Hide Your Stuff, Lock Your Car: Black Friday Is Also A Pretty Big Day For Thieves

Hide Your Stuff, Lock Your Car: Black Friday Is Also A Pretty Big Day For Thieves

Black Friday is not only a big day for shoppers, with stores throwing open their doors early (or staying open all night since they opened on Thanksgiving) and the mad marketing blitz of discounts, sales and deals coming at you from every angle, but it’s a pretty fruitful day for thieves, as well. [More]

Shrimp Shoplifter Stuffs Shellfish Down Pants, Up Shirt

Shrimp Shoplifter Stuffs Shellfish Down Pants, Up Shirt

We always like to keep an eye on the latest incidents where shoplifters are caught in the act of stuffing meat down their pants. The usual choices of criminals against meat, steak and lobster make sense: they’re pricey, for people who want to resell the meats, and they’re tasty high-status foods, for those who would prefer to eat them. It’s been a while, though, since we’ve heard of anyone stuffing shrimp down their pants, which happened recently in Connecticut. [More]

Owners Help Police Track Stolen Tesla Through Mobile App

Owners Help Police Track Stolen Tesla Through Mobile App

When a thief steals a car it can take owners days, week or even years to retrieve their property. Apparently that’s not the case when your vehicle happens to be a Tesla Model S: a Canadian couple was able to help authorities track their stolen car in real-time with the help of the Tesla mobile app.  [More]

Police say a man stole $100K worth of prescription medication from a Walgreens on Monday.

Walgreens Shoplifter Walks Out Of Store With $100K In Prescription Drugs

In the past, Walgreens has been a target for ne’er-do-wells: there were the three people caught with more than 125 stolen credit cards, and before that, the shoplifting ring accused of stealing more than $15,000 in merchandise. But those cases pale in comparison to a brazen robbery in Florida this week in which a man forced open the pharmacy department door and made off with $100,000 in prescription drugs.  [More]

This tofu-loving hamster (probably) didn't steal the delivery truck. (pyza*)

Truck Full Of Tofu, Organic Drinks Goes Missing From Safeway Parking Lot

If we were going to steal a semi truck full of something from a grocery store (we would never do something like that, and we suggest you don’t either), it certainly wouldn’t be one brimming with tofu and organic health drinks. But those items were apparently appealing to one Oregon thief Tuesday when he made off with a truck full of the products.  [More]

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Man Takes $900 Worth Of Drills From Sears, Leaves Making Chicken Noises

One way to commit a crime is to create a distraction, and maybe that’s what a man at a Sears store in New Hampshire was trying to do when he allegedly filled a cart with power drills and made chicken noises when employees tried to stop him. He left the cart full of tools behind, but police would like to know his whereabouts. [More]


TSA Agent Accused Of Stealing Cash From Passenger’s Wallet At Security Checkpoint

When travelers send their personal belongings off into x-ray machines at the airport, we expect them to come out on the other side exactly how they entered. But officials at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport say one man happened to notice his wallet come through a security screening a bit lighter than it had gone in, leading to the arrest of a Transportation Security Administration agent. [More]

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Woman Allegedly Instructs Kid To Push Cart Of Stolen Merchandise Out Of Walmart

Over the years, we’ve reported on several incidents in which a parent or guardian has taken their child along on a shoplifting excursion: there was the Toys ‘R’ Us shoplifting spree, the women who left their baby in the store, and the mom who used her kid’s stroller as cover for a stolen sex toy. While we haven’t heard too many of these stories lately, it’s still happening: a Chicago woman reportedly had a child accompanying her take stolen goods out of a Walmart. [More]

iPhone Theft Victim Seeks To Locate Possible Thieves Using Selfies

iPhone Theft Victim Seeks To Locate Possible Thieves Using Selfies

A woman whose iPhone was stolen from her bag at an amusement park in Ohio wants to find the people who have her phone, and they’re helping her out with it. Not intentionally, of course. However, the phone is still attached to her cloud storage account, which means that the selfies they snap turn up on the woman’s other devices. [More]

