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Starbucks & Spotify Team Up In Streaming Music Deal

Just two months after Starbucks stopped selling CDs in its stores, the coffee chain says it’s going to be filling customers’ ears with music another way, announcing a streaming partnership with Spotify that will let customers have a say in what’s being played. [More]


Warner Music Is Totally Cool With Streaming Music Now That It’s Making More Money Than Song Downloads

Once seen as the knife that would slay the music industry, it seems the popularity — and profitability — of streaming music is making some labels change their tune. Warner Music Group said revenue from streaming music has passed that from digital downloads for the first time. [More]


Report: DOJ Has An Eye On Apple As It Makes Moves To Push Free Streaming Music Rivals Out Of The Way

Let’s be honest: It would be ideal for a business if it could somehow snap up every customer looking for a certain service. But because we (thankfully) live in a world filled with choices, companies instead must compete with rivals to get our hard-earned dollars. A new report says Apple is preparing to debut its new streaming music service by trying to put the squeeze on competitors like Spotify that offer content for free. [More]


Streaming Music Sales Outdo Revenue From CDs For The First Time

The inevitable slide toward outdated technology is continuing for CDs, with the revenue generated from streaming music topping CD sales for the first time ever. [More]

Report: Apple Sides With Music Labels, Thinks Free Streaming Service Tiers Are Bad

Report: Apple Sides With Music Labels, Thinks Free Streaming Service Tiers Are Bad

Last year, Apple acquired Beats, a company that makes two things that go nicely with media players and smartphones: high-end headphones and a subscription-based music streaming service. While they’re happy to offer a free trial and will be reportedly be pushing the Beats Music app to iDevice users in the future, Apple will not follow competitor Spotify’s lead in offering a free, ad-supported tier. [More]

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Sony Ditches Its Streaming Music Service, Teams With Spotify For Playstation Music

If at first you don’t succeed, try again using someone else’s system: Sony is pulling the plug on its current streaming music offering, Music Unlimited, and hitching its wagon to Spotify’s star with a new partnership for PlayStation. [More]


Spotify Launches Family Plan That Allows Users To Share A Discounted Subscription

As competition heats up in the world of streaming music, Spotify is following the lead of other streaming services like Netflix with a new family plan. The option allows up to five family members to subscribe together for a monthly discounted rate. [More]

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Google Buys Music Playlist Service Songza For Reported $39 Million

The coffers of Silicon Valley are tinkling sweetly again with the sound of coins exchanging hands upon the news that Google has bought music playlist service Songza for a reported $39 million. Because in the technology world, everyone’s gotta have a piece of every pie. [More]

Amazon Creates Streaming Music Service, But Don’t Expect To Hear New Releases

Amazon Creates Streaming Music Service, But Don’t Expect To Hear New Releases

If you’re a fan of six-month old music releases and happen to have a Prime membership, then Amazon’s newly launched streaming music service might be for you. [More]


Spotify Has 10 Million Paying Customers, Still Loses Money

There have been three broad eras so far of online music. There was the era of Napster, when rampant piracy was great for music-loving young people, and a seeming catastrophe for artists and record labels. There was the era of iTunes, which allowed fans to buy only the single song that they wanted to hear. Now the era of Spotify lets us simply stream music on a variety of devices. It’s convenient, but is it sustainable for everyone…especially Spotify, which still doesn’t turn a profit? [More]


YouTube Prepares Subscription Music Service For Possible December Debut

When it comes to having choices, we’re of the mind that more is always better. So welcome to the ring of streaming music services, YouTube. It’s reportedly going to launch its own subscription music service as early as December, lining itself up to compete with current popular options like Spotify and Rdio. [More]

Microsoft Finally Takes Head Out Of Sand, Opens Up Xbox Music To Android, iOS

Nearly a year after replacing its failed Zune music store with Xbox Music, Microsoft has finally come around to the realization that the service, which only worked on computers and wireless devices running Windows operating systems, wasn’t going to convince people to drop their Galaxy S4s, iPhones, iPads, or Kindle Fires. The company announced today that Xbox Music is now available for use on iOS and Android devices, and that web-based streaming is no longer relegated to computers running Windows 8 or RT. [via PCmag.com]

Apple Finally Jumping Into Streaming Music Business With iTunes Radio

Apple Finally Jumping Into Streaming Music Business With iTunes Radio

For years, Apple’s iTunes has allowed users to listen to online radio streams from stations that made their music available online, but it has avoided launching its own streaming service to compete with Pandora and others. Today, Apple announced that it will finally jump into the streaming music stream with both feet following the debut of iTunes Radio. [More]


Apple Inches Closer To Streaming Music Service

Given that Apple reshaped the music industry with the iPod, it’s still a bit of a surprise that it’s been so far behind the curve on launching its own streaming music service. But a new report claims that Apple is now closing deals that would clear the way for it to stream away, right into users’ ears. [More]


Pandora Introduces 40-Hour Monthly Listening Limit On Free Mobile Streaming

Fans of streaming Internet radio service Pandora have long been devoted to the free mobile listening available across a number of devices. Sure, you might end up yelling at Pandora when Miley Cyrus comes on your Taylor Swift station (cough), but overall it’s a good fit for many listeners. And, it’s free! But starting this week, Pandora says it’ll limit free mobile listening for users to 40 hours per month. [More]

There Are Now 238 Fewer Indie Labels On Streaming Services Like Spotify, Rdio

There Are Now 238 Fewer Indie Labels On Streaming Services Like Spotify, Rdio

While music fans have been happy to listen to their favorite tunes with Spotify, Rdio, Napster and other streaming services, some of those in the business of actually selling music aren’t so pleased with the results. One distributor has announced it’s pulling 238 indie labels from streaming services. [More]