Like my new wheels? I got it through an 8-year loan with a 22% APR. What a steal! [Note: Not actually my car] (photo Axion23)

Why Are So Many Recent Car Loan Borrowers Missing Payments?

In 2014, new car sales increased to 16.5 million, the highest level since 2006, but did too many car buyers take on more than they could afford? [More]

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CFPB Orders ‘Buy-Here, Pay-Here’ Auto Dealer DriveTime To Pay $8M Penalty For Unfair Debt Collection Practices

For the first time in its existence the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against a so-called “buy-here, pay-here” vehicle dealer, ordering the company to pay $8 million and fix its egregious ways. [More]

Feds Subpoena GM Over Subprime Auto Loans

Feds Subpoena GM Over Subprime Auto Loans

After recalling more than 30 million cars and facing a number of investigations, it’s probably safe to bet that General Motors Company would like to put 2014 in the rearview mirror. Before that’s possible the company will have to get through five more months and a new federal investigation into its financing unit regarding subprime auto loans. [More]