These Tide Bottles Are Not At All Confusing

These Tide Bottles Are Not At All Confusing

Reader Garret wants to know how two bottles of Tide containing the exact same amount of liquid, with identical measuring caps, can contain two different numbers of “loads.”

Use Every Last Drop Of Laundry Detergent

Reader Mark came up with a way to get at that last bit of laundry detergent, the stuff that intransigently clings to container walls, refusing to drip into your measuring cup. By punching a hole in the bottom corner of the container, Mark is able to extract enough detergent to clean a small or medium load of clothes. Do you have other ways of freeing residual detergent? Tell us in the comments.

Tide Downsizes, Charges Same Price

Tide Downsizes, Charges Same Price

New boxes of Tide have 17 oz less than before, yet consumers are asked to pay the same amount. But is it really an outrage?