Chick-fil-A, Chipotle Lead In Customer Satisfaction Survey, McDonald’s Brings Up The Rear… Again

Chick-fil-A, Chipotle Lead In Customer Satisfaction Survey, McDonald’s Brings Up The Rear… Again

By now we’re well aware that McDonald’s has struggled to attract and keep new customers in recent years, leading to an all-out overhaul of the fast-food powerhouse. The Golden Arches’ trouble is perhaps most evident this week, as the company clocked in dead last among competition in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, yet again. [More]


Texas Roadhouse Serves Up Sangria To 2-Year-Old Girl

When you order a cranberry juice for your 2-year-old daughter and the server brings her a glass containing a dark red beverage, you probably wouldn’t think to sample the drink to make sure she hadn’t been given a glass full of boozy sangria. [More]

The moment things got real for Ol' Dillo.

Texas Roadhouse Offering Cash, Replacement Armadillo For Willie Nelson’s Stolen Critter

Whoever you are, you know that’s not your stuffed armadillo. It belongs to a member of Willie Nelson’s stage crew, and there’s a dedicated team around the rocker devoted to getting it back. That includes barbecue chain Texas Roadhouse, which is offering a cash reward of $1,000 and a replacement armadillo to whoever brings back Ol’ Dillo. [More]


Are These The Final Days Of Automatic 18% Tips At Restaurants?

Many restaurants have a policy of automatically adding a 15-20% tip for large groups of diners, but that practice may be going the way of the dinosaur as a new revision to IRS income tax rules will make such auto-gratuities less attractive to servers and management. [More]

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Court: Texas Roadhouse Doesn’t Owe Customer $150K For Hair-Stuffed Steak

A customer at a Wisconsin Texas Roadhouse restaurant complained that his steak was overcooked, and a spiteful staffer who thought he was lying to scam free food stuffed pieces of his facial hair inside the meat. The same employee later claimed to have stuffed a steak with pubic hair. This story may sound familiar to old-school Consumerist fans: we posted it in 2008, and it appeared on our list of all-time grossest food stories. The hairy steaks are in the news again. What’s happened in the intervening four years? Lawsuits. [More]

Texas Roadhouse Steak Stuffed With Pubic Hair

Texas Roadhouse Steak Stuffed With Pubic Hair

Kevin Hansen ordered a steak at a Texas Roadhouse in West Bend, Milwaukee and bit into it. After three bites, he noticed something odd. A foreign object. It wasn’t a prize, or a coupon for a free drink. It was human facial hair, placed in his steak by cook Ryan Kropp. Hansen wasn’t the only victim of Koop’s follicle-spreading-spree. According to the criminal complaint, later that night Kropp placed hair in a second steak, turned to a co-worker, and announced, “These are my pubes.” The cook was charged with a felony count of putting a foreign object in food, punishable by a max of 3.5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Beware ye, consumer, of the wrath of the underpaid restaurant staff.