Buy A Suzuki Car Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace: Company Says It’s Outta Here

For anyone who’s had their eye on a Suzuki car, you might want to check into actually buying that vehicle pretty soon, as the company has announced it’s pulling out of the U.S. after it sells of its remaining inventory. It’s the latest automaker to make an exit recently, following in the departing footsteps of Saab and Isuzu. [More]

Gawker Duped By Malware Gang, Serves Up Infected Suzuki Ads

Gawker Duped By Malware Gang, Serves Up Infected Suzuki Ads

Scammers pretending to buy ads for Suzuki tricked Gawker’s ad sales team last week into running malware-laced ads that installed spyware and crashed the browsers of some readers before they were caught and pulled.

Morning Deals Round Up

• Suzuki is running a test drive promotion for their Grand Vitara SUV that can net you a $25 gas card. Start with this form, go test drive a Grand Vitara at your local dealership (or more commonly, just go ask the manager to sign it for you to save you both wasted time), and mail the form and business card to Suzuki. Hopefully, you have a Suzuki dealer close enough that it won’t take $25 in gas to get there. [via Slickdeals]