Federal Appeals Court Says Yes, Starbucks Baristas Have To Share Tips With Supervisors

Starbucks baristas had kept fighting to keep customer tips out of the hands of shift supervisors after a court ruled in June that they’d have to share. Assistant managers are still out of the loop, but the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that because shift supervisors do a lot of the same work as baristas, they deserve the extra cash. [More]

Black Bear has been fighting the legal battle with Starbucks over the Charbucks name for more than a decade.

Starbucks Once Again Fails To Stop New Hampshire Company From Selling ‘Charbucks’ Coffee

It’s been a couple years since we last heard about the Starbucks v. Charbucks legal battle, pitting the Seattle coffee colossus against Black Bear Micro Roastery, a family-owned operation out of New Hampshire. At the time, a federal court had shot down Starbucks’ claim of trademark dilution, but that didn’t stop the company from appealing… only to lose in court again this week. [More]

Starbucks Testing Two New Seasonal Coffee-Flavored Sugar Bombs

Starbucks Testing Two New Seasonal Coffee-Flavored Sugar Bombs

Not satisfied with the current assortment of holiday beverages at your local Starbucks? You’re in luck, maybe. The chain is testing two new flavors of their traditional seasonal sugar bombs in different markets. [More]

Starbucks Has To Shell Out $2.7 Billion In Dispute Over Packaged Coffee

Starbucks Has To Shell Out $2.7 Billion In Dispute Over Packaged Coffee

When you don’t want to play anymore, it’s time to pay. At least in the world of business, where deals can’t just be dropped whenever it’s convenient. Starbucks is on the line for $2.7 billion it must pay to settle a dispute between it and Kraft Foods after the coffee giant ended a distribution deal for its bagged coffee. [More]

Starbucks To Hire 10,000 Vets, Military Spouses In Coming Years

Starbucks To Hire 10,000 Vets, Military Spouses In Coming Years

As part of its plan to increase its workforce while helping military personnel transition to civilian work, Starbucks is announcing today that, over the next five years, it intends to hire at least 10,000 armed forces veterans and spouses of active-duty servicemembers. [More]

When retweeting isn't enough, there's always money.

Starbucks Launches “Tweet-A-Friend” Coffee Gift Certificates

Usually the only jolts I receive on Twitter are the result of a little light cyberstalking of an ex-so-and-so (He owns a llama farm?!?) but Starbucks is seeking to change that with a new “tweet-a-coffee” promotion. The idea being that sending a pick-me-up by way of a $5 eGift card will make all of your friends love you and every caffeinated dream come true. Or something. [More]

Starbucks Set To Open Its First Teavana Bar In NYC (But Don’t Ask For Coffee)

Starbucks Set To Open Its First Teavana Bar In NYC (But Don’t Ask For Coffee)

Of course you can buy a cup of tea at a Starbucks, it’s a cafe after all. But don’t even think about ordering up a cappucino or other coffee item at Starbucks’ new Teavana Bar in NYC, set to open tomorrow. Nope — it’s floor-to-ceiling tea madness all day, every day. Coffee beans, begone! [More]

Free coffee if you're nice to people.

Starbucks: Connect With Free Coffee While We Wait For Elected Officials To Get It Together

While the government is busy not talking to each other to figure out issues like the U.S. federal government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling problem, Starbucks is offering what it calls a chance for customers and the company to come together with free coffee. At least until Friday. [More]

Another day, another overly-hyped hybrid pastry.

Starbucks U.K. Launches “The Duffin” In Latest Overly-Hyped Hybrid Pastry Fad

Please, can we stop it with the Franken-pastries already? Just because you can splice two different baked goods and slap a cute name on it doesn’t mean any of us want to deal with yet another round of hybrid pastry mania. As if the mania over the cronut and its bajillions of spinoff pastries wasn’t enough, Starbucks has launched The Duffin in the UK, a muffin, donut hybrid and sigh, make it stop. [More]


Would Your Boss Kick You Out, Send You To Starbucks?

Office space is expensive. Why pay to keep all of your employees in the building when there are perfectly good areas right nearby with plenty of desks (well, tables), plentiful wireless Internet, and someone always puts on a new pot of coffee? What we’re saying is that some businesses are kicking employees out and sending them to Starbucks. [More]


Starbucks Will Now Offer Braille Gift Cards Year-Round

Starbucks has offered Braille gift cards during the month of October since Fall 2011, a limited run of the cards for the month designated as disability employment awareness month. Two years after that product launched the coffee giant says the Braille cards will become a regularly offered item. [More]


Sunday Is National Coffee Day, Which Means Free Coffee If You Know Where To Look

You may scoff at the notion of “National Coffee Day,” but it’s one of the few holidays that (A) doesn’t require you to buy a card, throw a party, or decorate, and (B) results in free coffee for people willing to seek it out. [More]

Pumpkin spice lattes = dollar signs.

McDonald’s Hopes You Won’t Notice Its Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Not From Starbucks

If you’re one of those people who are sick, absolutely fed up with all things Pumpkin Spice Latte related, stop reading right now. For all of you who never get sick of finding new ways to ingest the stuff, McDonald’s would like it if you tried out their “new” McCafe pumpkin latte. [More]

CEO Howard Schultz posted the letter below on the Starbucks blog late Tuesday night.

Starbucks CEO Asks Customers To Please Leave Guns At Home

For years, Starbucks has been stuck in the middle of the debate over whether businesses should let customers bring guns into stores in states and municipalities where it is legal to openly carry a firearm. CEO Howard Schultz had previously called it a “difficult, fragile” situation but said the company was not going to change its longstanding policy of following whatever the local laws allowed. Then last night, he issued an open letter to customers, asking them to please leave their guns at home. [More]


Attention, Vegans: Yes, The Pumpkin Spice Latte Contains Dairy, Even When It’s Made With Soy

Now that Starbucks has stopped using ground-up bugs (cochineal extract, mmm) in its products, there’s a new, dairy-free battle vegans are fighting against the popular coffee chain, and it involves the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. [More]


Starbucks Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Pumpkin Spice Latte With $150 Sparkly Tumbler

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, a beverage with an entirely justified fanatical fan base. The company is celebrating that anniversary with a limited-edition ceramic tumbler that features caramel-colored Swarovski crystals, orange and brown glaze, and an abstract version of the company logo in green crystals. It costs $150. [More]

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Should Eating Food Out Of The Trash At Work Be Grounds For Termination?

A 21-year-old barista who worked at a downtown Seattle Starbucks claims he was fired for taking a sandwich out of the trash and eating it. He argues that since his employers were going to toss it anyway, why should he be punished for pulling it out of the garbage, especially when he hasn’t been working enough hours to pay his bills? [More]

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Subway Now Outnumbers 30 Of The 50 Largest Fast Food Chains… Combined

People joke about their being a Starbucks or McDonald’s on every corner in America — and in some parts of the country that seems true — but did you know there are more Subway restaurants in the U.S. than there are Starbucks and McDonald’s combined? [More]