We Switched To Verizon For Better Coverage, Just Got Dropped Calls And Terribleness

Jonathan and his roommate both ditched AT&T at the same time in favor of Verizon. They’ve experienced years of spotty coverage and dropped calls nearly everywhere they went, and wanted Verizon’s famed ubiquitous rock-solid coverage. They brought home their new iPhones and discovered that instead of vastly superior coverage, they had incredibly craptastic coverage and even more dropped calls. Verizon representatives told them that was weird… their area is supposed to have great coverage. When Jonathan tried to wrangle a free femtocell out of Verizon for their trouble, Verizon wouldn’t budge. His roommate fled back to the less terrible coverage of AT&T, but Jonathan hasn’t made that leap. [More]

T-Mobile CSR Politely Asks For My Sprint Password

T-Mobile CSR Politely Asks For My Sprint Password

Wilson is switching from Sprint to T-Mobile and fielded an unusual, off-putting request from a T-Mobile CSR: “Please provide your password.” Wilson refused and wonders aloud whether or not it’s kosher to make such an indecent proposal. [More]

DirecTV Just As Incompetent As Comcast

DirecTV Just As Incompetent As Comcast

“I was one of the majority when it came to being fed up with Comcast. However, unlike most, I never had any of the customer service nightmares so often reported on consumer sites. My dissatisfaction with Comcast was purely based on what I felt was unfair pricing.