Toaster Ovens: Good Tiny Ovens, Bad At Making Toast

Do you eat toast? Our lightly browned colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports spend a lot of time testing things that you might not think of to test. For example: the quality of toast produced in toasters vs. that produced in toaster ovens. Turns out that you’re better off with a plain old toaster, unless the “oven” part is important to you. [More]

How To: Hijack Fast Food Drive Thru Frequencies

“Hi welcome to McDonald’s! Don’t buy the such-and-such it’s a waste of money. Just order the cheaper burger with lettuce and sauce.”

Behold! The World of Tomorrow!

Behold! The World of Tomorrow!

LCD Money, perfect for reprogramming into larger denominations! The spiritual successor to the hoverboards from Back to the Future 2! DVD Players that fold like origami! This list of futuristic gizmos certainly brings out the uncynical consumer in us for a change.