampshire coffee company over the “Charbucks” brand, the Starbucks legal team appears to be going after lower-hanging fruit, sending a cease-and-desist letter to a small Missouri brewpub that dared to sell something called Frappicino beer. [More]

Black Bear has been fighting the legal battle with Starbucks over the Charbucks name for more than a decade.

Starbucks Once Again Fails To Stop New Hampshire Company From Selling ‘Charbucks’ Coffee

It’s been a couple years since we last heard about the Starbucks v. Charbucks legal battle, pitting the Seattle coffee colossus against Black Bear Micro Roastery, a family-owned operation out of New Hampshire. At the time, a federal court had shot down Starbucks’ claim of trademark dilution, but that didn’t stop the company from appealing… only to lose in court again this week. [More]

Exxon Sues FXX To Protect Its Good Name From Being Associated With Basic Cable

Exxon Sues FXX To Protect Its Good Name From Being Associated With Basic Cable

There are plenty of reasons to poke fun at Twentieth Century Fox’s new, completely unnecessary FXX network, but it’s unfair to pick on a channel that only has a single decent show (which had to be imported from FX). That hasn’t stopped ExxonMobil from taking a break from profiteering and polluting to sue Fox and FXX for having the gall to make a seemingly obvious logo design choice when presented with two consecutive Xs. [More]

A comparison used by T-Mobile in its case against Aio. At top left is a coverage map Aio had used in stores. Top left is T-Mobile's coverage map from its website. The bottom map is how Aio previously detailed its coverage on the Aio website; that map has since been changed to use a different color scheme.

T-Mobile Sues AT&T Subsidiary Over Its Use Of Magenta

Chances are you probably don’t even know about AT&T’s Aio Wireless prepaid service, as it’s currently only available in a handful of markets. But the folks at T-Mobile have sued the subsidiary now before the world gets confused by two phone companies that use similar colors. [More]

Joan Jett Sues Hot Topic Over “Blackheart” Trademark

Joan Jett Sues Hot Topic Over “Blackheart” Trademark

I don’t shop at Hot Topic because I’m not a teenage girl, but I’ve heard that the stores exist. But I am old enough to remember Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at the height of their fame in the early ’80s. But now two generations are colliding in a mess of tee shirts, push-up bras, and nail polish as the rock star’s record label sues the retailer over the Blackheart brand. [More]

The West Sixth Logo (minus the company name) is on the left; Magic Hat #9 on the right.

Magic Hat Sues Kentucky Brewer Over Its Logo

Most of our stories about trademark disputes — especially when it comes to anything that even vaguely sounds like the word “monster” — involve companies in two completely different industries, like energy drinks vs. fish tanks, or that same beverage vs. an independent movie, or audio cables vs. deer licks. But what about when that trademark to-do is between two beer companies? [More]


Starbucks Asks Starbarks Dog Daycare To Please Change Its Name

Starbarks, a dog daycare facility in Illinois is feeling the legal heat from coffee colossus Starbucks, which doesn’t see much humor in the smaller business’s name or logo. [More]

Judge Gives Louis Vuitton Lesson In Film Comedy 101 In Dismissing ‘Hangover 2′ Lawsuit

Judge Gives Louis Vuitton Lesson In Film Comedy 101 In Dismissing ‘Hangover 2′ Lawsuit

The folks at monogram-loving handbag company Louis Vuitton are not famous for their sense of humor, especially when it comes to their oft-copied designs. And they certainly didn’t see what was so funny about a scene in Hangover 2 featuring a character carrying knock-off Louis Vuitton bags through the airport. Luckily, there’s a judge out there who understands comedy — and is willing to explain it, footnotes and all. [More]