Target Wants To Get Into The Grocery Delivery Business

Target Wants To Get Into The Grocery Delivery Business

Earlier this year, we shared the news that Target was looking to expand and class up its food offerings. It might be that Target wants to get into another facet of the food business, too: much like competing Everything Stores Amazon and Walmart, the discount retailer is looking to get into the grocery delivery business. [More]


Ferrari Latest Automaker To Recall Vehicles For Possible Airbag Defect

While 11 automakers have already recalled millions of vehicles equipped with potentially deadly Takata-produced airbags, a twelfth car manufacturer announced it would also recall thousands of cars with safety devices supplied by the Japanese auto parts maker, although for a different, but still dangerous, reason. [More]

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Walmart Warns Suppliers They Better Abide By Stricter Rules Or Get Dropped

After a fire at a Bangladesh factory that supplied clothing to Walmart and other stores killed 112 workers in November, Walmart has announced that it is taking its suppliers around the globe to task when it comes to subcontracting their work. In other words, if Walmart doesn’t approve of the factories suppliers use, it’ll drop those companies lickety-split. [More]