Tinder Introduces “Verified” Profiles So You Won’t End Up On A Date With A Poser

Tinder Introduces “Verified” Profiles So You Won’t End Up On A Date With A Poser

A friend of mine once showed me a photo of a guy on Tinder she was supposed go on a date with, and my initial thought was that he looked a heck of a lot like a certain actor I’d seen in various things over the years. But hey, lots of normal people look similar to celebrities, right? Maybe, but why take a chance when you could end up on a date with a total creeper? To that end, Tinder is trying to combat such rampant poserism with its new “verified” profiles. [More]

Too late for Valentine's Day.

Tinder Will Let Users Undo What They Can’t So Easily Undo In Real Life With App’s Upcoming Paid Version

In life, one cannot simply go around laying hands on people’s faces and telling them one way or the other if they find them attractive. Well, you could do it, but it’d be awkward. On the flipside, you can’t so easily retract a profession of “like” or “dislike” as it were. Tinder wants to let users do that in the virtual dating world, with a paid version of the app that’s coming out in March. [More]


Tinder Gets Ad Money From Gillette Without Actually Displaying Ads

You might be hard pressed to find a dude with a clean-shave face these days, so it might come as no surprise that razor companies are interested in whether or not beards, stubble and other facial hair styles are a fad or have staying power. That’s why Gillette turned to cool kid on the block Tinder to find the answer, spending advertising bucks without ever placing an actual ad. [More]


New Dating App Bills Itself As “Tinder, Minus The Poor People”

With so many online dating sites and apps to choose from when seeking the love of your life/tonight, newcomers on the scene must make sure to set themselves apart. One way of doing that? Immediately informing potential customers that only rich people are allowed on your app. [More]


Will No One Think Of The Online Daters? N.Y. Bill Would Ban Taking Selfies With Tigers

You can snuggle up to a bear and you can fist bump a monkey, but soon it might be illegal to take a selfie with a tiger in the state of New York. So all you cat-happy love seekers on Tinder and OKCupid are out of luck. Which yes, is apparently a popular photo to post on such services. [More]

Tinder Fails For Months To Inform Public Of Security Flaw That Reveals Users’ Exact Location

Tinder Fails For Months To Inform Public Of Security Flaw That Reveals Users’ Exact Location

UPDATE Feb. 20: Tinder sent Consumerist the following statement the day after this story originally ran. It’s from CEO and founder Sean Rad. [More]

I heart privacy?

Mobile Dating App Tinder Says Security Breach Lasted Hours, But Two Weeks Is A Lot Of Hours

For those not in the know, Tinder is a sort of hookup app that works a bit differently than your traditional dating site: Users share their location with the app so Tinder can say hey, there’s someone nearby if you want to meet them. But birth dates and more specific location data of where you are aren’t supposed to show up to other users, and neither is your Facebook profile, as users are  identified on the app by just first name. All of that was exposed during a recent security breach, which yesterday Tinder said lasted only a few hours, but a new report says that was the case for weeks. [More]