Airline Baggage Fees Bring In Nearly $1B In Three Months, Ticket Sales Still Top Revenue-Maker

All those baggage fees added so far this year appear to be bringing in the big bucks for U.S. airlines. A new report found that airlines brought in nearly $1 billion last quarter by charging customers for hauling their belongings. And while that seems like a lot of dough, it’s just a drop in the bucket for the industry. [More]

Help, StubHub Never Delivered My Tickets!

Help, StubHub Never Delivered My Tickets!

Vinay’s StubHub tickets to see Lady Gaga never arrived in his inbox, but StubHub insists that they delivered the goods and refuses to issue a refund. StubHub’s only communication with Vinay was a short confirmation email promising that the real tickets would arrive via SubHub’s e-LMS system. The tickets still hadn’t arrived the day of the concert, and armed with only a confirmation email in hand, Vinay was turned away from the venue.

'Brown Paper Tickets' Offers A Fair Alternative To Ticketmaster

'Brown Paper Tickets' Offers A Fair Alternative To Ticketmaster

On his Cool Tools blog, Kevin Kelly describes his love for Brown Paper Tickets, a teensy ticketing David to the Ticketmaster Goliath. They don’t gouge customers with outrageous fees, and they’re fair to venues as well, he writes, providing great service and paying promptly.

Live Nation To Challenge Ticketmaster, Sell Fans More Junk

Live Nation To Challenge Ticketmaster, Sell Fans More Junk

The nation’s largest concert promoter, Live Nation, is ditching Ticketmaster to build its own ticketing system. Live Nation may not be as soul-crushingly evil as Ticketmaster—we hear they issue refunds!—but their goal in breaking away is to squeeze more profit from customers by hawking “additional merchandise.”

Live Nation Continues To Rock!

Every time Carrie writes us, I talk about what a sexy little minx she is. To be frank, I don’t know her. She could be fat as the queen of all sea cows for all I know; a decade of heavy cocaine use might have turned her nose into a flabby, cartilageless sack. But she’s got spunk! She’s got moxy! And she is unwaveringly optimistic! And hey, that’s sex appeal.