(Ben Schumin)
(Ben Schumin)

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Ditching Artificial Flavors By End Of 2015

The menus for Taco Bell and Pizza Hut will soon include fewer ingredients listed under your favorite meal, as the two fast food restaurants announced Monday that they plan to ditch artificial colors and flavors by the end of the year. [More]

Taco Bell Tests Return Of Beloved Beefy Crunch Burrito

Taco Bell Tests Return Of Beloved Beefy Crunch Burrito

The Beefy Crunch Burrito is a Taco Bell menu item that periodically reappears on the menu. It has developed a cult following because of these sporadic appearances, sort of like the McRib. Now it’s part of a “throwback burrito” promotion that the chain is testing in Louisville, which is how we learned of the strange subculture obsessed with this product. [More]

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New Chicago Taco Bell Could Be Company’s First To Sell Alcohol

Want an ice-cold beer to wash down that Doritos Locos Taco? If city permits and licenses are to be believed, a new Taco Bell in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood may be the first to let you live that dream. [More]

Get one of these for free, if that's what you're into.

Get A Free Folded Biscuit At Taco Bell This Morning Until 11

If you fold a round and flat food item in half and put more food inside, as far as Taco Bell is concerned, that’s a taco. Today, they’re advertising their new breakfast menu by giving away free … see, I still can’t bring myself to call that thing a taco, but you can get a free biscuit folded in half with some breakfast stuff in it. [More]

Taco Bell Is Testing Potato Chip Nachos For Some Reason

Taco Bell Is Testing Potato Chip Nachos For Some Reason

Sure, nachos made from thick-cut potato “crisps” are nothing new, but we are kind of surprised to see them at Taco Bell. Maybe they’re preparing themselves for a bleak dystopian future where there is no more corn or flour to make tortillas from. Or they’re trying to create new and more appealing junk foods. [More]

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Taco Bell Fritos-Shell Tacos Spotted In The Wild

Back in December, fans of snack chip-flavored taco shells got an enticing hint in a presentation to shareholders in Taco Bell parent company Yum! Brands. As part of a slide showing planned innovations, a taco in a small Fritos bag was shown under the words “Revolutionizing the taco.” A Fritos-shell taco? What madness was this? The crunchy corn shells have become reality, and Taco Bell is beginning to test them. [More]

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Taco Bell Will Launch Limited-Time Extra-Hot Sauce Packets

Do you like to slather your Taco Bell meals with hot sauce, but find the chain’s standard packets insufficiently hot? Great news: super-hot sauce, which they’re calling “Diablo,” will be available from Taco Bell beginning on May 5. The not-so-great news for hot sauce fans is that the new sauce is only temporary. [More]

Taco Bell’s Founder Originally Intended To Start A Burger Empire

Taco Bell’s Founder Originally Intended To Start A Burger Empire

If you drive to Downey, CA, you can find the oldest existing McDonald’s eatery and the currently vacant building that housed the first Taco Bell. And the tie between the two famous fast food names goes deeper than that. It was in the parking lot of the very first McDonald’s that the man who would eventually create the Taco Bell empire dreamt of a fast food empire stretching from coast to coast. [More]


Taco Bell Denies Its Loyalty Program Will Be Called “Taco Baller” Despite Trademark Application

How many soft tacos and burritos have traveled down your gullet without anyone ever recognizing the event? The number might be inestimable for some, but starting soon, Taco Bell customers will be able to mark each food occasion by way of a new customer-loyalty program the company is rolling out sometime this year. [More]


Some McDonald’s Locations Exchanging Free Egg McMuffins For Taco Bell Breakfast Receipts

If you’re the kind of person for whom a second breakfast is a matter of course, you might want to consider moving to northeastern Pennsylvania in the next few days: Some McDonald’s locations there have been offering up free Egg McMuffins this month in exchange for Taco Bell breakfast receipts. [More]

