Starbucks Adds Specialty Coffee Delivery Service Subscription

Starbucks Adds Specialty Coffee Delivery Service Subscription

Starbucks launched a delivery service Tuesday, just not the long-awaited service it’s been touting for the past few months. Instead, the company unveiled a small-batch monthly delivery subscription service of recently roasted coffee. [More]


Delta Air Lines Will Now Serve Starbucks Coffee On All Flights

Expanding on an earlier deal that had Starbucks name-brand coffee served on certain West Coast shuttle routes and flights from New York’s JFK to California, Delta Air Lines says it will now be serving Starbucks coffee on all its flights, which is about 5,000 flights daily. [More]

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Starbucks Will Roll Out Coconut Milk Everywhere February 17

Last year, we learned that Starbucks was testing coconut milk as a non-dairy alternative other than soy milk.. The test expanded to more states, and now it’s a poorly kept secret that coconut milk will roll out nationwide two weeks from today. [More]

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Starbucks, Team Up To Create Awkward Blind Dates

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. Well, it is for and Starbucks, anyway. The two companies are sharing a meet-cute like no other by teaming up to make it easier for consumers to meet their perfect someone. [More]


Starbucks’ Delivery Service Might Bring Green-Aproned Baristas To Your House

Starting later this year you might not have to traipse into your local Starbucks to chat up your favorite barista. Instead, the coffee slinger might be coming to you as part of Starbucks’ upcoming delivery service. [More]

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Your First Drink At Starbucks Doesn’t Matter, If You Want Refills

As people who like to loiter in coffee shops most likely know, you can get refills of brewed coffee or tea at Starbucks for only fifty cents, and the refills are free once you’ve bought five drinks with the shop’s payment app or a registered gift card. What you may not know, though, is that your first drink doesn’t need to be a plain brewed coffee: it can be a fancy espresso-based concoction. [More]

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Starbucks Ditches Square, Will Cease Accepting Wallet Mobile Payments In Coming Months

The two-year long partnership between Starbucks and mobile payment system Square is coming to an end, as the coffee company had decided to ditch the mobile payment company’s upcoming new system in favor of its own mobile ordering solution. [More]

Starbucks Wants To Open A Chain Of Even More Upscale Coffee Shops

Starbucks Wants To Open A Chain Of Even More Upscale Coffee Shops

You may have thought that Starbucks was already an upscale coffee chain. Perhaps it is, compared to brewing your own Folgers at home, but there are even pricier coffee shops out there that offer even finer coffees. Starbucks wants to compete with these shops, which you haven’t heard of because you can’t afford to visit: even if you can, you probably don’t want to pay $45 for a pound of roasted beans. [More]


Starbucks Offers Customers Chance To Win Free Coffee Every Day For Life (Actually, 30 Years)

Because no one did it better than Willy Wonka, Starbucks is the latest company to promise customers something extra special hiding in their gift cards or mobile app transactions: These 14 golden tickets will win their bearers free Starbucks every day for life, or actually, one complimentary beverage or food item every day for 30 years. [More]


Starbucks Barista Rescues Two From Cab After Manhole Explodes In The Street

We’d all like to think we could do the right thing and be brave enough to dash into danger to save someone else, but the reality is, it sounds pretty scary. One quick-thinking Starbucks barista in New York City had his movie moment when he ran into the street to help a cab driver and his passenger after a manhole cover exploded underneath their vehicle. [More]

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Starbucks Runs BOGO Holiday Drink Promo, Forgets To Specify ‘Holiday’ Drinks On Flyer

Reader Dave says that he’s a regular at his local Starbucks, and last week when he stopped by, the employees handed him a flyer. It promoted some special events this week surrounding the release of the chain’s holiday gift items and themed beverage items. Part of that is a buy one, get one free deal for holiday beverages every afternoon for the rest of this week. That was what the press release and e-mails to customers said. Dave’s flyer said something different. [More]

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Starbucks Is “Very Sorry” It Tried To Drop The Eggnog Latte, Brings It Back

We are creatures of habit. So if you’re the kind of person who, without fail, has been drinking a Starbucks eggnog latte every fall since 1986 (when it first hit the menu), when someone takes that beverage away from you, they better be darn well sure there’s going to be an uproar. And roar customers did, when Starbucks said it was dropping the drink this year — only to quickly apologize and make everything be like it was before the chain went rogue. [More]

Apparently, Someone Wants A Sterling Silver Starbucks Card Keychain

Apparently, Someone Wants A Sterling Silver Starbucks Card Keychain

Are you a Starbucks super-fan, or is someone you know? If so, consider this year’s Starbucks super-fan gift, which goes on sale next Wednesday. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a Starbucks gift card with a 400% markup, or a $150 silver keychain that also requires a $50 Starbucks gift card purchase. [More]

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Starbucks Plans To Launch Delivery Service In 2015

If you didn’t things could be more convenient than having the ability to order and pay-ahead of picking up your morning coffee then you’d be wrong. Starbucks is reportedly taking its push to be the most convenient form of morning java a step farther by launching delivery service next year. [More]


Has Starbucks Ended The Era Of Free Drink Coupons?

Since the dawn of man — or at least as long as I can remember going to Starbucks — the coffee colossus has given employees the discretion of handing out handwritten free drink coupons. Some customers took this vague offer of hospitality as a chance to push the limits of caffeine delivery. But this informal orgy of free coffee may be entering a more conservative era. [More]

Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

Man Throws Chihuahua At Window Of Starbucks That Banned Him

In Houston, a man was banned from a Starbucks due to his disruptive behavior, which included “harassing” customers. He reacted to this ban in a completely logical way: by pitching a fit outside, throwing a glass bottle at the ground, then throwing a Chihuahua puppy of unknown origin at the coffee shop’s window. [More]


Starbucks Holiday Promo: Free Drinks For Life, Or At Most 30 Years

Starbucks doesn’t want your cash. It doesn’t want your credit or debit card, either. The chain coffeeteria wants its customers to pay using Starbucks gift cards or mobile apps, so they can keep track of what you, personally order, and send you promotions and coupons accordingly. That’s the unstated reason why Starbucks will have a promotion this holiday season: a chance to win “Free Starbucks for Life.” [More]

Starbucks' dress code policy. [Click to enlarge]

Get Ready To Show That Ink, Baristas: Starbucks Changes Policy To Allow Some Visible Tattoos

Things are about to get a bit more graphic behind the Starbucks counter. And by graphic we mean in the illustrated sense, now that the coffee company has revised its tattoo policy, allowing employees to show off their ink – albeit with a few caveats. [More]