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Apple CEO Promises To Improve Security Following Nude Photo Theft

While Apple maintains that the recent mass theft and publication of hundreds of revealing photos of female celebrities was a result of clever guessing and not an actual breach of the company’s iCloud service, CEO Tim Cook says Apple is adding safeguards to reduce the likelihood of another embarrassing incident. [More]

Apple Calls Teen An Hour After She Wrote CEO Tim Cook About Dictionary’s “Gay” Entry

Apple Calls Teen An Hour After She Wrote CEO Tim Cook About Dictionary’s “Gay” Entry

If you see something you disagree with in a product millions of people use, you should say something — even if you think the CEO of a huge company like Apple won’t pay attention. A high school girl decided she wasn’t too pleased with one of the Apple dictionary app’s definitions of the word “gay” and fired off a letter to CEO Tim Cook about it. Much to her surprise, the company replied within an hour. [More]


High Bid Of $605K For Coffee With Tim Cook Rejected Because Bidder Used Stolen Credit Card

The Internet was all abuzz last week when Apple announced it was auctioning off a coffee date with CEO Tim Cook for charity. But whoever submitted last week’s high bid of $605,000 is likely going to get a date with law enforcement instead — the charity says the bidding is back at $600,000 today after discovering the high bidder used a stolen credit card. [More]


How Is The iPad Mini Different From Its Big Brother?

The late Steve Jobs himself wasn’t known to be a big fan of a smaller tablet, so now that it’s come to reality, all eyes are on Apple’s iPad Mini. As another one of the company’s not-so-well-kept secrets made its debut today, we turn to the fun task of finally learning the much-conjectured specifications of the iPad Mini, and what makes it an attractive choice for people used to the larger regular iPad. [More]


Tim Cook: Sorry Our iOS6 Maps Service Isn’t Really So Great… Maybe Try Google?

While the masses were clamoring for the iPhone 5, many of those hungry consumers were a bit wary about the fact that Apple had ditched the default Google Maps function in favor of its own map application. And now that customers are complaining that the iOS6’s maps are full of bugs and bad directions, Apple CEO Tim Cook is offering his apologies, as well as alternate suggestions. [More]

E-Mail To Apple CEO Gets AT&T To Unlock Customer's iPhone

E-Mail To Apple CEO Gets AT&T To Unlock Customer's iPhone

The late Apple chief Steve Jobs was notorious for replying to customers’ e-mails, though not always in the most professional manner. New CEO Tim Cook may not be e-mailing people back directly, but it looks like someone in his office is checking the inbox. [More]