Pennsylvania Proposes $50M Fine Against Uber For Operating Without Approval

Pennsylvania Proposes $50M Fine Against Uber For Operating Without Approval

Uber’s tendency to begin operations now and ask for permission later seems to have backfired in a big way in Pennsylvania, with two judges for the state’s taxi and bus regulatory agency recommending a $50 million fine against the ride-hailing company for operating without first getting the proper state approval.  [More]

NYC Taxi Commission Approves Pilot Program That Would Use GPS, Tablets To Calculate Fares

NYC Taxi Commission Approves Pilot Program That Would Use GPS, Tablets To Calculate Fares

The taxi you hop in on your next trip around New York City may function a lot more like Uber and other ride-hailing services: the commission tasked with regulating the city’s taxis approved a pilot program that would replace traditional fare meters with those powered by GPS location.  [More]

Police: Man Pretended To Be An Uber Driver, Tried To Hug Fleeing Passenger

Police: Man Pretended To Be An Uber Driver, Tried To Hug Fleeing Passenger

Reminder: If you didn’t call that cab or order that Uber ride, it’s not always safe to just hop in the car and hope to get to your destination. Police in Texas have identified a suspect in connection to an odd incident early last Sunday morning, where two female college students reported that a man pretending to be an Uber driver offered them a ride, saying his fare didn’t show up. [More]

Uber's campaign against Mayor Bill de Blasio has spread to its ride-hailing app.

Uber Pushing Back On New York City’s Plans To Put Limits On For-Hire Vehicle Fleet Expansion

In Uber’s quest to take over the world, expansion is key — the more drivers it has on the roads picking up passengers, the better its business will do. But in New York City, the company will have to fight to grow its fleet as local authorities consider putting limits on just how many for-hire vehicles will be cruising the streets. [More]

Survey Says: Uber Overtakes Taxis As The Most Popular Ride For Business Travel

Survey Says: Uber Overtakes Taxis As The Most Popular Ride For Business Travel

The scene opens on a very busy businessperson wearing a business suit and carrying a business briefcase on a mission to do some serious business. Time is of the essence — but how to get there? Though in the past we might’ve seen such a character emitting a sharp whistle to bring a cab to a screeching halt, nowadays that person is likely going to pick up their smartphone and hail a ride with Uber, according to a new report. [More]


Police: Man Who Took 300-Mile Cab Ride Jailed Because He Couldn’t Pay $749 Fare

Can you take a cab on a cross-state ride? Sure. But you better be able to pay for it when you reach your destination, or you could face jail. One New York man found that out the hard way, after police say he didn’t have the money to pay his cab driver after a 700-mile journey. [More]

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Amsterdam Uber Driver: Mysterious Masked Men Threatened Me

From the point of view of Uber, a service that summons cars and drivers over the Internet, maybe the fines imposed on the company by governments are a relatively cheap marketing expense instead of a nuisance. Yesterday, we shared that Germany has banned the company yet again. Authorities in the Netherlands have imposed a fine of $107,000 on the company for violating the laws that regulate taxis. [More]

When Is Taking A Yellow Cab Cheaper Than Using Uber?


Anyone who’s ever found themselves facing Uber’s surge rates has probably grumbled something along the lines of, “Well, at least cabs don’t charge more when it’s busy.” Which is true in most places with taxis licensed by the city where they operate. But what about other times when surge isn’t in effect — which service provides a cheaper ride? [More]

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Parents Using Uber To Chauffeur Kids To School, Even Though It’s Not Allowed

Rather than packing their kids onto a crowded bus in the morning or having to take time out of their morning schedule to get those students to school (or just making them walk, which is what legs were invented for), some parents are looking to ridesharing service Uber to ferry their youngsters around — even though it’s against the company’s own rules. [More]


NYC Cabbie’s License Suspended After Video Appears To Show Him Pulling Pregnant Passenger From His Car

A New York City cab driver has had his license suspended after a pregnant woman accused him of pulling her from his vehicle during a payment dispute. She says the alleged incident caused her to go into labor five weeks early. [More]


If You’re Taking A Taxi To Or From A Robbery, You Might As Well Just Call The Cops Yourself

In this week’s hot new trend in bad consumers, two suspected robbers living in different states both made the decision to involve a taxi in their alleged nefarious deeds. Which isn’t a smart move for them, as calling in a law-abiding third-party is basically like calling the cops on yourself. [More]


Boston Taxi Drivers Sue City For Allowing Uber, Lyft To Operate

City authorities in places like Portland, San Francisco, and L.A., have each taken legal actions against ridesharing services like Uber, and taxi drivers around the country have accused these companies from sidestepping regulations. But a recently filed lawsuit by Boston taxi drivers points the blame-finger at the city for allowing Uber, et al, to operate. [More]


Passenger Tips Philly Cab Driver Almost $1,000 For A Two-Minute Trip

It’s a dream come true for anyone who depends largely the generosity of others to make a living — land a huge tip for a small or otherwise not difficult job, and walk away happy. But one Philadelphia cab driver was so shocked by an almost $1,000 tip for a two-minute that he was more worried the passenger had made a mistake than he was excited about his windfall, at first. [More]

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Los Angeles Mulling Idea Of Uber-Like App To Make Taxi Industry More Competitive

Two weeks after Los Angeles and San Francisco sued Uber for an array of issues, one of the cities is mulling the idea of making their own taxi system more like the ride-sharing service with a mobile app that would allow customers to hail and pay their fare with the press of a button. [More]

The Future Of Amazon Same-Day Deliveries May Be In Taxis

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The days when lumbering, hulking trucks ruled the world of package delivery might someday may come to an end, as the roads make way for smaller, lighter delivery vehicles. Amazon tested package delivery using licensed cabs in San Francisco and Los Angeles this fall, as it looks into using the vehicles to bring customers their goods. [More]

While City Arrests Uber Drivers, Philly Mayor Comes Out In Support Of Service

While City Arrests Uber Drivers, Philly Mayor Comes Out In Support Of Service

Here in Philadelphia, the dispute between cab regulators and the Uber ridesharing service has gotten ugly, with the city arresting and fining numerous drivers over the weekend. Given this response to Uber, you’d think Philly Mayor Michael Nutter would be calling for the service to exit the city. But instead he’s calling for a truce. [More]


Taxi App Hailo Hits The Road, Leaves U.S. Due To Expense Of Competing

Apparently taxi-hailing app Hailo was beyond even The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy’s help: After four years as a smartphone app for taxi divers, Hailo says it’s taking its act out of North America because it’s too expensive to compete with services like Uber and Lyft. [More]

Uber And Lyft Now Open For Business In Houston

Uber And Lyft Now Open For Business In Houston

When Uber and Lyft opened for business in Houston, the same thing happened that has happened in many cities with existing livery industries: taxi companies freaked out and sought help from the city government. Now both ride-sharing services are open for business in the city, with some additional rules in place that are intended to help traditional taxi companies compete with them. [More]