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FTC May Block Planned Sysco And U.S. Foods Merger

Last December, we shared the news that commercial food suppliers U.S. Foods and Sysco were planning a merger, which would put about a quarter of the country’s entire foodservice-supply business in the hands of one company. The merger hasn’t yet gone through, and the Federal Trade Commission is considering a federal antitrust lawsuit to stop it. [More]


Sysco To Buy U.S. Foods, Gobbling 1/4 Of Foodservice Supply Industry

When you go out to eat at establishments ranging from the fanciest restaurants to a humble hot dog stand, there’s a pretty good chance that at least part of your meal came from either Sysco or U.S. Foods, the two biggest companies in the category. Now Sysco has announced plans to acquire the smaller company, and together they’ll have 25% of the food-service supply business. [More]

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USDA Investigating Food Giant Sysco After Report Claimed It Kept Meat, Dairy In Dirty Sheds

Where do you keep your raw meats, dairy and produce at home? In an old, dirty, rusted and unrefrigerated container? No, you put them in a properly cooled refrigerator, which is more than what food giant Sysco was doing, claimed a San Francisco news station’s investigation back in July. Now the United States Department of Agriculture is looking into Sysco after it received a complaint from a local meat trade association. [More]

Freshway Foods Lettuce Recalled In 23 States Following E. Coli Outbreak

Freshway Foods Lettuce Recalled In 23 States Following E. Coli Outbreak

Freshway Foods has recalled shredded romaine lettuce distributed in 23 states and the District of Columbia due to possible E. coli contamination. The affected lettuce was packaged for food service, wholesale, and salad bar consumption–not directly to consumers, except in salad kits sold at Kroger, Giant Eagle, Ingles Markets, and Marsh. [More]

"Whole Chicken Breast" Actually Chicken Part Composite

"Whole Chicken Breast" Actually Chicken Part Composite

Why not try a SmartServe Chicken, brought to you by Sysco: