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Starbucks Plans To Launch Delivery Service In 2015

If you didn’t things could be more convenient than having the ability to order and pay-ahead of picking up your morning coffee then you’d be wrong. Starbucks is reportedly taking its push to be the most convenient form of morning java a step farther by launching delivery service next year. [More]


Has Starbucks Ended The Era Of Free Drink Coupons?

Since the dawn of man — or at least as long as I can remember going to Starbucks — the coffee colossus has given employees the discretion of handing out handwritten free drink coupons. Some customers took this vague offer of hospitality as a chance to push the limits of caffeine delivery. But this informal orgy of free coffee may be entering a more conservative era. [More]

Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

In Houston, a man was banned from a Starbucks due to his disruptive behavior, which included “harassing” customers. He reacted to this ban in a completely logical way: by pitching a fit outside, throwing a glass bottle at the ground, then throwing a Chihuahua puppy of unknown origin at the coffee shop’s window. [More]


Starbucks Holiday Promo: Free Drinks For Life, Or At Most 30 Years

Starbucks doesn’t want your cash. It doesn’t want your credit or debit card, either. The chain coffeeteria wants its customers to pay using Starbucks gift cards or mobile apps, so they can keep track of what you, personally order, and send you promotions and coupons accordingly. That’s the unstated reason why Starbucks will have a promotion this holiday season: a chance to win “Free Starbucks for Life.” [More]

Starbucks' dress code policy. [Click to enlarge]

Get Ready To Show That Ink, Baristas: Starbucks Changes Policy To Allow Some Visible Tattoos

Things are about to get a bit more graphic behind the Starbucks counter. And by graphic we mean in the illustrated sense, now that the coffee company has revised its tattoo policy, allowing employees to show off their ink – albeit with a few caveats. [More]

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About 1,000 Starbucks Employees Heading To College Through Company’s Tuition Reimbursement Program

It appears that Starbucks’ plan to send eligible employees back to school is off to a successful start with about 1,000 employees set to begin online classes through Arizona State University next week. [More]

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Man Eschews Comment Cards, Flushes Nails Down The Toilets At Subway & Starbucks

There’s leaving a comment card to express any dissatisfaction for a retail establishment, and then there’s flushing several pounds of nails down to the toilet to let a restaurant know you are ticked off. Let’s think about which one will get the police on your tail. [More]


Pregnant Woman Claims Starbucks Worker Wouldn’t Let Her Use The Bathroom

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. And when you’re eight months pregnant with a small human inside you, pressing on your bladder like the most relentless of torturers, you have to go right this freaking second or you will unleash what is not meant to be unleashed in public. But despite that obvious necessity, one pregnant woman says a Starbucks worker wouldn’t let her into the locked bathroom, even after she offered to buy something. [More]

Guy Who’s Been To 11,000 Starbucks Outlets Would Rather Get His Coffee Elsewhere


He’s been around the world in the last 17 years, visiting about 11,000 Starbucks locations in his (likely neverending) quest to visit them all. But when it comes to his own tastes, the man who drinks 10 cups a day says he would rather not drink the coffee at Starbucks. [More]

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There Are No Names On The Cups At The CIA’s Starbucks Because It’s The CIA’s Starbucks

When someone mentions that fact that there’s a Starbucks inside the CIA’s Langley, VA compound, visions of sneaky, super secret latte operations dance through your head, right? Put on your best dark sunglasses and pop the collar on that trench coat because the place does seem to be exactly like the stuff of our spy dreams. [More]

Starbucks Testing Drink that Tastes Like Guinness, Tastebuds Don’t Know What Time Of Day It Is

Starbucks Testing Drink that Tastes Like Guinness, Tastebuds Don’t Know What Time Of Day It Is

Consumers who don’t like their coffee to taste like coffee now have another option when it comes to their morning beverages. Although the newest drink at Starbucks may make you think it’s five o’clock somewhere, because it reportedly tastes like beer. [More]

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Starbucks Now Testing Super Cute 10-Ounce Mini-Frappuccino

As a news outlet known for sharing news about record-shattering, vat-filling, massive frozen espresso drinks, it’s a cool and refreshing change of pace for us to share news about a new tiny Frappuccino. If you live near Houston or Denver and want a caffeinated confection with fewer calories, you can check out the test. [More]

Starbucks Might Allow Employees To Show Tattoos


In spite of Starbucks’ origins in tattoo-heavy Seattle and the fact that the coffee colossus employs thousands and thousands of younger adults with ink somewhere on their body, the company’s dress code has long been decidedly anti-tattoo. But in an acknowledgment of changed public attitudes toward tattoos, and an effort to retain its workers, Starbucks may be relaxing its stance on body art. [More]


Starbucks Testing Coconut Milk As Another Non-Dairy Option At Some Stores

The sight of soy milk at the local coffee shop is a fairly familiar sight by now, but soon the lactose-free set of customers at certain stores in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Oregon and elsewhere will have yet another non-dairy option to choose from: Coconut milk. [More]


Starbucks Opening Upscale Roastery In Seattle, Testing “Express” Stores In NYC

While there already seems to be a Starbucks on every corner, apparently the company thinks there’s always room for a few more. The coffee slingers announced today that it’s opening a new upscale roastery offering only its Starbucks Reserve line of coffee in Seattle, along with an express mini-store in New York City. [More]

Starbucks Employee Asks Woman With Service Dog To Leave Because There’s “No Proof” He’s A Service Animal

Starbucks Employee Asks Woman With Service Dog To Leave Because There’s “No Proof” He’s A Service Animal

Starbucks is once again making headlines for an employee’s reaction to a customer with a service dog. And once again the coffee shop seems to be in the wrong – and apologizing. [More]

People Get Angry When Starbucks Questions Their Age, Deletes Their Gold Accounts

People Get Angry When Starbucks Questions Their Age, Deletes Their Gold Accounts

There are two things that I wouldn’t want to deal with in the morning: explaining that I am not a tween and having someone stand between me and that piping hot cup of joe. For thousands of Starbucks users my morning nightmare scenario came true earlier this week. [More]

400 People Continue Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain For 11 Hours

400 People Continue Starbucks Pay-It-Forward Chain For 11 Hours

For about 11 hours, the customers of a Florida Starbucks kept a pay-it-forward chain going. Almost 400 cars each paid for the order of the customer behind them in line, continuing the chain from morning rush hour until dinner time. Are these chains inefficient? Sure. Do they brighten the day of both customers and employees? Generally. [More]