Virgin America To Offer Free In-Flight WiFi For Netflix Subscribers

Netflix customers who’ve wished they could download content to bring with them on their mobile devices when they fly still won’t be able to do that, but they will be able to stream video on some Virgin America planes by way of a new partnership that gives Netflix subscribers free WiFi. [More]

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TV Viewership Down 10%; Industry Blames Streaming Video

Even though many of us have hundreds of channels to choose from on cable or satellite, we’re choosing to watch less live TV. But it’s not just because we’ve all decided to go outside and take up steeplechase; it has a little something to do with the availability of subscription streaming services. [More]

PS3 Will Get Netflix Streaming App By October

PS3 Will Get Netflix Streaming App By October

Since November, PS3 users have had to lug a special disc into their machines in order to stream Netflix. But during an earnings call Wednesday, CEO Reed Hastings announced the disc will be rendered obsolete by software within the next few months. This will put the PS3 on par with the Xbox 360 for disc-less Netflix streaming. [More]