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QR Code On Ketchup Bottles Points To Porn Because Of Expired Domain

When you’re setting up a 4th of July barbecue in a couple of weeks, you might want to make sure none of the kids or sensitive souls nearby scan the QR code on the Heinz ketchup. That’s because, thanks to an expired promotion, the site it leads to isn’t fun ketchup marketing… it’s hardcore porn. [More]


Former CVS Workers Claim They Were Told To Watch Minority Shoppers In Some NYC Stores

Four former CVS workers have filed a federal lawsuit against the company alleging that their supervisors ordered them to keep an eye on minority shoppers in some New York City stores, even when there was no indication that those targeted customers might steal. [More]


Southwest Airlines Passenger Says Flight Crew Wouldn’t Let Her Make Emergency Call To Husband Before He Died

In what can only be described as a tragic turn of events, a Wisconsin woman says that after she received a troubling text from her husband while on board a Southwest Airlines flight about to take off, she was told she couldn’t call him. When she arrived home, police informed her that her husband had taken his own life. [More]

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Father Of Teen Poisoned By Caffeine Powder Files Lawsuit Blaming His Death On Supplement Makers, Amazon

The father of an Ohio teen who died in 2014 after ingesting a powdered caffeine marketed as a dietary supplement has filed a lawsuit against Amazon.com and the product’s distributors, claiming that they failed to provide proper warnings about the dangers of using the substance. [More]


Passenger’s Lawsuit Blames American Airlines For Wife’s Death

A Canadian man who flew with his wife on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Mexico in March 2013 has filed a lawsuit against the airline, blaming it for his wife’s death. [More]

Walgreens Gives Teen Wrong Prescription, Shrugs

Walgreens Gives Teen Wrong Prescription, Shrugs

It’s bad enough that a Michigan Walgreens pharmacy gave a 14-year-old customer someone else’s prescription, but the teen’s family says the drugstore chain made the situation much worse by demanding that the family go out of pocket to finally obtain the correct drug. [More]

Initial Questions Offer Hope That FCC Isn’t Going Easy On Comcast/TWC Merger

Initial Questions Offer Hope That FCC Isn’t Going Easy On Comcast/TWC Merger

While the FCC’s public comment period for the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger remain open through Monday, the commission has already sent off its first round of questions to the companies involved. And judging by both the quantity and quality of the things being asked, it looks like the FCC isn’t ready to rubber-stamp the deal. [More]

The Onion Reacts To Facebook’s Hand-Holding Of Your Idiot Friends

The Onion Reacts To Facebook’s Hand-Holding Of Your Idiot Friends

Earlier today, Facebook confirmed it was rolling out a system that labels links from The Onion and others as “satire,” so that your idiot friend from high school would (hopefully) realize that the President didn’t run over Jimmy Carter with his car, or that Dick Van Dyke may not have been the Zodiac killer. Oddly enough, the esteemed news source’s response to the Facebook announcement is much closer to truth than it is to satire. [More]

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Here Are Some E-Mails To Consumerist That We Don’t Understand

Here at Consumerist, we receive a wide variety of e-mails: reader complaints, pleas for help, links to news articles and blog posts, bafflingly irrelevant press releases, grammar corrections, insider confessions, and funny photos. We read and appreciate all of it, but sometimes we receive messages that we simply don’t understand. [More]

Muslim Complains TGI Friday’s Contaminated Her Drink With Bacon

Muslim Complains TGI Friday’s Contaminated Her Drink With Bacon

Most people are really happy about the current trend to put bacon in every food item, but do you know who isn’t? Vegetarians, vegans, and people whose religions prohibit them from eating pork. Like the Muslim woman who ordered her Cobb salad without bacon, please, and claims that she ended up with bacon crumbles in her straw, instead. [More]

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A Quest To Find The Best $1 Fast Food Burger

You’re hungry. You’re stranded in suburbia. You only have a few bucks in your pocket. Which fast food dollar-menu burger should you choose? To find out, you’d need $6 (plus tax) and to drive all over town taste-testing the dollar offerings from every chain. Do you want cheese? Bacon? Flavor? Two patties? Fortunately, someone has done the legwork for you, without setting foot outside of his car. [More]


Whole Foods Apologizes After Guard Says Autistic Customer Belongs On A Leash

When a Milwaukee woman attempted to apologize and pay for some food that her autistic brother had eaten without paying for, she might have expected to be given a hard time. But we’re pretty sure she wasn’t expecting to be told her brother belongs on a leash. [More]

News Team To Home Depot: Fix Your Customer's Problems

News Team To Home Depot: Fix Your Customer's Problems

WBAL news in Balitmore did the usual investigation into Home Depot’s notoriously crappy contractors and were hit with a tsunami of similar complaints after the story aired.