Costco, along with Rite Aid, Tesco's and Sam's Club, have suspended their photo center websites after a third-party vendor announced it was investigating a possible data breach.

Costco, Three Other Retailers Suspend Photo Sites After Third-Party Host Suffers Possible Breach

Less than a week after CVS took down its site while it investigates a possible credit card breach, at least four other retailers including Costco and Sam’s Club have suspended online photo services following notification by the company that manages or hosts photo services for the sites of a possible data breach. [More]

Office Depot, Staples One Step Closer To Walking Down The Office Supply-Wedding Aisle

Office Depot, Staples One Step Closer To Walking Down The Office Supply-Wedding Aisle

Back in February Staples presented Office Depot with a freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils (really, $6.3 billion) as a token of its desire to live as one for the rest of their office supply days. Now, three months later, Office Depot has accepted the proposal. [More]

Some Freebies And Discounts To Help You Get Through Tax Day

Some Freebies And Discounts To Help You Get Through Tax Day

Depending on your tax situation, the approach of Tax Day is either a paperwork-filled nightmare or a day to kick back and enjoy having filed and received your refund back in January. It doesn’t matter when you filed for the growing number of Tax Day discounts and freebies at stores and restaurants, though: here are a few that might keep you fed and relaxed today. [More]

Staples Finally Proposes To Office Depot With $6.3 Billion Merger Deal

Staples Finally Proposes To Office Depot With $6.3 Billion Merger Deal

A day after it was reported that Staples and Office Depot had entered into advanced talks about a merger, it appears one of the companies popped the big question. Staples will buy Office Depot for $6.3 billion in cash and stock in a deal to bring the No. 1 and No. 2 office supply chains together to do battle with big box stores and online retailers. [More]

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Staples, Office Depot Take Another Step Toward Merger, Enter “Advanced Talks”

Just weeks after activist investor Starboard Value publicly demanded Staples and Office Depot get hitched, the two office supply stores are apparently taking talks of a walk down the aisle seriously. [More]

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Investor Demands Staples, Office Depot Begin Courting, Hoping To Hear Wedding Bells Soon

There’s a fine line between offering helpful suggestions and aggressively pushing for someone to do what you want. When it comes to activist investors Starboard Value, they tend to fall squarely in the latter camp – who can forget their harsh words for Olive Garden and ruthless take over of its board of directors? The firm appears to be back at it by not-so-nicely suggesting that Staples get a move on with regard to a possible merger with Office Depot. [More]


Is In-Store Pickup Any Faster Than Just Shopping At The Store?

For years, an increasing number of retailers have been pushing their “buy online, pickup in store” (BOPIS, for all you acronym lovers) option as a expedient option that offers the convenience of online shopping without the hassle of having to search the aisles. But is it really any faster than traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping? [More]

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Staples Confirms 1.16 Million Cards Breached In 115 Stores

Back in October, big-box office-supply retailer Staples announced that it was investigating a possible customer payment data breach. The results of that investigation are in: yes, the payment systems of some Staples stores were breached. [More]

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Office Supply Marriage? Investor Reportedly Pushing For Staples, Office Depot Merger

Just a few months after roundly mocking Olive Garden and then seizing seats on its board of directors, the activist investors at Starboard Value are reportedly hoping to arrange the marriage of office supply retailers Staples and Office Depot. [More]

Report: Payment Information Breaches At Staples And Michaels May Be Linked

Report: Payment Information Breaches At Staples And Michaels May Be Linked

It’s no longer surprising news when hackers infiltrate the systems of a brick-and-mortar retailer and run off with our credit card numbers. Shoppers have come to expect that kind of thing as a normal part of shopping. However, it’s interesting (and a bit scary) to note that two relatively small breaches at national chains could be linked. [More]


JCPenney Will Open At 5 P.M. On Thanksgiving Day For People Who Sort Of Like Their Families

JCPenney is apparently 11 hours less desperate for business than discount retailer Kmart, but 3 hours more desperate than it was last year. The department store chain announced today that it will open at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, it opened at 8 P.M. on the holiday. [More]

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Staples Latest National Retailer Investigating Possible Data Breach

Office supply store Staples may be joining the likes of Dairy Queen, Jimmy Johns and Home Depot as the latest national retailer to be hit with a cyberattack. [More]


When you’re expecting a box of paper clips in the mail, there are some very tense moments where one must come face to face with the reality that those paper clips might arrive damaged, unable to clip pieces of paper to each other. Breathe easy, folks — ordering from Staples means those fragile metal clips will get from point A to point B safely, thanks to the help of a huge box and plenty of air pouches. Whew. [@DsladeNews on Twitter]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Need To Mail This Rebate Before July 1, 2004

Do you have a slightly older computer that would work with slightly old anti-virus software? If so, stop by your nearest big-box store. The Raiders of the Lost Walmart, brave seekers of retail antiquities, have found large caches of ancient security programs for sale at big-box discount and office supply stores. [More]


Staples Will Keep Closing Stores, Nobody Is Surprised

Earlier this year, Staples announced plans to close 225 underperforming store due to poor performance. Almost six months later, the office supply retailer hasn’t managed to turn things around, mostly because consumers are looking elsewhere for most of the things they would buy at Staples. Especially electronics. Turning things around will be a difficult task, since the chain plans aggressive discounts to lure customers back in. [More]

Staples Launches Back-To-School Campaign Just As School Gets Out

Staples Launches Back-To-School Campaign Just As School Gets Out

Staples, the big-box office and school-supplies superstore, isn’t messing around. Sure, the school year hasn’t even ended for the summer in all places in the company’s home state of Massachusetts, but that doesn’t matter. Nope. Staples wants your back-to-school business, and will price-match anyone, even Amazon, to get it. [More]

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Postal Workers Preparing To Protest Against Staples’ New In-Store Mailing Services

What’s a postal worker to do when a company that isn’t the United States Postal Service starts offering USPS products and using its own employees to sell those services? Prepare to protest, which is what the American Postal Workers Union is going to do on Thursday at 50 Staples stores. [More]

The two stores will have photo booths that allow customers to scan in their facial info for use in 3D printing.

Staples Now Testing In-Store 3D Printing

In an earlier, more simpler time when color printing was costly (and when people still printed things out), many consumers and small businesses used Staples and other office supply stores to fulfill their printing and copying needs. Can they do the same for 3D printing? Staples is willing to find out by dipping its toe into the 3D-printed waters with a pair of in-store tests. [More]