15 Product Trademarks That Have Become Victims Of Genericization

(Brandon King; kellogg; joseph a)

Sometimes, we hurt the ones we love. Which is why even if we didn’t mean to be so harsh, many products we use every day have become the victims of trademark genericization, meaning they’ve morphed from a single product identified under a name to an entire product category. And when courts get involved it becomes “genericide,” which sounds even more murderous. Can’t you just imagine Law & Order: Genericized Trademarks? [dun dun] [More]

Old Thermos Ad: Use Our Product Or Your Baby Will Die!

Old Thermos Ad: Use Our Product Or Your Baby Will Die!

I know we all like to laugh at old homemaker ads, like where bad coffee will make your husband have an affair or the wrong douche will let the communists win, but here’s one that pushes it a step further. How? Dead babies. As the scary ad explains, a thermos keeps filthy germ-ridden flies away from the milk, and keeps the milk cold, and that means the milk won’t kill your baby. If you don’t buy this thermos, you may as well make your baby into terrible tasting instant coffee and use it to drive your husband into the arms of his secretary, because that’s what you deserve. [More]

Thermos Replaces Travel Mug That Lost Its Way

Thermos Replaces Travel Mug That Lost Its Way

Brent’s excellent Thermos travel mug lost its rubber bottom somewhere in its travels, making it difficult to use. Instead of throwing it away, he contacted Thermos to see about a replacement part. He ended up having such a great experience that he had to write in and share what happened.