Police Have Better Things To Do Than Rescue Adult Men Wedged In McDonald’s High Chairs


Take a look at yourself. Are you older than five? You’re reading this post, so it’s likely that you are no longer part of the toddler set. As such, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind adults that they are too old, and really, too darn big, to be sitting in high chairs meant for toddlers at McDonald’s. One man in Ireland learned that in the way that turns out to be the most hilarious to the rest of us. [More]

Woman Sues Chanel After Getting $10,000 Ring Stuck On Her Finger

Woman Sues Chanel After Getting $10,000 Ring Stuck On Her Finger

Don’t you just hate it when you slip on a really expensive ring, only to then have to wait several hours in the emergency room for a doctor to pry it off your pudgy digit? I know I do… But I’ve never gotten so mad that I’ve sued one of the most famous brands in the world of fashion. [More]