Couple Waits More Than An Hour For Their Meal, Tips Overwhelmed Server $100

The reaction most common when you’re waiting for what feels like forever for your meal at a restaurant is, obviously, annoyance. You’re hungry, you’re angry, you’re hangry and you just want to shove every available food item in your mouth as soon as possible. While this kind of experience often leads to the temptation to be snippy towards the staff, one couple who had to wait for more than an hour for their entrees to arrive took another, kinder approach toward their overwhelmed server. [More]

The receipt for McCoy's meal was posted to the PYT Facebook page by the restaurant's owner.

Restaurant Owner Won’t Apologize For Shaming LeSean McCoy Over $.20 Tip

Not to overwhelm the pages of Consumerist with stories about NFL running backs, but when the league’s best set of legs shows himself out to be one of the country’s worst tippers, we can’t not cover the story. [More]

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Restaurant Realizes Maybe It Shouldn’t Force Servers To Pay Credit Card Fees Out Of Tips

Earlier this month we told you about the Minnesota restaurant owners who decided the best way to offset increases to the state’s minimum wage was to deduct credit card transaction fees from servers’ tips. While it’s legal for businesses to do this, a poll of Consumerist readers found that 91% of you think it’s not a wise idea. Looks like the restaurant owners have finally gotten that message. [More]

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Restaurants Can Deduct Credit Card Fees From Servers’ Tips, But Should They?

A few days ago, the minimum wage in Minnesota increased for the first time in years to $8/hour, putting it slightly above the federal minimum of $7.25. Some businesses are responding to the pay hike by tacking on “minimum wage” fees to customers or by taking credit card service charges out of servers’ tips. [More]


Waitress Claims She Was Fired After Facebook Friend Printed Out Her Complaint About Bad Tippers

It’s always tricky when it comes to dealing with work woes and social media — sure, you want to complain about a rough day on the job, but whatever you post on Facebook or Twitter can always come back to haunt you. In the case of one Ohio waitress, one of her Facebook friends happened to be one of her customers, who then happened to read her complaint against bad tippers. [More]


Servers Sue Celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud For Wage Theft

Workers at Daniel Boulud’s eponymous restaurant in New York City who ferry $220 meals to customers say the Michelin-starred chef has been cheating them out of tips and other wages. [More]


Waffle House Sort Of Sorry For Refunding Waitress’s $1,000 Tip

Yesterday we told you about the Waffle House waitress in North Carolina whose $1,000 tip was automatically refunded to the customer who’d left it because of a policy at the restaurant chain. After being shamed in the media for keeping one of its employees from keeping money that would have greatly improved her life, Waffle House is now saying that maybe it should reconsider things. [More]

Waffle House Policy Keeps Waitress From Keeping $1,000 Tip

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If you’re looking to leave a very special tip for your Waffle House server, do it with cash. That’s the lesson learned from the story of one WH waitress in North Carolina who couldn’t keep the 4-digit tip left by a generous customer. [More]

Would You Opt Out Of Tipping While An Employee Watches You?

Would You Opt Out Of Tipping While An Employee Watches You?

Reader Bill was getting some sandwiches and paying with a credit card when he noticed something new and unusual on the payment machine. It prompted him to leave a tip between ten and twenty percent, to choose his own tip amount, or to decline tipping entirely. This makes sense in a country where most of us don’t carry much cash anymore, but there’s something about it that Bill doesn’t like. [More]

If Someone Left You A $5,000 Tip, Would You Share The Wealth With Co-Workers?

If Someone Left You A $5,000 Tip, Would You Share The Wealth With Co-Workers?

The “Tips for Jesus” movement appears to have struck again, with a mystery diner here in Philadelphia giving a $5,000 tip to his waitress and leaving another $2,000 for the restaurant’s bartender. These two can now do what they want with the money, but what about the co-workers who weren’t lucky enough to serve the generous tipper? [More]


It’s Friday, which makes it the perfect time to relay this happy news: Tucker the Dog, whose owner is a bartender who received a $1,000 tip to help pay for his surgery, is making a full recovery. He had to undergo emergency surgery to after swallowing a plastic ball. “”There are so many nice people out there,” she said of Tucker’s well-wishers. “We really got lucky.” [NJ.com]

Customer Leaves $1,000 Tip To Help Bartender Pay For Her Dog’s Emergency Surgery

Customer Leaves $1,000 Tip To Help Bartender Pay For Her Dog’s Emergency Surgery

Kindred spirits are a wily sort of spirit — you never know when you’re going to run into someone who has a lot in common with your life. And while it’s reward enough to share interests with a stranger, when that sharing leads to a whopper of a tip, well then, that’s extra nice. [More]

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Olive Garden Suggested A Deceptively High Tip On My Receipt…Or Did It?

Raphael recently went out to eat at Olive Garden, the food and service were, he says, “fine.” He was less delighted when he looked at the receipt, though. It provided useful suggested tips for 15%, 18%, and 20%. Only these suggestions weren’t actually 15-20% of his before-tax dinner tab, which is what you’re supposed to base tips on. Or are things different on Planet Darden? [More]

This is what joy looks like. (Break.com on YouTube)

Waitress Nets $1,000 Tip, Tickets To Hawaii, A New Car & Her Dream Job In Best Prank Ever

We know, we know — you’re feeling weary of all things April Fool’s Day/prankish. But bear with this one, because it’ll probably make your insides feel warm and glowy, whether through jealousy or because a deserving waitress just got a crapload of awesome tips during her shift as part of a delightful prank. [More]

People In Alaska Are The Best Tippers, People In Delaware The Worst

People In Alaska Are The Best Tippers, People In Delaware The Worst

Sure, Internet comment threads seem to be evenly split between generous tippers and people who resent the practice, but what about the population at large? Credit card payment service Square analyzed their transaction data and found some interesting patterns in tipping by state. We don’t want to draw any wider conclusions, but we’re also giving Delaware a sidelong glance. [More]

Restaurant Industry Says Servers Don’t Need A Pay Raise

Restaurant Industry Says Servers Don’t Need A Pay Raise

Earlier today, a White House report called on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage for tipped employees for the first time since 1991. A trade group representing the restaurant industry fired back at the report, claiming that servers are already paid well enough. [More]


White House Calls For Raising Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers

While the federal minimum wage for hourly workers has increased from $4.25/hour in 1991 to the present level of $7.25, the minimum wage for workers earning tips has remained at $2.13, meaning tipped workers have had to increasingly rely on tips because their base wage has not kept up with the rest of the workforce. This morning, the White House made the case that it’s time for tipped workers to get a pay raise. [More]

Starbucks Mobile Payment App Will Allow 2-Hour Tipping Window

Starbucks Mobile Payment App Will Allow 2-Hour Tipping Window

Starbucks says that 1-in-10 customers now uses the company’s mobile payment app when buying their lattes and whatnot at the coffee colossus, but these customers must currently dig into their pockets if they want to show their appreciation with a tip for the barista. But starting next week, iPhone users will have the option of leaving digital tops at the ‘bucks. [More]