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Give’em An Inch Or They’ll Take A Mile: Two Customers Suing Subway Over 11-Inch Footlongs

Who knew that taking a ruler to a Subway Footlong sandwich would spiral into such a hullabaloo in less than a week? People are serious about their sandwiches, enough so that two New Jersey men are now suing Subway for advertising footlong food and handing out 11- or 11.5-inch sandwiches instead. [More]


Mother Probably Less Concerned With Size Of Subway Sandwich Than The Glass Shards In It

Today’s news is all shards and we haven’t stopped cringing: First it was the potential for metal shards in pizza and now a mother is claiming her three-year-old daughter ate pieces of glass that were allegedly inside her Subway sandwich. Kinda makes all those complaints of 11-inch Footlongs seem a bit less important because hey, at least they’re shard-free. [More]


What A Difference An Inch Makes: Report Says Some Subway Footlongs Are Only 11 Inches

What you pay for should be what you get, which is why some Subway customers are up in arms that they’re not getting their money’s worth. See, they didn’t pay for 11- or 11.5-inch subs. Nope, they paid for a footlong, meaning 12 inches, and if a new (albeit totally unscientific) report is true, customers are routinely being shorted. [More]


Survey Says: McDonald’s Customers Aren’t Satisfied But They’re Likely To Return Anyway

Do you have that one friend who you don’t like very much, but who is at least always available when you feel like doing something? That seems to be the way a lot of people view McDonald’s. [More]

This is Subway's version of the cheesesteak.

Subway Sandwich Artist Fired For Defending Purity Of Philly Cheesesteak (And For Fighting With Customer)

Even though it’s a common practice here in Philadelphia, there are some who believe you shouldn’t put ketchup on a cheesesteak. Whether or not the “Steak & Cheese” thing sold at Subway even qualifies for that debate is itself debatable, but a Sandwich Artist in Florida is now jobless because he refused to ketchup-up a customer’s sandwich. [More]


What It’s Like To Work At A Subway Franchise, Get Blamed For Everything Customers Don’t Like

Reader M. is currently (under-) employed at a Subway franchise. M. has a college degree, and is bright enough to be able to see the economic indicators that show they’ll still be working at Subway for a while yet. Fortunately, we like to give employees a soapbox to educate the public about the things we might not understand about their jobs. That way, Consumerist readers are less likely to act like entitled jerks, treat front-line employees better, and the world is a happier place. In theory. [More]

We're told there is a sandwich in this picture of the great mayonnaise flood of 2012. (via Reddit)

Don’t Bother Subway’s Sandwich Artists Right Before Closing Or You’ll End Up With This Mess

We know that real-life fast food rarely resembles what you see in the pretty pictures the restaurant puts in its ads. But this is really just sad. [More]

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Fun With Fonts: How Subway Tries To Distract You From Realizing How Little Olive Oil Is In This Packet

While it may look like something slapped together in an Intro to InDesign class, this vegetable oil packet from Subway makes for a good demonstration on how to obscure information you need to include but don’t really want people seeing. [More]

Math is hard

Subway Applies Verizon Math To Sandwiches, Confusion And Tastiness Ensue

“It seems Subway picked up Verizon math!” tipster Brad wrote when he submitted this message using one of our mobile apps. Yes, again someone has mistaken .99 cents for 99 cents. You know that some pedant somewhere is going to try to pay for that second sandwich with a penny and make a sandwich artist’s day really crappy. [More]


Subway Worker Hurls Hot Soup At Robber Because It Hurts More Than Freshly-Baked Bread

Sometimes it’s not about being particularly strong or skilled with self-defense techniques, it’s just about using the materials at hand to  protect yourself. If you’ve got some hot soup around to fight off a would-be robber, well, that works a lot better than plenty of other foodstuffs. A Subway sandwich worker had to improvise when facing a masked man and managed to pull off a successful defense. [More]


Survey: NYC Subway Riders Can Actually Hear Announcements Instead Of “Grrblt, Shknamzbffft”

Anyone who’s ever found themselves speeding past their stop on New York’s subway system after a train has just unexpectedly gone express knows how infuriating it is to try and decipher conductors’ announcements. “Flllrtlelt brebrtltelt, gershafawq West 4th Sturble ka burble. Shlomf.” But finally, those garbled announcements are getting better, according to a new survey released today. [More]