Toyota Halts Sale Of Popular Vehicles, Because The Possibility Of A Seat Fire Is Bad

Seat heaters provide a warm, cozy welcome to your frigid car; that is as long as it doesn’t catch fire. That possibility has Toyota halting the sale of its most popular vehicles after discovering the padding in seat heaters doesn’t meet flammability standards. [More]

Mini Cars Are Mega Failures In New Crash Test Results

Mini Cars Are Mega Failures In New Crash Test Results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (better known as the people that get paid to smash cars into walls) recently put 11 mini cars — including well-known models like the Fiat 500, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and Toyota Prius C — through its newest form of crash-testing. The results were not good, with only one of the tested vehicles earning an overall “Acceptable” rating. [More]

Consumer Reports Pulls Recommendations For 3 Toyotas & An Audi Over Crash-Test Results

Consumer Reports Pulls Recommendations For 3 Toyotas & An Audi Over Crash-Test Results

Our cohorts at Consumer Reports do an awful lot of testing on the cars they rate, but one thing they can’t do is crash-testing. That’s why, following the results of recent crash tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (better known as the people that crash cars into walls), CR has pulled its recommendations on three Toyota models and one Audi vehicle. [More]

Toyota To Pay At Least $3 Million In Sudden Acceleration Wrongful-Death Suit

Toyota To Pay At Least $3 Million In Sudden Acceleration Wrongful-Death Suit

Only two weeks after a California jury sided with Toyota in a wrongful-death lawsuit related to claims of sudden unintended acceleration in one of its vehicles, a jury in Oklahoma City has found that the car-maker is to blame for a separate incident that killed a woman in 2007. [More]


Jury Says Toyota Wasn’t To Blame In Wrongful-Death Lawsuit

A California jury handed down a big decision for Toyota, saying that the car company wasn’t responsible in the 2009 crash of a Camry that accelerated out of control and killed the driver. Instead, the jury placed the blame squarely on another driver in the crash, saying it was the catalyst that set the whole accident in motion. [More]


Toyota Recalls 235,000 Vehicles In U.S.

In two separate actions announced this morning, Toyota has recalled a total of 235,000 vehicles in the U.S. alone (369,000 worldwide) for possible problems with heat damage in two hybrids and a possible defect in engine bolts in multiple Lexus vehicles. [More]

Toyota To Start Manufacturing Lexus Vehicles In Kentucky

Toyota To Start Manufacturing Lexus Vehicles In Kentucky

Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, KY, is slated to go a bit upscale with the news that the world’s largest car company will be using the plant to manufacture the Lexus ES, which had previously only been produced in Japan. [More]


Toyota, Honda & Nissan Recall 3.4M Vehicles Because Air Bags Need To Work

The thing about car air bags is it’s quite necessary that they deploy at the right time. Which is why the Japanese maker of safety gear is at the center of a recall of more than three million vehicles, scattered across the Honda, Toyota and Nissan brands. Those companies all have cars that could have defective airbag inflators, causing airbags to possibly deploy abnormally in a crash. [More]


Toyota & Ford Fighting On The Playground Over Who Has The No. 1 Car

It’s an all-out slap fight on the playground these days between Toyota and Ford, as both claim they’re No. 1 in the world as the makers of the top-selling car of 2012. Toyota contradicted Ford’s claim of the Focus being the coolest by sayings its Corolla is actually the best around. [More]

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NHTSA Investigating 1.3 Million Fords, Toyotas & Hondas For Safety-Related Issues

There’s a whole lot of investigating going on right now at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and it includes almost 1.3 million vehicles from Toyota, Ford and Honda. All three are in potentially hot water for safety-related issues, from steering problems to brake issues. From the sound of it, the Prius is bearing the brunt of the scrutiny. [More]


Toyota Announces Recall Of 750K Corollas & 270K Lexus IS Vehicles

Toyota doubled on its recall announcements today, issuing two separate recalls totaling more than 1 million vehicles in the U.S. [More]

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Toyota To Pay Out $1.1 Billion To Settle Unintended Acceleration Lawsuit

Three years after Toyota announced numerous recalls of vehicles to deal with claims of unintended acceleration, it has finally agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement to be shared by owners of around 16 million Toyotas in the U.S. [More]

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Camry, Prius V, Several Luxury Cars Fail New Crash Tests

You all know the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; they’re the folks that get paid to smash cars into walls. Now the IIHS has added a new level to its Top Safety Pick certification — Top Safety Pick+ — for vehicles that meet existing standards and perform well in new small frontal overlap tests. [More]


Toyota Will Pay A Record Fine Of $17.35M Over Delay In Reporting Safety Defects

Toyota says it will be paying out a record $17.35 million — the maximum fine allowably by law — after the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the company had delayed reporting a safety defect to the government. It’s the highest single civil penalty that’s ever been paid to the NHTS Afor violations that are a result of a recall. [More]


Toyota Recalling 2.77 Million Vehicles Worldwide For Steering Snafu, Water Pumps

Toyota announced it’s voluntary recalling a total of  almost 3 million vehicles worldwide for steering and water pump issues that have popped up recently, which will make this the second multi-million vehicle recall for the company in just over a month. There haven’t been any accidents or injuries reported thus far from the problems, which can be fixed relatively quickly but will likely cost Toyota hundreds of millions of dollars to repair. [More]


Ford Continues To Sink Toward Bottom Of Consumer Reports’ Reliability Ratings

In 2010, Ford was among the top 10 auto brands in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Survey, with more than 90% of its models rated average or better by CR readers. But in the two years since, the shine has gone off the Ford brand, and in the newly released survey, it now comes in next to last place. [More]


Toyota Issues Recall Of 7 Million Cars Worldwide For Faulty Window Switch

In one of its biggest recalls yet, Toyota is recalling 7.43 million vehicles from around the United States, Japan and Europe — all because of a faulty power-window switch in about a dozen models that didn’t get greased up enough when the cars were built. That could cause friction in the switch and at times, even smoke. [More]

U.S. Car Makers Post Double-Digit Sales Increases

U.S. Car Makers Post Double-Digit Sales Increases

Need some decent news to brighten up your dreary day? This may not do it, but it’s worth a shot: Chrysler, GM and Ford have released their August sales numbers and each of the automakers saw substantial year-over-year sales increases during the last month of summer vacation. [More]