This CEO Sucks Less: John Pepper of Boloco

Lest we leave you unable to eat food at all, we present this letter from John Pepper, the CEO of Boston’s Boloco restaurants (formerly ‘The Wrap’), which is the very model of how to handle a customer complaint, even when a company isn’t going to be able to address the specific complaint. It was sent to us by the pleased recipient.

A Moment in Sucking Less: Spire Bags

A Moment in Sucking Less: Spire Bags

We’re not always gloom and doom around here (although we will cop to occasionally getting lost in our flaming logo and pasting beveled song lyrics onto photoshopped self-portraits; in our defense, those lyrics are always from Phil Collins’ seminal understatement, But Seriously…). We know that sometimes companies do right by customers and we like to hear about it, especially when they are “anonymous” astroturfs sent like so much chalk to soak up our bile. Anyway, what we’re saying is, a company did something nice.

A Moment in Sucking Less: Threadless Has Hoodies

A Moment in Sucking Less: Threadless Has Hoodies

Outright praise on The Consumerist is rare, but we’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with Threadless (ignoring the slight delay in their normally expeditious shipping during the Christmas rush). So consider this an exceptional free bit of shillery, on the occasion of their announcement that they will now be selling, in addition to their trademark t-shirts, hoodies.