The two stores will have photo booths that allow customers to scan in their facial info for use in 3D printing.

Staples Now Testing In-Store 3D Printing

In an earlier, more simpler time when color printing was costly (and when people still printed things out), many consumers and small businesses used Staples and other office supply stores to fulfill their printing and copying needs. Can they do the same for 3D printing? Staples is willing to find out by dipping its toe into the 3D-printed waters with a pair of in-store tests. [More]

Staples To Close 225 Stores Over Next 20 Months

Staples To Close 225 Stores Over Next 20 Months

There’s bad news for employees of another major national retailer after Staples announced this morning that it plans to shutter 225 of its stores before the end of 2015 as it tries to cut costs and deal with sagging sales. [More]

Staples Offers $5 Check To Take Stupid Survey, Won’t Give Me $5

Staples Offers $5 Check To Take Stupid Survey, Won’t Give Me $5

Guy received an invitation from Staples to take a survey. Surveys can be tedious and not very fun, but five bucks is five bucks. He followed the link and completed what he calls a “long, redundant, poorly designed survey.” He kept going because there was a check for him at the end. Then he reached the end, and learned that there would be no reward for him. [More]

Is Staples Cutting Employee Hours Ahead of Affordable Healthcare Act?

Is Staples Cutting Employee Hours Ahead of Affordable Healthcare Act?

Is it a case of following old rules, or a way to skirt paying part-time employees healthcare? That’s the question for Staples this week as a memo surfaced advising managers not to schedule part-time employees for more than 25 hours a week. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, which takes effect next year, employees working more than 30 hours a week are considered full-time and eligible for affordable healthcare through their employer. [More]

Well, Apparently Someone Still Needs Cassette Tapes For $4 Each

Well, Apparently Someone Still Needs Cassette Tapes For $4 Each

Sure, hardly anyone uses cassette tapes anymore, but all that means is that when you need one, you really need one. That’s why Staples can charge $12.53 for a three-pack, we suppose. Reader Karl found these tapes marked down to a slightly more reasonable $9.97 for three two. [More]

Tipster: Staples To Open at 9 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day

Tipster: Staples To Open at 9 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day

Last Black Friday, office supply chain Staples slept in, relatively speaking. They didn’t open up until 5 A.M. on Black Friday. No snoozing and losing out on those early shoppers in 2013: this year, mysterious folks in red shirts have told us that Staples stores are opening up at 9 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day. Disrupting family-based holidays: that was easy. [More]

(Staples Copics Fiasco)

Staples Makes Copic Marker Pricing Error, Enrages Internet

Over the weekend, a set of markers went on sale on for about $16. Markers at an office-supply store–what’s so interesting about that? These were large sets of Copic markers, high-end art tools that list for almost forty times that much. Now the customers who aren’t getting multiple marker sets for $549 off are enraged at Staples for not honoring the erroneous price. [More]

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Staples, RadioShack No Longer Want To Be The Places Where You Pick Up Your Amazon Orders

For about a year, some Staples and RadioShack stores allowed Amazon to set up lockers inside, giving customers of the online retailer a secure location to which their orders could be delivered. But the two chains are saying the deal didn’t really work out and are ending the arrangement. [More]

Staples Accuses Me Of Passing Fake Coupon, Sends $50 Apology Gift Card

Staples Accuses Me Of Passing Fake Coupon, Sends $50 Apology Gift Card

Gordon took advantage of a Groupon deal for 38% off Staples gift cards. That’s not an unusual offering: Groupon frequently has gift cards to national retailers at nice prices. The unusual thing is that his local store turned him away, claiming that the voucher was “fake.” [More]

Staples Now Selling Dollhouse-Sized Office Furniture

Staples Now Selling Dollhouse-Sized Office Furniture

Staples runs occasional sales where everything that you can cram in a bag gets discounted. “Hmmm,” writes reader Jack, “how many chairs or other furniture items do you think will fit in this Staples bag?” That depends on whether Staples has begun to outfit dollhouses and architectural models with office furniture. [More]


You Can Buy Staples Gift Cards Online, But Can’t Use Them On

Jenny has a problem with Staples, and happened to find a post that we wrote about the same problem four years ago. Staples, you see, has a web site and they have about 1,600 stores. You can buy Staples gift cards in many places, including from Staples’ own website. But back in 2009, you couldn’t use Staples gift cards to buy things on the site. You still can’t. [More]

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OfficeMax & Office Depot May Finally Stop Resisting The Attraction And Settle Down

It’s tough out there for a retail store, especially  if you’re a store that’s often mixed up/mashed together with another similar store anyway. So why go it alone, why not embrace your common goal of selling staples and paper? That kind of talk has led to rumors heating up that OfficeMax and Office Depot are considering finally settling down with a nice merger. You know, just because it’s good to just have somebody. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

Apple Products Could Be Arriving In Staples Stores Soon

Be still, beating hearts that are devoted to both Staples and Apple products. A series of tweets from various higher-ups at Staples seem to indicate that the retail chain will finally start carrying Apple items in the near future, after having being kept out of the cool kids club of Target, Best Buy, Walmart and RadioShack for years. [More]

Staples error in your favor

Staples Offers 99 Cent Stamp With Free Shipping, Wants $10 Shipping After Orders Go Through

Oops. Staples offered a great deal on self-inking address stamps that seemed too good to be true: 99 cents for a stamp, with free shipping. By the time the transactions went through, the deal actually was too good to be true, making deal-hunters sad and upset with Staples. [More]

What you pay for this stapler at will depend on your ZIP code. & Others Charge You Different Prices Based On Where You Live

Most of us know that prices at a retail chain can vary from location to location. Conversely, many people assume shopping online means they’re getting the same price as everyone else in the country. Not always. [More]

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Staples Gave Me A $50 Discount Just Because I Asked For One

Back in November, Consumerist reader M. bought an office chair through at $50 off the $300 regular price. She liked the chair a lot so she wanted to get another one, but the price had gone back up. Couldn’t hurt to ask for the lower amount, right? [More]

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Your Guide To Black Friday Start Times: Start Planning Extreme Shopping Strategies

We already know that Walmart is pushing back its Black Friday sale start time to 8 p.m. on Thursday (yes, that’s Thanksgiving!), but what about all its competitors? When are those doors going to come banging open to allow the frenzied flow of devoted discounters to get to work? Let’s just say it might be a good idea to scheduled dinner early in the day if you want to partake in the retail madness. [More]

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Staples Agrees To Let New Best Pal Forever Amazon Install Lockers In Its Stores

We’ve heard about Amazon’s new delivery system, wherein online shoppers can send their packages to physical pick-up locations and grab their stuff from lockers. Previously the company announced that the lockers would be at grocery stores and malls and the like, and now it seems Staples is on board to become a locker host as well. [More]