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Police: Woman Who Led Cops On High-Speed Chase Claims She Paid For Stolen Car With Meth

While you could possibly convince police that you didn’t know the car you bought was stolen, admitting that ou paid for it with meth will still probably land you in a spot of trouble. Especially after you’ve worn out cops with a high-speed chase exceeding 100 mph. That won’t help, either. [More]

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The Tales Of Two Stolen Cars That Both Showed Up After Decades Away From Home

While going about my daily rounds on the Internet, there are constantly new and surprising little tidbits popping up, usually unrelated. Which is why it’s kind of nutty to hear that two separate car theft cold cases have suddenly been solved this week, decades after the cars were stolen, with both vehicles reappearing far from home. [More]

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How To Spot A Deal That’s Too Good To Be Legal? When A $41K Luxury Car Costs $2,100

The thing about rental car companies is that they’re pretty darn good keeping tack of their vehicles. It’s a bit different than say, a customer misplacing a rental DVD. When a $41,000 Cadillac doesn’t come back, there’s no shrugging — there’s a police investigation that uncovered a trio accused of faking driver’s licenses to rent luxury vehicles and then selling them on the cheap.

Man’s Tireless Search For His Stolen Car Pays Off 42 Years Later When He Spots It On eBay

Man’s Tireless Search For His Stolen Car Pays Off 42 Years Later When He Spots It On eBay

Dogged determination and persistence in the face of likely failure paid off for one man, who never stopped searching for his 1967 Austin Healey 3000 after it was stolen 42 years ago in Philadelphia. He kept searching the Internet and looking at similar cars to see if his was out there, despite the fact that it could’ve been broken up and sold for parts by whoever had taken it. And then, voila — a hit on eBay. [More]