RadioShack Is Still Around, But Reportedly Closing 500 Stores

RadioShack Is Still Around, But Reportedly Closing 500 Stores

If you were still paying attention after the first quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl, and not in the kitchen preparing or gorging on snacks, you might have seen one of the few mildly amusing ads to air during the game. It featured a RadioShack being dismantled by various ’80s icons and emerging from the ashes as a relevant store that doesn’t just sell batteries and cables you can get much cheaper online. Well, according to a new report, the first part of that ad will soon be coming true for hundreds of Shack locations, except it won’t be Cliff Clavin and Hulk Hogan clearing the shelves. [More]

Amy Poehler will be the star of this year's Best Buy Super Bowl ad, but will shoppers care?

Best Buy Banking On Amy Poehler To Break Its Super Bowl Ad Losing Streak

In 2011, Best Buy joined the exclusive club of Super Bowl advertisers to promote a buy-back program (which we spoiled weeks in advance) that has all but vanished. Last year, it hired a roster of tech biggies to bolster its image as a knowledgeable electronics retailer — and was greeted by chirping crickets. [More]


It’ll Cost Companies A Pretty Penny To Run A Super Bowl Ad This Year At A Record $4 Million

Every year it feels like we allow our jaws to drop in shock at the price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad slot and yet every year the price to do so just keeps climbing. This year it’ll cost advertisers somewhere around a cool $4 million or even more to dazzle viewers with the best commercials they can come up with. That’s a record price — and in some cases, it’ll cost even more. [More]

Maybe Super Bowl Ads Are Too Cheap

The price of a 30-second ad slot during the Super Bowl goes up every year. In 2012, ad time is going for $3,500,000 per spot, or $116,666.67 per second. But maybe everyone involved is looking at this wrong. Maybe the eyeballs of the nation and the free publicity that comes along with buying a slot during the game are worth more than that, and networks should truly let the market decide. [More]

Groupon CEO Responds To Super Bowl Ad Fracas

Groupon CEO Responds To Super Bowl Ad Fracas

In a blog post responding to the furor over their Super Bowl ads, Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason says that “the last thing we wanted was to offend our customers.” Hm, maybe you should have showed the ads to a few of them first. [More]

Were Groupon's Super Bowl Ads Tasteless?

Were Groupon's Super Bowl Ads Tasteless?

Groupon spent several million dollars offending a lot of people last night with a series of Super Bowl ads that started off as philanthropic pitches, then quickly segued into how you could get a great deal on the endangered entity with a Groupon. The online backlash was immediate and left many viewers wondering if Kenneth Cole was moonlighting as a Groupon ad copywriter. [More]

21 Super Bowl Ad Previews

21 Super Bowl Ad Previews

For some (me), the best part of the show on Sunday will be the ads. But now I don’t even need to suffer through a sport that stole its name from an already established and much better game, which you know as soccer, because Adfreak has got the goods on the Super Bowl ad spots, with 21 teasers and full ads. Darth Volkswagen is already an early contender for best of the night, and first place in my heart: [More]