Target's updated app allows customers to see if items are available at local stores and where to find them inside the store.

Target App Now Tells You If Items Are Available In-Store And Where To Find Them

Have you ever made a shopping list, driven to the store and then realized they were out of certain items? Apparently, Target has an answer to that frustrating experience in the form of an app update that can tell consumers what’s in stock and where to find those items inside the store. [More]

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Target Opens 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, Says Black-Friday-Like Deals Start This Week

Who needs to wait for Black Friday when you can apparently start racking up similar deals weeks in advance? Target joined other retailers like Walmart in announcing its holiday shopping plans, which include early access to deals and opening the doors at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving night. [More]

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Target Closing More Stores This Year Than In Last Two Years Combined

Yesterday, Target announced that it would be closing 11 underperforming stores by Feb. 2015, which only represents a small fraction of the retailer’s 1,800 stores in the U.S. But that brings this year’s total number of Target closures to 19, nearly five times the number of stores shuttered the previous year. [More]


This Target Call Of Duty Promo Is Either Not Bad Or Chintziest Thing Ever

The new Call of Duty game comes out next week, and various retailers are doing what they can to lure in buyers. For example, Best Buy and others are putting the game on sale at the exact same time nationwide so that the West Coast doesn’t have to wait hours to gripe about the multiplayer server’s inevitable crash, and Target’s Canadian stores are offering what is either a not-horrible Dorito’s tie-in or the cheapest giveaway we’ve seen in years. [More]

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Forget Black Friday, Holiday Shopping Season Starts Tomorrow

While children and parents around the country are sitting around, regretting the huge amount of sugar and chocolate consumed tonight, the folks at Walmart, Amazon and other stores are not only busting out the holiday decorations, but reducing prices and offering short-term large-scale sales for early holiday shoppers. [More]


Target Baiting Holiday Shoppers With Free Shipping On All Items This Season

There’s nary a bit of frost on the ground and yet it’s time for retailers to start gearing up for the holidays. Getting off to a running start today is Target, announcing that starting today it’ll offer free holiday shipping on everything it sells online for the first time. [More]

Do You Ever Shop Anywhere? Congratulations: Your Data Will Be Hacked


By the numbers alone, basically everyone in the country has been the victim of at least one data breach in the past year, if not more. 106 million Americans had their card data stolen from Target and Home Depot alone, to say nothing of the data breaches at Jimmy John’s, Dairy Queen, P.F. Chang’s, UPS, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, ACME, Shaw’s, Sally Beauty Supply, Goodwill, some Marriott hotels, Neiman Marcus, and Michael’s craft stores. And that isn’t even considering other breaches that were too small to make national headlines, or that simply haven’t been discovered yet. [More]

Target Learns To Round Up, Or Is Maybe Just Confused

Target Learns To Round Up, Or Is Maybe Just Confused

This fan at Target has a regular price of $15.99, but was advertised in the chain’s circular as $16. “Apparently they are proud to advertise a $0.01 price hike,” writes tipster Bob. Is that it? Or has Target started to round prices up in order to make them more logical? [More]

Report: Home Depot Victim Of Same Malware Used In Target Hack


While Home Depot continues to drag its feet on confirming reports that its in-store payment systems were recently hacked, it looks like the retailer might have fallen victim to the same malicious software used to steal credit/debit card and personal information for more than 100 million Target customers in 2013. [More]

Possible Mini-Security Breach At California Target Store

Possible Mini-Security Breach At California Target Store

Back in January, postal inspectors discovered a scheme to duplicate the credit cards of Target customers and rack up purchases on counterfeit cards. No… we don’t mean that Target credit card breach. So far, this appears to be a much smaller breach, though authorities can’t say for sure yet that it’s not at all related to the breach that shook up the retail business and all of our wallets earlier this year. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Do you have a slightly older computer that would work with slightly old anti-virus software? If so, stop by your nearest big-box store. The Raiders of the Lost Walmart, brave seekers of retail antiquities, have found large caches of ancient security programs for sale at big-box discount and office supply stores. [More]

Caramel Apple Oreos Arrive In Target Stores Today

Caramel Apple Oreos Arrive In Target Stores Today

Is caramel apple the new pumpkin spice? It could be: when Americans reach the level of pumpkin spice fatigue, they’ll be looking for new, non-orange but still fall-themed snacks. Starting today, you can pick up Caramel Apple flavored Oreos…only at Target. [More]

Target Will Stay Open Slightly Later To Drum Up More Business

Target Will Stay Open Slightly Later To Drum Up More Business

While big-box discount competitor Walmart is trying a bold experiment in maybe sometimes putting more cashiers out on the floor this holiday season, Target is also trying something new to make shopping more convenient for customers. Starting this month, they will be open slightly longer hours. Instead of closing at 10 Monday through Saturday and 9 on Sunday, they will extend the hours of about half their stores by an hour or two. [More]

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New Target CEO Promises To Not Turn Retailer Into A Grocery Store

Several years back, we started hearing complaints from Target shoppers that their local stores were eschewing large chunks of floor space that had been dedicated to things like home furnishings and housewares in order to make room for more groceries. Many expressed concern that their beloved quirky-but-affordable retailer was going to become a supermarket chain that also sold towels and sweatpants. The company’s new CEO is now trying to convince those worried customers that Target is not undergoing some radical shift. [More]

Target: You Must Pick One Discount With Your Wii U. Only One

Target: You Must Pick One Discount With Your Wii U. Only One

Silly Justin: he thought that because Target advertised two different promotions for the Wii U he bought, he would get to take advantage of both of them. Nope. He learned that he could have $25 off or $10 off, but not both. [More]

Comparison Shopping At Target Would Be Easier If They Could Do Math

Comparison Shopping At Target Would Be Easier If They Could Do Math

A common strategy when comparison shopping is to use the unit prices that are often available on the shelf to help consumers. This is a pretty solid strategy…except, apparently, at reader MZ’s local Target, where the retailer doesn’t feel the need to make sure that their unit pricing reflects reality at all. [More]

Target App Allows Customers To Take Pictures Of Ads, Have Product Delivered To Their Door

Target App Allows Customers To Take Pictures Of Ads, Have Product Delivered To Their Door

Have you ever seen a product in an ad that you just had to have but couldn’t make it to the actual store? Sure, you could try to find it online, but who has time to wade through search results all day? A new app from Target hopes to connect customers and their sought-after items more easily. [More]

Former Deputy Charged In Shoplifting Incidents That Got Target Worker Fired


Yesterday we told you about the Target worker in Virginia who was fired after he reported an alleged shoplifter believed to be a law enforcement officer. Today comes the news that a former sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and charged, while the Target worker remains unemployed. [More]