Delta, American, United & Southwest Face Passenger Lawsuits Over Alleged Collusion For Higher Airfares

Following news that the Department of Justice opened an investigation into alleged collusion between major airlines to keep ticket prices high, it was only a matter of time before consumers began filing lawsuit against the major U.S. carriers. [More]


It Will Now Cost You $99 To Step Foot Inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom For A Day

Less than a year after Disney last hiked its prices for the Magic Kingdom at Disney World the House of Mouse is tacking on a few extra bucks to the cost of tickets yet again. It’ll now cost anyone 10 and older $99 for a day’s admission, and kids will pay $93. [More]

UPDATED: Southwest Demanded Proof My Infant Wasn't 2

UPDATED: Southwest Demanded Proof My Infant Wasn't 2

Kris says the Southwest Airlines check-in desk gave her all sorts of hell when she tried to check herself and her 7-month-old baby boy onto a flight. The clerk at first refused to give up her ticket because she didn’t have proof of the baby’s age, then relented only after 10 minutes of arguing. [More]

Yankees Cut Premium Ticket Prices From "Exorbitant" To "Expensive"

Yankees Cut Premium Ticket Prices From "Exorbitant" To "Expensive"

For some reason, the New York Yankees are having trouble selling the most expensive seats in the new Yankee Stadium. Especially the ones in the front rows that are noticeably empty on TV. The New York Times has a rundown of the pricing changes.


Today United Airlines raised most of its domestic fares by $10 roundtrip. Maybe now their flight attendants can start answering call buttons again. [Reuters]