Taco Bell Shoving Aside Waffle Taco In Favor Of New Biscuit Taco

Taco Bell Shoving Aside Waffle Taco In Favor Of New Biscuit Taco

Make no mistake — when it comes to the fight to get into your belly, it is a veritable breakfast battleground out there right now among fast food chains. The latest to fall in battle is Taco Bell’s waffle taco, which was once the flag bearer of the chain’s breakfast efforts. The company is pushing the waffle taco off its morning throne and replacing it with a biscuit taco that it tested in the fall of 2014. [More]

Taco Bell May Relocate Original Bell Building To Save It From Demolition

Taco Bell May Relocate Original Bell Building To Save It From Demolition

Back in January, we reported that the Downey, CA, building where Taco Bell got its start more than 50 years ago is facing possible demolition. Taco Bell, which has long since moved on from that building, responded with a social media campaign to judge whether the structure was worth saving. But now it looks like the company is seriously considering the possibility of preserving the building where it all started, but in a different location. [More]

Taco Bell Testing Cap’n Crunch-Coated, Cream-Filed Donut Calorie Bombs For Breakfast

Taco Bell Testing Cap’n Crunch-Coated, Cream-Filed Donut Calorie Bombs For Breakfast

If you’ve been considering starting your morning with the cream-filled Cinnabon Delights at Taco Bell but decided they weren’t sugary enough, the fast food chain is now testing a similarly cream-filled, deep-fried treat that is coated in Cap’n Crunch and has a mysterious pink dough. [More]

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Taco Bell Is Heading To Japan

Will tacos, burritos and all the combinations in between work in a place where raw fish is the nation’s popular cuisine? One restaurant group in Japan seems to think so, with the announcement that it signed a franchise agreement with Yum Brands to open Taco Bell restaurants in the country. [More]

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70% Of Americans Want All-Day Access To Breakfast So Why Can’t It Happen?

It’s 1 p.m. as I write this and I haven’t eaten since early yesterday evening. I’m consumed with mental images of syrup-slathered waffles and piping-hot savory sausages, and the data says I’m not alone in craving breakfast in the afternoon. So why aren’t more fast food places making this a reality? [More]

Twitter user @uscgmitch sent us these images of his Quesalupa.

Taco Bell’s Quesalupa Spotted In The Wild, Does Not Look Like A Case Of Lupus

A few days back, Taco Bell unleashed it’s latest vaguely Mexican-ish-sorta-sounding fast-food Voltron, the Quesalupa — or as Conan O’Brien dubbed it, the “Case of Lupus” — but only in Toledo. Because none of us live anywhere near the Ohio city and because fast food items tend to look very different than what’s advertised, we asked readers to send in photos of the Quesalupa in the wild. You obliged, and the results are surprisingly not horrifying. [More]

Taco Bell Unleashes “Quesalupa” Thingy With Cheese-Stuffed Shell, But Only In Toledo

Taco Bell Unleashes “Quesalupa” Thingy With Cheese-Stuffed Shell, But Only In Toledo

Remember when Conan O’Brien visited the test kitchen at Taco Bell HQ and got to taste something whose name sounded like “Case of Lupus”? Well, we correctly guessed that it’s actually called a Quesalupa, and that it involves cheese. More accurately, it’s something that looks a bit like a taco but which uses a shell stuffed with cheese. It’s about what you’d expect from the Bell, but if you want to try it, you’ll have to travel to Toledo. [More]

The little-known "Stadium Nacho," which is a refined blend of cheddar and Romano cheeses, with an insouciant hint of brand marketing for Madden NFL. (photo: Paxton Holley)

“Nacho Cheese” Is Whatever You Want It To Be

Those of us who grew up with orange-tinted fingers and salt-cured lips from spending too much time feeding at the Dorito trough know what “nacho” cheese is, or at least we know what it tastes like. But the fact is that, unlike most other well-known cheese varieties, there is no actual definition for what constitutes the cheese we call nacho. [More]