Don't Bother Visiting These Tourist Attractions

Don't Bother Visiting These Tourist Attractions

Andrew Harper at Yahoo!’s travel site has published a list of U.S. tourist destinations that aren’t worth the time it would take to tromple* through them on your way to the gift shop. We’re disappointed he left Seattle’s Pike Place off the list, but the rest are pretty spot on.

Want Free Health Care? Visit Mexico City

Want Free Health Care? Visit Mexico City

Although the A/H1NI flu virus (referred to as the swine flu) outbreak didn’t kill everyone like alarmist media commentary led us to believe it would, it did deal a devastating blow to the Mexican tourism industry. The sprawling metropolis’s hotels are lonely places these days, sitting at 27 percent capacity compared to 50 percent a year ago.

NYC's New High-Tech Public Bathroom Is Freaky, Robotic

NYC's New High-Tech Public Bathroom Is Freaky, Robotic

For years, New York City was a grim place to be when you had to use the bathroom, since there are almost no public facilities (not counting Starbucks). But earlier this month the first of 20 high-tech pay toilets opened in the city, in Madison Square Park just north of 23rd Street. Now the next time you visit the city and need to answer nature’s call, grab a quarter and head over there to experience the strange combination of a $100,000 prison cell/car wash/elevator/Louvre. It’s the cheapest “experience” you’ll probably find in the city.

London Launches SMS Toilet Locator Service

London Launches SMS Toilet Locator Service

Beginning today, if you’re in the Westminster area of London and text the word “toilet” to 80097, you’ll be sent the location of the nearest bathroom. The service costs 25 pence ($0.52) per request.

Should Airports Use Art To Improve Their Image?

Should Airports Use Art To Improve Their Image?

Airports throughout the nation are stocking up on art to entertain bored passengers and promote the local economy. Atlanta already has 300 pieces of art, including “a large display of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe,” a collection rivaled by Phoenix’s 500 pieces, such as “strands-of-light-reflecting-glass artwork.” Are these cultural offerings pleasant distractions, or intrusive nuisances? Vote in our poll, after the jump.

24 Hour Vegas Wedding Window Slimmed To 16

The halcyon days of jumping into your rusty Impala with your teenage bride and driving off to Vegas to get married by Black Elvis at dawn in Vegas are soon to be forever gone.

Maine, By Proxy, Sues Blogger

Maine, By Proxy, Sues Blogger

Your tax dollars at work, trampling the First Amendment.

We Will Build Irish Pubs For You, Wholesale

We Will Build Irish Pubs For You, Wholesale

A late Saint Patrick’s day for you: Slate is taking a look at the construction of “traditional Irish pubs” across the world.