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Consumer Reports Tests Prove: Generic Twinkies Not As Good As Original

Since negotiations broke down between management and workers and the mass-consumption snackery Hostess liquidated, American consumers have been left bereft and Twinkieless. No one really cares about Wonder Bread, but Twinkies hold a special place in our national imagination, even for people who haven’t tasted one of the hydrogenated delights in decades. But are the generic Twinkie-ish cakes you see on store shelves worth your time? [More]

The winner.

A Quest To Find The Best $1 Fast Food Burger

You’re hungry. You’re stranded in suburbia. You only have a few bucks in your pocket. Which fast food dollar-menu burger should you choose? To find out, you’d need $6 (plus tax) and to drive all over town taste-testing the dollar offerings from every chain. Do you want cheese? Bacon? Flavor? Two patties? Fortunately, someone has done the legwork for you, without setting foot outside of his car. [More]

Consumerists' Hands-On Taste Test With The KFC Double Down

Consumerists' Hands-On Taste Test With The KFC Double Down

It’s April 12, 2010. For those unaware, this date will be remembered in the annals of fast food and coronary surgery as the day that KFC unleashed its Double Down — once more, that’s the bacon-n-cheese sandwich that uses two pieces of fried chicken for bread — and Consumerist was there to do some tastin’. [More]