Study Shows The Obvious: Amazon Prime Members Spend More On Amazon

Study Shows The Obvious: Amazon Prime Members Spend More On Amazon

It should be obvious to anyone with a basic understanding of how shopping works that customers who have a subscription to the company’s Prime service probably spend a lot more with Amazon than people who don’t. The temptation to order just about everything one needs without needing to accumulate a $35 order beckons to our inner very lazy or very efficient people. [More]


Snake Pops Out Of A Cabinet At Lowe’s, Bites Customer On The Head

Imagine you’re hanging out in a nice, dry, safe room away from all the worries of the world. Suddenly, someone throws a door open to the big, scary world. Wouldn’t you want to bite that interloper right on the head? If you were a snake, totally, as one surprised Lowe’s customer found out after accidentally intruding on a snake’s privacy in the store. [More]

(City of Lowell)

Michigan Cops Playing Sneaky Santa Pull Over People To Give Them Gifts Instead Of Tickets

What’s the worst thing you can see in the rearview mirror? Police lights flashing as a cop tells you to pull over (that or an avalanche/tornado/mob of goblins chasing you). So for Michigan drivers who stopped for the long arm of the law realized they were getting a treat instead of a ticket from sneaky Santa police, Christmas came extra early. [More]


Diner Leaves Waitress $1,000 Tip On $15 Meal After Waiting For The Right Chance To Pay It Forward

Sometimes we see things on the Internet that inspire us to do really ridiculous things (cut to: actually attempting to open a wine bottle with a shoe, wine bottle shards flying everywhere). But then there are the times when the good stuff cuts through all the muckety muck of the daily grind, inspiring people to perform acts of kindness we might not otherwise have thought of on our own. Such was the case for one diner at a Colorado restaurant recently. [More]

No penises here. Just gummy.

Company Apologizes For Including Penis-Shaped Gummies In Candy Marketed To Kids

Having the “birds and the bees” talk with your kids is an important moment, I imagine, so it’s no wonder parents in New Zealand don’t want that conversation to arrive sooner than it should because of a surprise found in packages of candy aimed at the younger set. A candy company is now apologizing after penis-shaped gummy candies ended up mixed in with their less phallic brethren in products kids could easily get their hands on. [More]

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Man’s License Suspended Over A Ticket From 1981 After DMV Fixes Its Typo

What’s the last thing you remember about that time you didn’t get a notice that your license was suspended? That’s right, you wouldn’t remember it if it never happened to you. One man found himself with a suspended license over a ticket from 1981, something he wasn’t warned about back then because the notification letter had his name misspelled on it. [More]


UPS Accidentally Delivers Pieces Of A Government Drone To The Wrong Person

There are many things one might expect to show up suddenly on your doorstep at some point — in-laws, a baby in a basket with a note — but one New York man was definitely not expecting that UPS would drop off pieces of a government drone like it was just another delivery. [More]

Another Christmas, Another Porn-Filled Nintendo DS Under The Tree

Another Christmas, Another Porn-Filled Nintendo DS Under The Tree

When you buy what is supposed to be a brand-new piece of electronics from the world’s largest retailer, it really shouldn’t come loaded with someone else’s content. And when the supposedly new device is a gift for your 8-year-old son, it certainly shouldn’t come pre-loaded with other people’s porn. [More]


Deadly Spiders Ambush Family From Within A Bunch Of Supermarket Bananas

It’s looking like a bad week to be a banana: Either you’re getting slathered in mustard and cheese and stuck in an oven, or a family of spiders decides to nest all over you and freak a family out. [More]

(Corey Templeton)

Plane Lands On California Highway In The Middle Of Rush Hour Commute

Sometimes when you’re stuck in your car in the middle of rush hour traffic, don’t you just wish you could somehow lift yourself above it all and fly far, far away? Maybe that’s what commuters thought was happening when a small plane landed on a California highway yesterday — deliverance was arriving from on high. [More]


Ohio Forgot To Tell Residents That Cops Have Been Using Facial Recognition On License Photos

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is facing some criticism after a news investigation revealed that his office had launched a facial recognition system, which allows police to scan pictures of suspects and match them to drivers license photos in the law enforcement’s database. Despite the fact that the system hadn’t been updated to provide protection against misuse, DeWine says he will make sure it isn’t used improperly. [More]

Surprise! That promo you didn't know was a promo is over.

Turns Out That $99.99 Upfront Price For T-Mobile iPhone 5 Was Only A Monthlong Promo

Customers shopping around for a good deal on an iPhone 5 might be a little confused if they’re checking out T-Mobile’s site: Clicking on the “Buy Now” button below the promo will garner one downpayment amount for the 16GB phone, $149.99, while choosing “Learn More” touts the phone for $50 cheaper at $99.99 upfront. So what gives? [More]

Man's Neighbors Had No Idea He Had Squirreled Away $7 Million In Gold

Man's Neighbors Had No Idea He Had Squirreled Away $7 Million In Gold

The tale of the reclusive neighbor hunkered down in the house down the street, surrounded by a lifetime of clutter is a familiar one. But in the case of one elderly man who recently passed away in California, along with all that detritus was a collection of gold that’s estimated to be worth about $7 million. He must’ve been one of those 10 million Americans eschewing bank accounts. [More]

Chase Is Now Surprising People With Mortgage Adjustments

Chase Is Now Surprising People With Mortgage Adjustments

While we’ve seen many a story during the last few years of people stuck chasing their tail in an attempt to get a mortgage modification from their lender, some Chase customers are now finding out they’ve gotten a loan adjustment without ever having to lift a finger. [More]

No, Trojan Isn't Giving Away Hot Dogs On The Streets Of NYC: Those Are Vibrators

No, Trojan Isn't Giving Away Hot Dogs On The Streets Of NYC: Those Are Vibrators

Lest you think that bright purple cart and the objects being handed out willy nilly on the streets of New York have anything to do with hot dogs, we’re here to warn you — Trojan is not the food business, it’s in the business of getting you to buy its vibrators. That’s why the company will be handing out 10,000 of its Trojan Vibrations vibrators on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Again, not hot dogs. Sex toys. Get it right. [More]

Church Buys Foreclosed Property, Ends Up With $170,000 Tax Bill

Church Buys Foreclosed Property, Ends Up With $170,000 Tax Bill

Members of a Dallas-area church congregation thought they had done their due diligence when they looked into buying some foreclosed property. They were told that all the back taxes had been cleared off the books; so why are they now facing a tax bill for $170,000? [More]

Wells Fargo Forecloses On Home Because The Title Was Never Transferred

Wells Fargo Forecloses On Home Because The Title Was Never Transferred

We’ve covered a number of stories of homeowners who weren’t behind on their mortgage payments but found themselves the subject of foreclosure because someone at the bank transposed a number or didn’t pay attention to the documents they were robo-signing. But here’s one about a Houston couple who find themselves facing foreclosure from Wells Fargo, all because someone never transferred the title. [More]

Here is The Eye Exam Appointment You Didn't Ask For

Here is The Eye Exam Appointment You Didn't Ask For

Terry got an eye exam last year from the handy in-house doctor at a local Pearle vision, but decided not to buy the overpriced glasses that they had to offer. He had no intention of going back, so he was annoyed when they took the liberty of scheduling an appointment for him this year, and notified him of the date by e-mail. Except…well, the local store claims that they never did any such thing. [More]