You have until the end of September to see Katniss on Netflix.

Hunger Games, Transformers Movies Will Disappear From Netflix After Company Decides Not To Renew Epix Deal

While there’s always plenty of streaming content to watch on the Internet these days, if you’re a fan of Hunger Games or Transformers flicks, better watch them on Netflix now, while you still can: the subscription streaming service says it won’t be renewing its deal with Epix, the cable provider with domestic streaming rights to those movies in the U.S. And in a bit of very interesting timing, Hulu and Epix announced their own deal, one that will stream new releases from a Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount starting October 1. [More]

Hulu Scores Deal For Streaming Rights To Every Single Episode Of ‘Seinfeld’

Hulu Scores Deal For Streaming Rights To Every Single Episode Of ‘Seinfeld’

One of the best things about hanging on to that TV cord? Flipping through the channels with the knowledge that at some point, likely very soon, you’ll land on an episode of Seinfeld. Cord-cutters can get in on that feeling now as well, as a report says Hulu has signed a deal to snag reruns of Seinfeld. [More]

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Google & NFL Strike Deal To Bring NFL Content To YouTube

Just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend, the National Football League has decided to play nice and share with others, announcing a partnership with Google this week that will bring game highlights to a YouTube channel and search results. [More]

Netflix Will Stream ‘The Interview’ Starting This Weekend

Netflix Will Stream ‘The Interview’ Starting This Weekend

What’s that? You aren’t the type who finds reading quarterly financial parts titillating? Totally fine, because other people are around to read them and pull out the fun parts, like the fact that Netflix is bringing The Interview to its streaming library starting this weekend. [More]


Lionsgate Launching Streaming Movie Subscription Service In 2015

If all your friends were launching standalone streaming entertainment, would you? It seems the peer pressure bug has been biting some of the major players in media, after HBO, CBS and Univision all announced recently that they’d be offering content directly to consumers on a subscription basis. And now movie studio Lionsgate is joining the fray with its own online subscription service, launching next year. [More]

Netflix Wants You To Tell All Your Facebook Friends What To Watch

Netflix Wants You To Tell All Your Facebook Friends What To Watch

Everyone’s got one — the movie that makes you who you are, the one that turned on all the lights in your brain and opened your mind to a new reality, one that can only exist upon viewing that particular film. So when your best friend/boyfriend/wife/second cousin Thurman admits to have never seeing The One Movie Essential To Your Being, you insist they must watch it and be enlightened. And now Netflix wants you to put that pressure on your Facebook friends with a new social recommendation feature. [More]


Netflix Adds $1 To Monthly Streaming Subscription Price For New Members Only

The bad news: If you’re thinking of subscribing to Netflix’s streaming program, you’ll be paying $1 more than those customers already signed up. But the good news for Netflix veterans? Existing subscribers won’t see a price hike for two years, the company says. [More]