Good Samaritan Says People She Helped Scammed Her Out Of $3,000 During A Hug

Remember how your parents told you never to talk to strangers and to definitely, definitely not let them hug you? One Good Samaritan re-learned that lesson recently, when she says a couple managed to scam her out of $3,000 with just a quick embrace of fake gratitude. [More]

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Couple Beaten And Robbed While Selling Phone Over Craigslist

Even though selling your old smartphone to a local person through classified ads will probably net you the most money, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take safety measures. Here’s one example why: an Illinois couple were beaten and robbed of their phone plus $275 after they arranged a meetup over Craigslist. Two teens have been charged with the crime and are in jail. [More]

5 Horrors Parents Most Worry About Vs 5 Most Likely To Occur

5 Horrors Parents Most Worry About Vs 5 Most Likely To Occur

According to a new survey, the top 5 calamities parents fret over happening to their kids are, in order from most fretting to least: kidnapping, school snipers, terrorists, dangerous strangers, and drugs. What they really should be concerned over are the top 5 way children actually get hurt and/or killed: car accidents, homicide by someone the kid knows, abuse, suicide, and drowning. [More]

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Parking Lot Safety Tips

You’re not done with your holiday shopping when you swipe your credit card at the cash register. You’ve often got to navigate a potentially treacherous parking lot and get the goods home. The personal finance blog Finance for a Freelance Life offers some common yet helpful tips on how to avoid parking lot robbers. [More]


Shopping tip: If a strange man asks you to try on some shoes “for his wife,” say “NO.” [Mail-Tribune]