Should Tesla Be Allowed To Sell Directly To Consumers? The FTC Thinks So

Should Tesla Be Allowed To Sell Directly To Consumers? The FTC Thinks So

For all those states currently placing either limits on or banning outright the direct sale of Tesla cars to the consumers, the Federal Trade Commission has a few pennies for your thoughts. Namely, that by claiming that such regulations protect consumers, they’re actually protecting the industry itself, to the detriment of consumers. [More]

CBS Apologizes For “Audio Error” Of A Loud Car Engine Dubbed Over Tesla Footage

CBS Apologizes For “Audio Error” Of A Loud Car Engine Dubbed Over Tesla Footage

One of the main reasons someone might purchase a Tesla is part of what makes the vehicles what they are — being an electric car means having an engine that’s quieter than the usual grumble and rumble of a traditional car. So anyone watching 60 Minutes this past Sunday might’ve been surprised to hear what seemed like an electric car with a nasty cold. [More]

An electric bargaining chip.

Why Would Arizona Allow Direct Tesla Car Sales? To Get A Tesla Factory In The State, Of Course

While other states like New Jersey are moving to ban direct sales of Tesla cars, Arizona is mulling over the idea of allowing the automaker to cut out the middleman. So what’s different in Arizona? [More]

New Jersey Votes To Block Direct Sales Of Tesla Vehicles

New Jersey Votes To Block Direct Sales Of Tesla Vehicles

The two Tesla stores in New Jersey might soon be locking up their doors, after the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission unanimously approved a proposal yesterday that blocks the electric-car maker from selling vehicles directly to customers. [More]

Power up.

You Can Now Drive A Tesla Model S Cross-Country — If You Don’t Mind An 800-Mile Detour

After earlier test drives up and down the East Coast last winter, the next obstacle for the Tesla Model S in its quest for acceptance was the task of setting up superchargers across the country, to enable the kind of American road trip everyone says they’re planning to take someday. Anyway, you can now drive cross-country in a Tesla, but you’ll just have to take a bit of a detour. [More]


Tesla CEO Elon Musk: We Get Way Too Much Attention

Attention can be delightful, say when you have a new haircut or you’ve just finished the entire crossword by yourself in under three weeks and everyone (cat, roommate) cheers for you. But Tesla CEO Elon Musk definitely feels his company and its electric cars are getting way too much attention, the bad kind, after three car fires prompted the feds to open a probe into the Model S. [More]

Another Tesla Model S Catches Fire After Hitting Road Debris

Another Tesla Model S Catches Fire After Hitting Road Debris

In the third fiery incident since October, another Tesla Model S electric car caught fire after hitting road debris. This time the blaze erupted in Tennessee after the car ran over a tow hitch on the interstate, possibly damaging the undercarriage and sparking an electrical fire. [More]


California City Requires All New Homes Be Wired For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf may be the future of automobiles (personally, I’m holding out for someone to create the Mr. Fusion), but one city in California’s Silicon Valley is betting on EVs by requiring that all newly built homes be wired for EV charging stations. [More]

No dealers required.

Tesla Motors is probably popping the bubbly after scoring a major hit against naysayers in North Carolina: The state’s House of Representatives recently struck down a bill that would have put the smackdown on direct-to-consumer sales of cars.That could make it as easy to order a personalized car as it is to buy a laptop online. [via Engadget]

Get your cross-country playlists ready.

Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Station Network, Making Cross-Country Road Trips Possible

Ah, the Great American Road Trip! An open highway, stretching before you across the states, giant balls of yarn and mystical sights awaiting the moment you drive up to see just how awesome that one cornfield in Iowa actually is. In an effort to woo drivers willing, ready and able to cruise the 2,000+ miles from New York City to Los Angeles, Tesla is tripling the number of its supercharger stations across the country. [More]

Tesla seems to be cruising along.

Enough People Can Afford Tesla’s $70K Electric Car To Beat Sales Of Audis, BMWs & Mercedes

Remember back when the New York Times‘ controversial review of the Tesla Model S (with a starting price tag of $70,000) had the company’s CEO Elon Musk all hot and bothered, and the two sides bickered back and forth a bit? It seems that the brouhaha didn’t ding Tesla too badly — indeed, in the first quarter of this year, more people bought a Tesla Model S than similarly priced cars from fellow luxury brands Audi, Mercedes and BMW. [More]

Watch As Consumer Reports Goes Drifting In $90,000 Tesla S

Watch As Consumer Reports Goes Drifting In $90,000 Tesla S

Earlier today, our test-track-lovin’ kin at Consumer Reports surprised an awful lot of people by announcing that the completely electric (and completely expensive) Tesla S scored the highest in its latest automobile ratings. But what may surprise even more people is that the seemingly button-down auto-test folks at Consumer Reports also know to cut loose… and go drifting in a $90,000 car. [More]

This is my displeased face. I am displeased.

Elon Musk Extra Cranky At NYT Tesla Review After Losing “Hundreds” Of Orders

As if he didn’t already have enough bees in his bonnet, Tesla’s Elon Musk is feeling extra crunchy at the New York Times review of his company’s electric car, claiming it caused the loss of a “few hundred” orders of the Tesla S. Those cancellations cost money, he says, and the company’s valuation has suffered by as much as $100 million. This, according to Musk. [More]

Caught in the crossfire

Oh Lordy, Here’s A Bunch Of Stuff About The Tesla/New York Times Holy War

This week has seen a declaration of war between a New York Times reporter who wrote a scathing review of the  Tesla S electric car and its network of free superchargers and the company’s head honcho and “product architect” Elon Musk. Being your ever faithful servants, we thought you might like a easily-digestible recap of the recent finger-pointing activity.  [More]

The Electric Car Gets Its Revenge

The Electric Car Gets Its Revenge

Last night I caught an advance screening of a new documentary, “Revenge of the Electric Car.” It’s by the same director who did “Who Killed The Electric Car?” except this story ends in triumph instead of tragedy. [More]

Rent The $157K Tesla Roadster Electric Car For $25

Rent The $157K Tesla Roadster Electric Car For $25

Want to see what it’s like to drive a $157,000 electric car without having to take out a second mortgage? You’ll soon have a chance, if you’re a member of car-sharing service Getaround, and live near the car’s owner. Just $25 will buy you an hour behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster Sport, owned by a Getaround member. [More]