Ad-Filled Monopoly Game, Deluxe Virtual Tooth Fairy, Potty With iPad Stand Top List Of Year’s Worst Toys

Ad-Filled Monopoly Game, Deluxe Virtual Tooth Fairy, Potty With iPad Stand Top List Of Year’s Worst Toys

Do your kids feel that board games are ho-hum without advertising from some of the world’s biggest brands? Maybe your girls and boys are bored with the virtual tooth fairy they already have (yes, this exists) and the only way to make them happy is to pay more to unlock a VIP edition? Or does your potty-training youngster cry because he or she has to take their eyes away from the iPad for a few seconds while they do their digestive duty? Then we have some toys for you! [More]

Open Your Own Sprinkles Cupcakes Shop In Your Kid’s Playroom

Open Your Own Sprinkles Cupcakes Shop In Your Kid’s Playroom

Sprinkles claims to be the world’s first cupcake bakery, and it certainly was ahead of the trend, opening up in 2005 in Beverly Hills. Since then, they’ve been at the forefront of cupcake-deployment technology, launching the concepts of “cupcake truck” and “cupcake ATM.” Now, they’re extending their brand to children with a tiny toy version of their shops. [More]

This iPad Child Potty Represents Everything Wrong With America

This iPad Child Potty Represents Everything Wrong With America

Some kids may need coaxing to get on the potty, but we’re pretty sure that there is never any justification for any kind of system that combines tablet computing and pooping. What adults do once they’re fully potty-trained is their own business, but there’s something terribly wrong about combining screen time and potty time. [More]

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Petition Asks Toys ‘R’ Us To Ditch Gender-Specific Marketing

A group have parents have started a campaign asking Toys ‘R’ Us to stop marketing its toys along gender lines, saying the retailer is getting more extreme in its separation between the sexes. Just this month over in the United Kingdom, the company said t would drop gender references in its stores across the pond and market products in a more neutral way. [More]

He's coming....

Let’s Hope Kids Didn’t Vote Funzo Onto Walmart “Hot Toy List” Or We’re All Doomed

The children are our future and as such, they hold our fates in their adorable, tiny, toy-clutching hands. Walmart decided to let kids decide what this year’s hot holiday toys will be, holding a three-day playfest to allow them the try out and rate their favorite toys. Anyone who knows The Simpson‘s Funzo should be hoping those tykes didn’t choose a toy-murder happy creature sent from the bowels of hell to destroy us all. [More]

If the label number (circled in red above) on your Build-A-Bear Sullie ends in 4384, 4385, or 4387, then it has been recalled.

Build-A-Bear Recalls Sulley Stuffed Monster Because Plastic Eyes Are Not A Tasty Treat

In the pixar movies Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, the character of Sulley is supposed to be terrifying to children. In real life, the stuffed toy version of Sulley from Build-A-Bear apparently poses enough of a choking hazard to children that it’s been recalled in the U.S. and Canada. [More]

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Hey LEGO, Why Are You So Grumpy? Study Wishes Those Frowns Were Upside Down

The night is dark and full of terrors, but playing with toys is always such a happy respite from the woes of the world. Like LEGO toys! They’re great and creative and why is that little man glaring at me? Does he hate me? Why is everything so sad? A new study says the happy faces on LEGO people are decreasing and the grumpies are gaining. And that can apparently have an effect on kids and how they play. [More]

Fred Meyer Recalls Stuffed Chicken That Plays Excessively Loud Chicken Dance Song

Fred Meyer Recalls Stuffed Chicken That Plays Excessively Loud Chicken Dance Song

Did you know that there’s an upper volume limit for how loud a noise-making toy can be before it’s considered a hazard to your hearing? It’s true. Despite what some toddlers’ parents might think, most toys that beep, talk, or play music don’t come close to the standard. One Easter toy sold at Fred Meyer stores does, though, and the chain has issued a recall to save everyone’s ears. [More]

Customers Revolt, Make U.K. Pharmacy Chain Stop Sorting Toys By Gender

Customers Revolt, Make U.K. Pharmacy Chain Stop Sorting Toys By Gender

Early on, kids don’t care very much about what they’re supposed to enjoy playing with. Sometimes boys play with trucks, and girls play with sparkly magic wands. It bothers some people when toys are sorted into “Boys” and “Girls” sections, even if they aren’t explicitly labeled as such. But customers of UK pharmacy chain Boots got very upset when they noticed that toy sections had clear pink and blue labels, and a line of scientific exploration toys were only in the “boys” section. The message, detractors said: science isn’t for girls. Perhaps that caring for babies ins’t for boys, either. [More]


