Video: Plunder Funnel! New Consumerist Original Scam Spoof

Video: Plunder Funnel! New Consumerist Original Scam Spoof

How would you like to be wallowing up to your eye sockets in filthy lucre?!?! PLUNDER FUNNEL is a sure-fire money-making factory that will teach how you to cannibalize any human relationship and turn it into cold hard cash. Taylor Sternberg from Broadway’s “Jersey Boys” stars in this Consumerist original video parody, written and directed by Ben Popken. [More]

Plunder Funnel Live This Sat

Plunder Funnel Live This Sat

Catch PLUNDER FUNNEL, starring Taylor Sternberg from “Jersey Boys” on Broadway, this Saturday at 7pm at Coco 66 in Brooklyn. Written and directed by me, Ben Popken, and shot by Consumer Reports kickass video team, the new new Consumerist short skewers late-night get-rich quick schemes with gleeful abandon. The spoof gets shown as part of a free show my sketch comedy troupe DANGER CLUB is throwing down, but, of course, you’ll get to see it on Consumerist first. Deets inside. [More]