The Subway FreshBuzz newsletter declares that Android Pay is live at the fast food chain, but it looks like Google is not yet ready to announce this news.

Subway Says It Is Now Taking Android Pay, Even Though It’s Not Live Yet

After leaked McDonald’s memos indicated that Android Pay — Google’s answer to Apple Pay — would launch this week, we have another sign from the fast food industry that the debut of the mobile payment platform is imminent. [More]

Jared Guilty Plea Could Burst Subway’s Growth Bubble

Jared Guilty Plea Could Burst Subway’s Growth Bubble

There are two pieces of Subway-related news going around this week. You’ve likely heard the first — that Subway has ended its relationship with longtime spokesman Jared Fogle as he prepared to enter a guilty plea on child pornography-related charges. The second is that the latest stats for the nation’s largest fast food chains has been released, highlighting the perilous position in which Subway finds itself, with so many stores making not that much money. [More]

Subway Launches New Mobile Payment, Ordering Options

Subway Launches New Mobile Payment, Ordering Options

Now that nearly every American has a smartphone permanently fixed to their hand, a long list of restaurants including Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell and Dominos have upped their mobile presence by way of ordering and payment apps, and now one of the largest chains in the country is joining the ever-growing list: Subway. [More] still contains a link to Jared's section on the site but clicking the link just takes you back to the homepage.

Subway Removes “Jared’s Journey” From Website Following FBI Search Of Spokesman’s Home

UPDATE: A new Tweet from Subway says that the company and Jared “have agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation, and that “Jared is cooperating with authorities.” [More]

Groups Call On Subway’s Sandwich Artists To Use Antibiotic-Free Meat In Their Masterpieces

Groups Call On Subway’s Sandwich Artists To Use Antibiotic-Free Meat In Their Masterpieces

With major fast food chains like McDonald’s, Chick fil-A, Chipotle, and Panera all now sourcing at least some meat that wasn’t raised using medically important antibiotics, a coalition of some 50 consumer and health advocacy groups are asking Subway, the fast food chain with the most stores in the U.S., to give drug-free meat a try. [More]

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Changing HQ Street Name To ‘Sub Way’

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary By Changing HQ Street Name To ‘Sub Way’

Subway, the seemingly ubiquitous sandwichery, turns 50 this year. Happy birthday, Subway! The company has decided to celebrate by renaming the Milford, Connecticut street where its headquarters is located in its own honor, and local government has agreed to the change. The new name: Sub Way. Of course. [More]

Unhappy Subway Customer Hurls Sandwich, Soda, And Car At Employee

Unhappy Subway Customer Hurls Sandwich, Soda, And Car At Employee

There are many ways to express your dissatisfaction when you aren’t happy with a product or service, but we do not recommend any of the methods that a woman in California used earlier this week when a sandwich displeased her. According to local police, first she hurled words at the employee, then her sandwich, then her beverage. After that, things got even worse. [More]

Subway Removing Artificial Ingredients From Its Menu By 2017

Subway Removing Artificial Ingredients From Its Menu By 2017

Last April, Subway stopped using Azodicarbonamide – a chemical that is used to improve elasticity in bread but that also shows up in things like yoga mats. Now, the sandwich shop is taking things a step farther, by making plans to drop all artificial ingredients from its menu by 2017. [More]


NYC Officials Would Like To Remind Everyone To Please Refrain From Peeing On The Subway Platform

While there are some things one might hope wouldn’t need spelling out, if you want to get your message across, you’ve got to be clear. That’s why New York City’s transit officials felt the need to spell it out for patrons of the subway system, with a sign asking people to please not pee on the platform. [More]

Watch What Happens When A Woman “Manspreads” On A Crowded Subway

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No one likes the person sitting on a crowded train or bus with their legs flung as far apart as possible in an exhibition of the behavior commonly known as “manspreading,” as it is most often the male of our species who decides he can take up three dang seats by himself. But how do people react to a woman indulging blatantly in seat domination with nary a care for her fellow commuters? [More]


Computer Glitch Informs Frustrated NYC Commuters They Don’t Have Enough Money To Ride

Whether you live in New York City and take public transit or are a straphanging commuter in another city, you know the ultimate frustration of swiping your card during the morning rush and having the system inform you that you’ve got “Insufficient Fare” and need to go add money. The screams of rage were even louder yesterday morning when a computer glitch messed with 10,000 commuters who otherwise thought they had plenty of money to ride. [More]


Payday Lenders Now Outnumber McDonald’s (But Still Not As Many As Subway)

There are more than 14,000 McDonald’s locations in the U.S., meaning you’re rarely more than a few miles away from a Big Mac. But even though payday loans are illegal in more than a dozen states, these short-term predatory lending operations outnumber Golden Arches eateries by nearly 1.5 to 1, though they still have some catching up to do with the vast number of Subway stores. [More]

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Subway Franchisee Sentenced For Hacking Registers, Stealing $40K In Gift Cards

A former Subway franchise owner was sentenced to 18 months in jail for his part in remotely hacking the restaurants’ computer systems in order to obtain more than $40,000 in gift cards. [More]

No spread here; these folks are doing it right. High five! (litherland)

NYC Officials Decide It’s Finally Time To Shame People For Sitting With Their Legs Spread Apart On The Subway

The last time I checked, the average person is not six feet wide, and thus doesn’t need anywhere near that amount of room to sit on any given surface. And yet, there are those who have been ticking off their fellow riders since the dawn of time by having the audacity to spread their legs as far to the side as possible, thus either preventing others from sitting or making the people on either side uncomfortable at the level of touching. Finally, New York City’s authorities are spreading the message that enough is enough. [More]

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Man Accused Of Robbing 4 Subway Restaurants: “Jared Diet” Didn’t Work

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but no one ever said anything about cold cuts specifically being involved: An Alabama man accused of robbing four Subway restaurants reportedly said he did it because he tried “the Jared diet” and wasn’t pleased with the results. [More]


Deer Goes On Rampage Breaking Windows At Subway, Visiting Auto Repair Center

A deer’s lack of opposable thumbs led him to take a different route while trying to obtain a foot-long from a Pennsylvania Subway: jumping through the window. But things didn’t end there, the wild animal continued his rampage down the street at an auto repair shop. [More]

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Man Eschews Comment Cards, Flushes Nails Down The Toilets At Subway & Starbucks

There’s leaving a comment card to express any dissatisfaction for a retail establishment, and then there’s flushing several pounds of nails down to the toilet to let a restaurant know you are ticked off. Let’s think about which one will get the police on your tail. [More]

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Subway: Watch It, Ladies, You Can’t Get Fat Before You Put On That Skimpy Halloween Costume

Looking at the array of costumes available to adult women these days, one might think that every profession requires a display of cleavage and enough visible skin to make one fervently hope for a 75-degree night in October in places where it is not 75 degrees in October. The funny thing is, not every gal wants to dress up like a sexy/sassy/foxy mechanic/dentist/ornithologist. Some of us just want to be ornithologists, okay? Seems someone forgot to tell Subway that before it made its new boneheaded Halloween ad. [More]