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Why Would A Plastic Toothbrush Cost Almost $12,000? Because It’s Been To Space And You Haven’t

Most of the time, we can rest assured that we’re living a way cooler life than our toothbrushes. What do they do all day but sit around in a cup by the sink, bristling at the sound of rushing water and just hoping they get used at least twice in 24 hours? Unless you’re a toothbrush that’s been to space, and in that case, you can fetch a pretty penny for having lived such an abnormal toothbrush life. [More]

How Do I Navigate Impressive Advances In Toothbrush Technology?

How Do I Navigate Impressive Advances In Toothbrush Technology?

What’s that, you say? You never spend more than a dollar on a toothbrush? You might be saving money, but you also are missing out on some fascinating advances in toothbrush technology. For example, brushes based on the basic Weeble principle that stand up on your bathroom counter. [More]

FDA Warns About Potential For Chipped Teeth, Eye Injuries From Crest/Arm & Hammer Spinbrush

If you ever looked at an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush (formerly the Crest Spinbrush) and thought “a toothbrush with all those moving parts could potentially wreak havoc if something goes wrong,” the folks at the Food & Drug Administration have confirmed your concerns. [More]

Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush Kit Wins Consumer Reports "Oyster Awards"

Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush Kit Wins Consumer Reports "Oyster Awards"

Consumer Reports gave the Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush Kit the “Oyster Award” for most difficult to open packaging.

A tight fit between the plastic skin and cardboard thwarted scissors.



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