Scammer Convinces Tourists To Pay $409 For Free Staten Island Ferry Tickets

Scammer Convinces Tourists To Pay $409 For Free Staten Island Ferry Tickets

It costs a lot of money driving into New York City through the Hudson River tunnels or over the George Washington Bridge, and subways and cabs certainly aren’t free. So you can’t fault tourists who assume they have to pay to ride the free Staten Island Ferry — but more than $200 per ticket? [More]


NYC Officials Set On Rooting Out Errant Food Vendors Who Don’t Post Prices

It started with one vendor accused of selling $30 hot dogs to unwitting tourists, but now New York City officials want to make it clear that food carts must have their prices listed for customers to see if they don’t want the long arm of the law to come knocking. [More]

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NYC Food Vendor Accused Of Charging Tourists $30 For A Hot Dog

One of the joys of street food is that it’s usually cheap, compared to what you’d get in a sit down restaurant or even a fast food joint. But New York City officials say a rumble broke out near Ground Zero recently when a food vendor was accused of charging tourists $30 for a hot dog, while sticking to the $3 price for locals. [More]

Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

There are two interesting developments that Nordstrom is trying right now: first, they’re remodeling and fancying up their stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, seeking to draw international tourists with world-class retail experiences. They’re also experimenting with curbside order pickup, so local shoppers can pick up their online order of bras without getting out of their cars. [More]


Tourists Suspected Of Adding Their Initials To Walls Of Rome’s Colosseum, Taking A Selfie

What is it about a 2,000-year-old famous structure that makes tourists think it isn’t yet complete without their initials joining the blood, sweat and tears of gladiators past on the walls? After a Russian tourist was fined $25,000 for carving his initial in the wall of Rome’s Colosseum last fall, two American visitors have been accused of leaving their initials behind — and of course, taking a selfie to capture the moment of vandalism. [More]


Rent Your Own Hungarian Village For Just $750 A Day

Let’s face it — most of us are never going to be the mayor of our own village. But if you’ve got some cash to spare, you can buy your way into deputy mayordom by renting a Hungarian village for just $750 a day. [More]

Tourist Fined $25K For Scratching His Initial On Wall Of Roman Colosseum


The thing about the world’s archaeological treasures is that they’re awe-inspiring enough without any kind of extra embellishments. And just in case you are tempted to deface ancient history, perhaps the $24,865 fine one tourist will be paying for carving his initial into the wall of Rome’s Colosseum will change your mind. [More]

Tourists: Read The Menu Before Ordering So You Won’t Need To Call The Police Over A Big Bill


When that gelato is more expensive than you think it should be, who you gonna call? Well, no one, or at least you shouldn’t if you failed to read the menu before ordering it. After all, numbers are written in a language everyone can understand, even if you don’t speak the language. [More]

Not the Spidey in question. (donbuciak)

Times Square Spider-Man Convicted Of Harassment In Showdown With Tourist

While it surely can’t be easy out there for a costumed character on the streets of New York City, one Spider-Man landed in hot legal water after a kerfuffle with a tourist in the winter of 2013. While he said she started it by throwing snow in his face, a judge convicted him yesterday of harassment. [More]


Moscow Mall Creates Replica Of Times Square, Because Apparently One Tourist Trap Isn’t Enough

At first the idea of a mini Times Square sounds like a New Yorker’s worst nightmare — the real thing is bad enough, filled with swarms of slow-walking tourists and the glare of flashing billboards incessantly hawking whatever product can afford a spot there. But hey, not everyone can visit New York City, which is why a Moscow mall decided to bring that experience to Russia with a scale replica of the popular tourist destination. [More]

Man Sued Over Pic Of Topless Woman At Empire State Building Redefines “Tourist Attraction”

Man Sued Over Pic Of Topless Woman At Empire State Building Redefines “Tourist Attraction”

Oh, the sights you can see from atop one of New York City’s Empire State Building! Over there is the Statue of Liberty! And look, yonder! It’s a young hipster just rolling out of bed at noon on a Thursday! But one sight the landmark building’s management didn’t want visitors to see on the Observation Deck was a topless model taking it off for a photographer’s camera. [More]


20 Tourists Stuck On Drifting Ice Floe Pretty Sure The Brochure Didn’t Mention This Part

A group of 20 tourists found themselves on a floating, icy version of Gilligan’s Island, after a bit of ice they were standing on in the Arctic Bay broke off and drifted away. They were joined on their drifting adventure by a bunch of hunters on another ice floe that went for a cruise yesterday morning off Baffin Island, and traveled a few miles offshore. [More]

Lawsuit: NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art Misleads Visitors Into Paying High ‘Suggested’ Admission Price


When you ask for a ticket at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, you get charged $25. Because that’s the admission price, right? Not so fast! As the fine print says, it’s actually a “suggested donation.” You have to pay something, but that “something” could be a penny that you found on the sidewalk. Upset at this, two museum-goers have filed a class action lawsuit accusing the museum of misleading the public. [More]

Top 5 Mistakes Tourists Make In Lisbon

Top 5 Mistakes Tourists Make In Lisbon

Before you hit Lisbon, the beautiful capital of Portugal, on your next tourist jaunt, be sure to apprise yourself of these 5 common mistakes tourists make, says the Go Lisbon Blog. Besides “Spanish is not the official language, Portuguese is,” I think my favorite tip is that you should respect the lines. In Lisbon, people don’t just bumrush the doors to board public transit. They queue up in order of arrival and board accordingly. Break this rule and be ready for a grumbly little old lady to accidentally on-purpose whack you with her cane as she walks by you. [More]

Woman Says Donald Duck Groped Her

Woman Says Donald Duck Groped Her

Did Disney’s eternally overreacting duck mascot put the moves on a woman visiting Epcot Center a couple of years ago? That’s what the woman claims happened; in her lawsuit, she says a park employee dressed as Donald Duck grabbed her breast and molested her, “then made gestures making a joke indicating he had done something wrong.” She’s asking for $50,000. [More]

Are You Ready To Go Shopping On Your Next Flight?

Are You Ready To Go Shopping On Your Next Flight?

American Airlines is beginning to experiment with turning flights into shopping opportunities, reports the New York Times. We’re not just talking about in-flight purchases of Sky Mall schwag, either: the paper reports that limousine services, tickets to theme parks and Broadway shows, and train tickets are some of the offerings being considered or currently being tested.

Couchsurfing Can Help You Save Money And Make Friends While Traveling

Couchsurfing Can Help You Save Money And Make Friends While Traveling

CouchSurfing is an online community of friendly hosts who are ready and eager to throw their convertible couches open to travelers from across the world. The service offers more than a free place to crash; it connects travelers with like-minded people who are excited to share their enthusiasm for their hometown. But aren’t you going to be immediately robbed and stabbed by the opportunistic lechers lurking on the internet, you ask?

Unlicensed Cabbie Welcomes Tourists To New York With High Speed Police Chase

Unlicensed Cabbie Welcomes Tourists To New York With High Speed Police Chase

Jean-Jacques Dulugat learned yesterday why you should never let an unlicensed cabbie give you a lift from the airport. Police tried to stop Dulugat and his family as they got into a van driven by a pair of known solicitors, but the duo took off and led cops on a high-speed chase through Brooklyn…