One Year Too Late, EA Finally Rolls Out Offline Play For SimCity

One Year Too Late, EA Finally Rolls Out Offline Play For SimCity

Part of the reason that video game goliath Electronic Arts won its second Worst Company In America title in 2013 was its disastrous launch of the highly awaited new SimCity game, a title that forced users to be online in order to play (but for which the company failed to provide enough server support, meaning no one could play because everyone was trying to play). Now, a full year and another WCIA nomination later, EA is finally letting users play the game without going online. [More]

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Black Friday Eve Not The Optimal Time For An Emergency Trip To Walmart

Stuff always breaks at the worst possible time, doesn’t it? That was Josh’s experience over Thanksgiving weekend. The household he visited over the holiday weekend had a plumbing emergency on Thursday. With no plumbers available for obvious reasons, they dug up the lawn and attempted a DIY repair. It went well until they made a trip to the only hardware store in town that was open: Walmart. [More]

How To Win At The Airport Pick-Up Game

How To Win At The Airport Pick-Up Game

Picking someone up at the airport is a true show of care and dedication, because it’s such a hassle with so much potential to cause frustration. Here are some tips to make the selfless act a bit easier: [More]

Products You Shouldn't Buy During The Holidays

Products You Shouldn't Buy During The Holidays

Marketers and retailers want you to think that now is the time to spend, because you won’t find better deals at any other time of the year. While that may be true for some products, you’re best off waiting to buy several big-ticket items. [More]

Travel When Others Don't To Save Big

Travel When Others Don't To Save Big

It pays to be original when dreaming up your vacation plans, because if everyone else has the same idea as you, you’re sure to be paying the highest rates possible for travel, accommodations and attractions. [More]