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Limited Re-Release Of Coca-Cola’s Surge Sells Out Within Hours On Amazon

Do you remember Surge? Caffeine addicts of a certain age will know exactly what we’re referring to, but younger readers may only know the product’s name from online campaigns to bring it back. Now that the product’s biggest fans are young adults with disposable income and credit cards, Coca-Cola has brought the beverage back into production, sold exclusively on Amazon. The first batch sold out within hours. [More]

True Love:

True Love:

We’re not really in a position to mock people slavishly devoted to unhealthy obsessions with consumer brands. (It took us three Star Wars prequels to finally turn our anger to hatred.) But we have to admit to cocking our middle knuckle up in the traditional nougie-giving position before we realized that soda pop fans at were our people.

And the citrus flavor was just AWESOME… I fell in love. I used every chance I got to buy it. My school had a vending machine that contained SURGE… I ended up spending the majority of my lunch money buying SURGE from that machine. I talked my mom into supporting my SURGE habit by buying two liters of the wonderful citrus soda for me to enjoy once I got home. It was rare that someone saw me without a two liter or can of SURGE grasped snugly in my hand.

Bear in mind, this isn’t regular astroturfing (we think), because Surge doesn’t exist anymore.