Shoplifters Make Effective Use Of Their Time, Dash Out Of Store With Rolling Racks

Shoplifters Make Effective Use Of Their Time, Dash Out Of Store With Rolling Racks

When you hear the word “shoplifting,” you might picture one person slipping a few small items into her purse, or a person layering extra clothes under their jacket in the fitting room. That’s not how large shoplifting operations roll. Literally roll, in the case of these thieves who took a few racks of merchandise out of a Sports Authority store near Chicago. [More]

Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing $450,000 Worth Of Mailed Jewelry

Postal Worker Pleads Guilty To Stealing $450,000 Worth Of Mailed Jewelry

Pawn shops in the Cash America chain sent packages including precious jewelry to a repair and refurbishment center Fort Worth, Texas, but starting in 2011, many packages never reached their destination. Why was that? It took a two-year investigation to find the culprit, a worker at a processing and distribution center in North Texas. He pleaded guilty this week in federal court. [More]

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Man Celebrates Court Date By Gobbling Child’s Birthday Cake

You have to go inside a courthouse, and in the car you have a dog and a birthday cake for your daughter. You don’t want the dog to eat the cake. To keep them apart, you could put the cake in the trunk, bring the dog in the courthouse, or bring the cake in the courthouse. A woman in Washington State chose that last option, which was bad news for the cake. [More]

When Is Taking Someone’s Phone Not Considered “Theft”?

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How long do you need to borrow something before it’s considered stolen? And does the mere act of taking a phone out of someone else’s hands without permission constitute theft? According to an appeals court in California, no. [More]

NFL’s New Stadium Bag Policy Is Great, Until People Blame It For Car Burglaries

NFL’s New Stadium Bag Policy Is Great, Until People Blame It For Car Burglaries

The National Football League recently put new rules in place about what kind of bags fans can bring inside stadiums, a change intended to speed up security screening. All bags but the tiniest of purses need to be made of clear plastic, as if we’ve suddenly become a nation of retail employees. That’s fine…until fans blame the policy when their non-conforming bags get stolen from their cars in the parking lot. [More]

Man Steals Puppies By Shoving Them Down His Pants

Man Steals Puppies By Shoving Them Down His Pants

Puppies are small, cuddly, and pricey, so why not stuff some down your pants and shoplift them? That was the logic of a man in Florida, who stuffed a dachsund puppy and a pug puppy down his pants on two separate trips to an Orlando pet store. [More]

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If you download an animal-sounds smartphone app to attract a fox, there is a chance that the fox might run off with your phone. When a wild animal runs off with your phone, your friends might receive strange texts that say things like “I FRY o a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw.” We’re not sure what the consumer lesson here should be other than “protect your phone from wild animals.”[LiveLeak]

Facebook Fans Identify And Shame Thief Of Customer Loyalty Stamp

Facebook Fans Identify And Shame Thief Of Customer Loyalty Stamp

It’s the definition of small-time crime: a thief who was apparently in a hurry to get some free frosty snacks allegedly walked off with the frequent-customer stamp at a California shaved ice stand. He also grabbed some cash from the tip jar while he was at it. The owners put their faith in the power of public shaming and posted the surveillance video on their Facebook page. [More]


If you put a laptop computer in your Walmart cart, then put a giant bag of cat food on top of it, it’s possible that no one will notice the computer. However, if you walk out of the store without paying for either item, you’d think someone might notice. Police say that one Florida man walked out with four laptops and a lot of cat food on four separate trips before he was caught. [WTSP]


Hobby Lobby May Have Overreacted To Theft Of $5 Worth Of Iron-On Letters

A Texas woman might be a little absentminded or beginning to suffer from dementia, but says that she didn’t mean to walk out of a craft store with a handful of embroidered iron-on letters. Unfortunately, she was shopping at Hobby Lobby, a chain whose management takes loss prevention almost as seriously as their Christian faith. The store wants the customer and her daughter to pay more than $1,000 in fines and civil penalties for the theft. [More]


Comfort Food Crime Wave Continues: Man Steals Truckload Of Soup

First, the comfort food crime cartels came for the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, stealing more than 10,000 barrels and selling it on the amber market. Next was the Nutella theft: someone lifted more than $20,000 worth of choco-hazelnut spread from a truck in Germany. This week, we learned about a crime against one of the most comforting comfort foods, soup. Over the weekend, two men in Florida drove off with a tractor-trailer that contained $75,000 worth. [More]


Grocery Store Workers Replace Child’s iPad After It’s Stolen Inside Store

While his mother grocery shopped, someone stole an iPad out of the hands of a 6-year-old boy with Down syndrome. The store’s security cameras didn’t capture anything, and the only information the family had was the testimony of his twelve-year-old sister, who also has Down syndrome: “The blonde lady took it.” The story could have ended there, and made everyone sad. Mean person steals expensive but important educational tool from special needs child. Only that wasn’t the end of the story. [More]

Not the flowers! Noooo!

Thief Dressed As Deliveryman Walks Out Of Florist With 21 Bouquets On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a chaotic time for florists, with temporary help mixing with regular staff to get everything delivered on time and to the right recipient. (Well, mostly.) In Chicago, one busy florist claims that a man took advantage of the floral fracas to walk off with 21 flower arrangements worth a total of $2,000. [More]


TSA Screener Fired For Allegedly Swiping $36 From Traveler’s Checked Luggage

We’ve seen so many stories of Transportation Security Administration agents pilfering, stealing, looting and otherwise stealing from travelers that this entire post could be a series of links. And hey, here’s another one for the pile, because apparently the TSA just can’t resist: An agent in North Carolina is facing accusations that he stole not electronics, not bags stuffed with cash, but just $36 from checked luggage. [More]


Pennsylvania Man Headed To Trial Might Regret Swiping $1.50 From Church Collection Jar

There’s apparently no crime too small for a court of law, as a 31-year-old Pennsylvania man is finding out. He allegedly swiped a whopping $1.50 from a a church collection jar and now could be headed to trial. His arrest and subsequent charges of felony counts of burglary and criminal trespass were a result of the church installing security cameras to catch thieves. [More]

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Thieves Targeting Third Seat In SUVs Because They’re Hot On The Black Market

What’s easier than stealing an entire, hulking mass of metal, plastic and upholstery? Just stealing the third row of seats in an SUV, instead of the whole thing, it seems. Third row seats are the new hot item on the black market, snagging up to $1,000 for thieves in profit. This wave of “third seat theft” as the cops call it is particularly prevalent in Texas and California. [More]

Apparently Stealing Smartphones Is A Thing We Need To Worry About Again

Apparently Stealing Smartphones Is A Thing We Need To Worry About Again

Although you can never be too careful, there was a time where it felt like it was okay to be a bit relaxed about someone stealing your phone. After all, basically anyone has access to some kind of relatively smart phone if they really want one, even if it’s not the one with the latest bells and whistles. But in some U.S. cities, smartphone robberies are on the rise again. [More]

Man Tracks Down His Stolen Laptop & Starts Fund To Help Teen Who Ended Up With It

Man Tracks Down His Stolen Laptop & Starts Fund To Help Teen Who Ended Up With It

Having your stuff stolen really sucks. Something is yours, you own it and then poof — it’s gone. One Boston graphic designer was so sick of his computers being stolen, he installed security software on his Macbook Pro just in case and ended up finding out where his laptop had wandered off to. But instead of punishing the new owner of this third stolen piece of electronics, he decided to do something positive. [More]