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Americans Plan To Spend Slightly More On Moms This Year

Mother’s Day is our nation’s greatest guilt holiday: mothers brought us into the world, raised us, or even both, and we can at least buy them brunch and a handful of tulips, right? Of course! Stuff isn’t a proxy for love, but the National Retail Federation tells us that Americans plan to spend an average of $172.63 each on Mother’ Day festivities this year. [More]


Get My Daughter A Full-Time Job And I’ll Give You 500 Bucks

Sorry, that’s not a direct offer from Consumerist: we don’t have daughters, or $500. A 36-year-old Southern California woman who has spent the last decade and a half as her mother’s caregiver after a car crash is looking for a job now that her mother is well enough to live alone. Her mother has put up a $500 reward to anyone who is able to get her a job. [More]

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Condoms And Lube

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Condoms And Lube

We’d like to think that this display is the work of a Big Lots employee with a wicked sense of humor. “Celebrate the woman who gave you life,” it seems to say, “by making sure she doesn’t create any more of it.” [More]