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Retailers Squeezed $25 More Out Of The Average Shopper With Extra Thanksgiving Sales

The Black Friday creep seems to have paid off for retailers (even as it casts a dubious shadow over Thanksgiving), as shoppers shelled out about $25 more per person during this year’s Thanksgiving-centered sales last week. Of course in many cases, Black Friday wasn’t even limited to just Friday, with plenty of retailers hosting sales and opening their doors on Thanksgiving. Overall, shoppers spent about 13% more than we did last year. [More]

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Remember To Send Us Your Black Friday Photos And Horror Stories

Given the sheer number of people who will be out and about this weekend, it’s inevitable that some of you will have experiences ranging from the ridiculous to the horrifying to the horrifyingly ridiculous. But don’t just keep them to yourself, share them with Consumerist. [More]

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If You Don’t Want To Eat A Turkey, How About Getting One As A Pet?

Is there tofurkey destined for your dinner plate this Thanksgiving or are you looking forward to chowing down on the traditional bird? If you’re going the veggie-based route, maybe you’d be so inclined as to keep a turkey as a pet. While we’ll be eating 46 million of the birds across the country, a few hundred are making their way through the holiday as pets. [More]

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Costco Thanksgiving-In-A-Box Is Great If You Can’t Cook, Don’t Especially Like Your Guests

Do you have a less than a dozen Thanksgiving guests coming over, but zero culinary skills? Sure, you could go out to eat, or you could order a dinner from a caterer. But if you have under $100 to spend, pick up a pie, and have guests who you either don’t like or who have unsophisticated palates, Costco’s frozen dinner in a box is the holiday dinner option for you. Next year. Because this year, it’s apparently sold out. [More]


Get Fueled Up Before Turkey Day: National Average Gas Prices Could Hit Record High

Gas prices have been slowly falling on average around the country as the summer season ended and the fall ushered in its usual lower prices. This week many areas have been seeing prices drop cent by cent, but that could all change on one of the season’s biggest travel days, Thanksgiving.  [More]


Survey: Target Beats Walmart For Cheaper Thanksgiving Dinner

Over the past decade, Walmart has quickly become the biggest seller of groceries in the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest. In fact, a new survey says that shoppers would save money this year by hitting up Target for their Thanksgiving feast. [More]

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3 Reasons Why 350,000 Signatures On A Petition Won’t Change Target’s Mind About Opening On Thanksgiving

For the second year in a row, a Target employee has managed to secure hundreds of thousands of names on a petition asking Target to rethink its plans to start its Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving night. And for the second year in a row, Target is politely declining the suggestion and moving ahead as planned. [More]

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Butterball Facing Animal Abuse Allegations Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving, another controversy starring its big bird, the turkey. An animal advocacy group is leveling claims at Butterball again, accusing the turkey-centric company of abusing and neglecting birds at some of its locations. Tis the season, after all, and no one wants their main course to come from an unhappy turkey. [More]

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Moving Black Friday Up A Week Could Save Thanksgiving

We don’t know when the warm water finally started to boil, but it’s safe to say that Black Friday now begins shortly after dinner is served on Thanksgiving. But rather than continue to fight this trend, we think that the only way to restore Thanksgiving is to have Black Friday sales begin a weekend earlier. [More]


Americans Will Be Taking Shorter Holiday Jaunts To Save On Gas This Year

For those of us who don’t want to battle the burgeoning crowds at the airports or fork over big wads of cash for the right seat on the right flight this Thanksgiving holiday, there’s always the option of driving. And even though hitting the road isn’t a cost-free option, more Americans will be doing so this year than last year. [More]

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Plan Ahead If You Want To Snag Seats Together On The Plane For Holiday Flights

Times used to be, you’d show up at the check-in desk with carry-on bags full of liquids,  check your heavy suitcases for free and politely ask if you could sit next to your husband/girlfriend/son/best pal Liz. But with window and aisle seats now selling for an extra fee, how’s a family supposed to make sure they can stick together up in the air this Thanksgiving? There are a few things you can do to tip the seating odds in your favor. [More]

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Gobbling Down Your Turkey Dinner Will Cost You A Bit More This Thanksgiving

It’s almost time to head to turkey town and gobble away, America. But those regal birds will cost you a bit more this year, as the price of turkey has been rising this year. Then there’s all those other fixins, and before you know it, the average consumer will spend about 1% more for Thanksgiving dinner than last year. [More]


Thanksgiving Flights Will Be Packed & Even More Expensive This Year

Things we are grateful for: Turkey, mashed potatoes, loved ones and post-feast naps. Thing we are not grateful for: Crowded airports, packed airplanes and fares that cost an arm and a leg just so you can get home in time to argue with your uncle about politics. Steel yourselves, fellow travelers. This holiday season sounds like it’s going to be a doozy. [More]

White Castle Really Wants You To Make Slider Stuffing This Thanksgiving

White Castle Really Wants You To Make Slider Stuffing This Thanksgiving

White Castle is pitching its slider stuffing once more, with discount coupons for customers who want to buy bulk burgers to add to their Thanksgiving dinner. The recipe, which has been around for about 20 years, calls for one slider per pound of turkey. [More]

Should You Go To A Restaurant For Thanksgiving?

Should You Go To A Restaurant For Thanksgiving?

If you’ve decided to ditch the turkey fryer and go to a restaurant for your Thanksgiving meal, you’re not alone. According to a new survey, 14 million Americans will eat out on Thanksgiving this year. [More]

4 Bad Cooking Habits People Need To Break

4 Bad Cooking Habits People Need To Break

Thanksgiving is next week, meaning that even some people whose version of “home cooking” involves pressing a button on the microwave will be playing chef for the day. But there are a number of kitchen habits — some of them handed down through the generations — that home cooks need to break themselves of before they pop in that turkey (or tofurkey, if you’re so inclined). [More]

How To Thaw A Turkey

How To Thaw A Turkey

Turkeys are complex beasts that beleaguer you with infinite ways in which you can screw up cooking their corpses. The myriad ways to clean, cook and carve a bird can stressify your Thanksgiving, but before you get into all that, you can start by thawing your tryptophan delight. [More]

Target Employees Fight Back Against Store's Plan To Open Thanksgiving Night

Target Employees Fight Back Against Store's Plan To Open Thanksgiving Night

Because people simply can not wait until after they’ve digested their turkey to cash in on deep discounts, many of the major retail chains are opening earlier than usual on Black Friday this year. This is not sitting well with thousands of Target employees who have signed a petition for the store to at least let them finish their pumpkin pie before having to report to work. [More]