Two Men, Two Colostomy Bags, Two Shoplifting Accusations, Three Steaks, One Arrest, One Apology

Two Men, Two Colostomy Bags, Two Shoplifting Accusations, Three Steaks, One Arrest, One Apology

Two men on different continents who have similar medical problems and have undergone the same surgery, and recent trips to these ended poorly for both of them. They both have colostomies, and store employees mistook both of their bags for stolen merchandise and became suspicious. The difference: one of them men was allegedly trying to leave the store with $75 worth of steak stuffed in his colostomy bag, and the other was innocent. [More]

Not a Stradivarius. (Photo Phiend)

Stolen Stradivarius Violin Returns After 35 Years

A rare Stradivarius violin that went missing 35 years ago has reappeared, after someone happened to open a box in the attic. Here’s where we get the urge to start searching grandma’s attic. [More]

Man Caught On Camera Stuffing Antique Brass Statues Down His Pants

Man Caught On Camera Stuffing Antique Brass Statues Down His Pants

Here at Consumerist, we aim to bring you the freshest coverage of people stuffing store merchandise down their pants to steal it. While for some reason the most common item that ends up down shoppers’ trousers is packages of meat, other items ranging from a chainsaw to puppies using this method, police are looking for a man who was caught on camera stuffing two brass statues down his pants at an antique store. [More]


Police Arrest Man On Suspicion Of Knocking Over Girls’ Lemonade Stand, Stealing $30

As any ambitious kid (or former kid) who’s tried to bring in a big haul from running a sidewalk lemonade stand knows, it isn’t easy to make a lot of money from selling drinks for a nickel (or $1, whatever a cup of lemonade goes for these days). Two young entrepreneurial spirits faced an even tougher situation for their fledgling business, after police say a guy overturned their lemonade stand and made off with all their profits. [More]

Papa John’s Franchise Owner Faces Jail Time, $500,000 In Back Pay & Penalties For Skirting Wage Laws

Papa John’s Franchise Owner Faces Jail Time, $500,000 In Back Pay & Penalties For Skirting Wage Laws

For the third time this year, prosecutors have accused an owner of a New York-area Papa John’s pizza franchise of not paying employees minimum wage and overtime. This time, the franchise owner is accused of not only failing to pay his workers properly, but devising a scheme to carry out the non-payment through falsified tax documents. Now, he and his company are not only facing more than $500,000 in payments to employees and fines, but jail time. [More]


Report: TSA Paid Out $3M In The Last 5 Years For Lost, Stolen And Damaged Baggage

If you’ve ever had your checked luggage stolen, damaged, lost or otherwise mishandled while flying, you probably know you’re not alone. But what you might not know is how often the Transportation Security Administration actually admits wrongdoing and compensates unhappy travelers in those cases. Enlightenment is here: A new report says the TSA has forked over about $3 million in the last five years for such claims. [More]


Walmart Cracking Down On Theft Because It Doesn’t Want To Lose Billions Of Dollars A Year

When something is costing billions of dollars a year in lost revenue, you’re probably going to start paying attention and try to stop the leakage. That’s why Walmart is addressing a big problem at its 4,555 stores in the U.S. — shoplifting and other forms of “unknown shrinkage” that is causing the company to lose about $3 billion per year. [More]


American Airlines Passenger Accused Of Stealing From Crew Member, Fellow Traveler Mid-Flight

While you might expect a pickpocket working amid a large crowd of people, it’s not the norm to worry about your possessions getting swiped mid-air. Law enforcement authorities say an American Airlines passenger flying from Los Angeles to New York yesterday has been accused of stealing from not only a fellow traveler onboard the flight, but a crew member as well. [More]

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Police: Thief Spent 15 Minutes Dragging Cooler Full Of Stolen Ice Cream Past Napping Gas Station Clerk

There’s being asleep on the job, and then there’s napping so hard that you apparently don’t notice someone hauling an ice cream cooler past your nose in a 15-minute effort. Police in Florida say a thief managed to drag a cooler filled with Good Humor products out of a gas station store while the clerk snoozed, taking a moment to flip the bird at the security camera. [More]