Accidentally Sexist Toy Mixup Means My Niece Gets Pink Car Instead Of Awesome Shark Plane

At left is the totally awesome shark plane that J’s parents bought for Christmas for his niece. It’s an online-only item from Toys ‘R’ Us. Any child would be lucky to receive such a fun and cool-looking gift, right? The problem is that thanks to an accidentally sexist shipping mixup, they didn’t get the plane: they got a pink pedal car instead, a week before Christmas. This kind of thing happens all the time, though, so Toys ‘R’ Us should be able to handle a vehicle swap with no problem. Right? [More]

Actual koala feces not guaranteed to sparkle.

This Fashion Doll Presents An Unrealistic Image Of Pet Ownership Where Animals Poop Jewels

Moxie Girlz are from MGA, the same company that brought us Bratz dolls. They’re like a softer version of Bratz, wearing less makeup, having slightly more human proportions, and they’re even fully clothed. [More]

Eww, fishies!

How To Make A Toy For Girls: Take Gender-Neutral Toy, Add Fairies And Flowers, Make It Purple

As a child, did you ever have one of those magnetic fishing games where plastic fishes’ mouths snap open and shut and you try to snag them with a magnet? I had one, and I enjoyed that toy very much as a little girl. Let me emphasize the “as a little girl” part. One would think that this is a toy that doesn’t need any girling up, but apparently you and I don’t think like a toy company. That’s why the Tinkerbell fishing game exists. It’s the same thing as the primary-colored, gender-neutral fishing game. Except it’s purple and Disney Fairies-branded. Because it’s for girls! [More]

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Mom Displeased That Toy She Bought Her One-Year-Old Turns Out To Have A Potty Mouth

Kids have the tendency to repeat anything they hear, like tiny parrots who are trying to learn about the world around them. And often, those kids get a kick out of repeating anything that’s even slightly inappropriate with much glee, as parents everywhere have surely experienced. One mom  in the UK is none too pleased that a toy she bought her one-year-old at a town festival happens to chortle questionable song lyrics. [More]

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Chicago Strip Club Offers Free Lap Dances To Boost Holiday Toy Drive Donations

It’s not Toys for Tots, but the goal is the same: A Chicago strip club is embarking on its third annual toy drive with its unique angle on convincing customers to give this holiday season — you give an unopened toy suitable for a child  and you get a lap dance. It’s a simple premise and it’s likely a very popular scheme with the club’s patrons. Lap dances are usually very expensive, after all. [More]


Toys ‘R’ Us Either Restores Canceled Order Or Screws It Up Again

Some good news out of Toys ‘R’ Us: after a seeming fit of disorganization, randomly canceled orders, and no information getting out to customers, we’re getting reports that maybe–just maybe–things are getting straightened out over at Big Giraffe. [More]

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Toys R Us Takes Holiday Toy Orders, Then Ignores Customers

Yesterday, we shared JC’s sad story about the Little Tikes pizza oven he ordered from Toys R Us that is stuck in the bowels of the Toys R Us ordering apparatus with no explanation. He ordered that kitchen much earlier than most customers, but he’s not alone in wondering where his order went. In Jen’s case, she just went ahead and ordered the same item cheaper from another vendor, but couldn’t get through to TRU to cancel her original order. [More]

DIY Slurpees rule!

LEGO Set For Girls, Slurpee-Maker For Kids, Top Nominees For Worst Toy Of The Year

It’s the holiday season, which for many parents means it’s toy-buying time. It also means it’s time for Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood to unveil its selection of the toys that it believes embody the worst the marketplace has to offer. [More]

This looks super fun.

Little Tikes Pizza Play Kitchen Does Not Come With 30-Minute Delivery Guarantee

JC’s child is an aspiring pizzeria owner, or maybe just a 3-year-old who appreciates a cool play kitchen. Whatever the case, the Little Tikes pizza kitchen of his kid’s dreams went on sale at Toys R Us back in October, and he ordered one to be shipped to the local store. Then it vanished. Well, it didn’t vanish, but the kitchen is stuck at “in progress” in the store’s delivery system. JC’s debit card was charged, but where did the toy go? [More]